8 November 2020

My Christmas Gift Guide

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Practical! That's me when it comes to what I'm asking Santa for this year. Since I started concentrating on getting my wardrobe a bit more manageable this year I have found that my pangs of 'want' are less frequent........phew!! And in light of knowing that I'm asking for something to help me take better care of what I've already have instead! I've been meaning to treat myself to one of these clothes steamers for ages in hope that it makes my life easier - ironing is not one of my favourite pastimes!

Clothes steamer

I have admitted before that I'm not the worlds most organised person. However I find that this planner really helps me to keep on top of things. I was gifted one a some time ago but have since put it on my Christmas list every year. I love the full page diary layout, there are pages for notes too (I use those to plan blog content!) and there is a handy pocket inside the front and back cover.......very useful for storing documents/letters I need to keep to hand.

Time to up my slipper game as we are spending a lot of time indoors. I fancy adding a bit of excitement to my lounging outfits by asking for these which are certainly a glamorous upgrade on the plastic Birkies I normally wear around the house. Who doesn't love a bit of leopard print!


How about bringing a bit of glamour to those rainy days that we have had a lot of of late?!


Those are the main things on my list.....I'm not asking for much because I really don't need anything and of course I am trying to keep my consumption down. Next up are things I'd love to receive and the type of things I buy for my friends. Pretty practical but little luxuries that maybe you wouldn't buy for yourself.  I hope this gives you a few ideas! 

I love candles - is there anyone that doesn't? And if ever there was a year to fully embrace Hygge it's this year. These little things make it all the more bearable to be confined indoors during the colder months.


These two things together would make the perfect gift for under £20.


As our hands are taking a bit of a battering at the moment thanks to washing and sanitising I like to have a fancy tube of hand cream to pull out of my bag! 

Hand cream

This kind of luxury really helps to lift my spirits in these testing times! So lovely to receive as a present!

Shower oil

Another sensible gift idea - face masks. They are a necessity now so we may as well have some stylish ones! They are so easy to misplace as well aren't they?! I prefer to have reusable/washable ones and therefore it's good to have a few handy. I've ordered some myself from this Etsy seller and will definitely be purchasing more for my daughter as stocking fillers........as well as some funky ones for my friends.

Face masks

I'm pretty certain I recommend much the same things year on year to give as gifts.......but these are all things I'd love to receive! I try to buy something thoughtful that's more likely to get used instead of stuffed in the back of a drawer. Not always particularly exciting but I feel conscious......more so than ever this year some families might be finding things tough financially. Just trying to be mindful that not everyone's circumstances are the same. We ourselves are cutting back - we have spent the best part of 2020 trying to reduce the clutter in our lives - still not a chance of us ever becoming minimalists but we are on the right track I like to think!

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