26 November 2020

How I Wear My Faux Leather Trousers!

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One very versatile piece in my autumn/winter wardrobe is a pair of faux leather trousers. When you want to 'rest' your jeans they are a great alternative. Also perfect for straddling a day to evening look......drinks after work type scenarios. Recently I've been wearing mine more on the dressy side so I decided it was time to try out a couple of more casual looks first. Chances are you already have something similar.......but just in case you don't these are doppelgängers for mine!

Love them with the chunky soled boots and my current favourite knit. I prefer to wear them with a shorter style jumper to show off the pleated waistband on the trousers.

Faux leathcr trousers (mine are New Look, past season)

This ensemble was inspired by my lovely mate Jenny Sue Garcia. Last tie I saw Jenny she was sporting her leather trews with a khaki parka. I decided to try and replicate her look with my liner jacket which I purchased via Jenny's online preloved store The Curatory and a collaboration with Gerry Jones Vintage. A cropped black hoodie - again to showcase the lovely gathered waist and a Converse hi top for a more relaxed feel.

Liner jacket - eBay search link here mine's an XS (I would size up!)

Now this next outfit was one I once wore to an event - sadly there is no pictorial evidence as I was so busy chatting I forgot to ask someone to take an outfit of the day shot! More of a smart/casual look dressed down with the trainers - one that was very suited to the occasion!

Toast blazer, past season - alternative here

Here's a look I can't wait to test out in real life! Love the black and tan combination. This'll do nicely for my next lunch date post lockdown!

& Other Stories blazer, past season - alternative here
M&S jumper, past season - found similar in their men's department here
Duo boots, past season - alternative here

Keeping my fingers crossed that I get the opportunity to wear this outfit too! I deal to wear for a few Christmas drinks with the girls.

Zara blazer, past season similar here
H&M cami, past season - similar here
Zara sandals, past season - alternative here
Next Leopard print bag, past season - alternative here

A few looks from my Instagram archives........how I wore them for festive gathering with neighbours last year.

Anine Bing sweatshirt, past season - alternative here (Black Friday discount!😃)
Miss KG shoes, past season - alternative here

If memory serves me correctly this picture was taken the first time I ever wore them!

Vintage M&S velvet jacket - new season one here (BF discount😃) & eBay search here
& Other Stories blouse, past season - alternative here
Adidas Stan Smiths (BF discount😃)
Sienna Jones bag (BF discount😃)

Cos cardigan, past season - alternative here
Paul Smith slogan t-shirt, past season - alternative here (BF discount😃)
Urban Outfitters ballet pumps, past season - alternative here

Hope this was useful! 

Don't forget you can find my daily looks here!

Back again soon, Michelle x


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