29 November 2020

My favourite Item in my Wardrobe

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These are hands down my favourite item of clothing in 2020 - it's definitely been the year of loungewear hasn't it! These go with just about every top and jacket in my possession......showing you just a few of the looks I can create with these here!

Adidas Original track pants I sized up one size to a 12

I think these speak volumes about how my style is evolving......I'm definitely becoming more casual these days. I've embraced my natural style personality which really suits my more laidback lifestyle. 

First of all I'm just going with the obvious - a grey sweatshirt and trainers. I always wear my track pants with trainers unless I'm at home - then I'd be sporting them with these. This simple ensemble goes with a variety of my more casual jackets. I bet you already have similar items in your wardrobe to these!

Topshop shackett, past season - alternative here 
Sweatshirt, past season - similar here 
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

Bershka denim jacket, past season - alternative here
Sweatshirt, past season - similar here 
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

If you don't have a liner jacket I think a parka would look equally as good!

Liner jacket - eBay link here
Sweatshirt, past season - similar here
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

When I originally purchased the track pants they were to travel in - I knew they'd be perfect for the plane journey. I wore with a merino crew neck and leopard print scarf.

Leather biker, past season - alternative here
M&S jumper, past season - similar in the men's department here (amber colour way)
black.co.uk leopard print scarf (gifted) 
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

Now it's colder you are more likely to find me wearing my aviator jacket rather than my biker.

New Look aviator jacket, past season - alternative here
Uniqlo cashmere crew neck jumper (I sized up 2 sizes to a large)
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

If you like me will be having your festive girly catch-up via Zoom........how about notching up your sweatshirt and going for a bit of glam! After all on Zoom you are only seen from the waist up! 

Anine Bing sweatshirt, past season - alternative here 
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

Love the track pants with denim blouse......would be fab with a classic Western style shirt too!

M.i.h shirt, past season - alternative here
For a working from home look for those FaceTime calls and conferences try your trews with a silk shirt!  You could always layer with a colourful crew neck jumper if you are chilly!

Uniqlo blouse - similar here
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

Stella McCartney shirt, past season - alternative here
Toast blazer, past season - alternative here
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

Any of my knits - chunky, coloured and textured ones go with the track pants.......

........but like the Milk Tray man I especially love a classic black cashmere roll neck as I can wear any jacket or coat over these perfect base layers! 

M&S coat, past season - alternative here
Uniqlo cashmere jumper I sized up 2 sizes to a large
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

Love this double breasted herringbone blazer over these basics too!

Preloved Warehouse blazer, past season - alternative here
Uniqlo cashmere jumper I sized up 2 sizes to a large 
Adidas Original track pants
Golden Goose Trainers

You will no doubt see a few more different looks with these track pants......I am already visualising other pieces that I have stored away that will be perfect to wear in spring 2021. Now you can see why they are my favourite wardrobe item........they do literally go with everything!

That's all from me this time..........I'll be back sharing a few of my dog walking outfits as I have been asked to share.

Be back soon, Michelle x


26 November 2020

How I Wear My Faux Leather Trousers!

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Video to accompany here

One very versatile piece in my autumn/winter wardrobe is a pair of faux leather trousers. When you want to 'rest' your jeans they are a great alternative. Also perfect for straddling a day to evening look......drinks after work type scenarios. Recently I've been wearing mine more on the dressy side so I decided it was time to try out a couple of more casual looks first. Chances are you already have something similar.......but just in case you don't these are doppelgƤngers for mine!

Love them with the chunky soled boots and my current favourite knit. I prefer to wear them with a shorter style jumper to show off the pleated waistband on the trousers.

Faux leathcr trousers (mine are New Look, past season)

This ensemble was inspired by my lovely mate Jenny Sue Garcia. Last tie I saw Jenny she was sporting her leather trews with a khaki parka. I decided to try and replicate her look with my liner jacket which I purchased via Jenny's online preloved store The Curatory and a collaboration with Gerry Jones Vintage. A cropped black hoodie - again to showcase the lovely gathered waist and a Converse hi top for a more relaxed feel.

Liner jacket - eBay search link here mine's an XS (I would size up!)

Now this next outfit was one I once wore to an event - sadly there is no pictorial evidence as I was so busy chatting I forgot to ask someone to take an outfit of the day shot! More of a smart/casual look dressed down with the trainers - one that was very suited to the occasion!

Toast blazer, past season - alternative here

Here's a look I can't wait to test out in real life! Love the black and tan combination. This'll do nicely for my next lunch date post lockdown!

& Other Stories blazer, past season - alternative here
M&S jumper, past season - found similar in their men's department here
Duo boots, past season - alternative here

Keeping my fingers crossed that I get the opportunity to wear this outfit too! I deal to wear for a few Christmas drinks with the girls.

Zara blazer, past season similar here
H&M cami, past season - similar here
Zara sandals, past season - alternative here
Next Leopard print bag, past season - alternative here

A few looks from my Instagram archives........how I wore them for festive gathering with neighbours last year.

Anine Bing sweatshirt, past season - alternative here (Black Friday discount!šŸ˜ƒ)
Miss KG shoes, past season - alternative here

If memory serves me correctly this picture was taken the first time I ever wore them!

Vintage M&S velvet jacket - new season one here (BF discountšŸ˜ƒ) & eBay search here
& Other Stories blouse, past season - alternative here
Adidas Stan Smiths (BF discountšŸ˜ƒ)
Sienna Jones bag (BF discountšŸ˜ƒ)

Cos cardigan, past season - alternative here
Paul Smith slogan t-shirt, past season - alternative here (BF discountšŸ˜ƒ)
Urban Outfitters ballet pumps, past season - alternative here

Hope this was useful! 

Don't forget you can find my daily looks here!

Back again soon, Michelle x


22 November 2020

It's the turn of the classic white shirt....

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So. Here's an item I find trickier to style. The white shirt. Hence I don't actually own one at the moment. After a rummage through my husbands wardrobe I found one suitable for the purpose of this blog post! If I was looking to buy one I'd be going for an oversized style. The more fitted shirts just aren't conducive to my lifestyle which is getting more casual year after year! After a little peruse online I spotted this Weekday one that would fit the bill!

There are two main reasons why I don't have one in my wardrobe. Firstly I've never found the 'one' and let me tell you......I've dabbled with a few! I've just never found the perfect one. Reason number two. Now here's something I've only recently learnt about myself - anything high maintenance in my wardrobe I tend not to reach for. Linen in spring/summer I can do......it's supposed to have the crumpled look. Cotton not so much! I feel I have to iron/steam before each wear as I admit to being quite fastidious about my cotton looking crisp and sharp! So you can see why a classic white cotton shirt is relegated to the back of the wardrobe or spends weeks in the ironing pile once it's been washed!

I'm not one to shy from a challenge though and one of my lovely readers requested this post so here we go! 

All my looks are monochrome but that's not to say that you couldn't use a pop of colour instead of plumping for black and white! I've started with one of my capsule wardrobe staples - the pleated skirt. I'm thinking of upgrading my black one to a faux leather one as I think it would look a bit edgier.....the fabric of mine is quite flat. Anyway, I digress. I've paired with a chunky boot and a half tuck as I need a bit of definition at the waist. The tuck definitely gives the look a more modern twist. I think untucked the shirt has a tendency to add a few pounds to my frame. 

New Look pleated skirt, past season - alternative here

I think the sleeveless tank tops that are so on trend this year would look great over this ensemble. I don't have one because that's another item I find a little one dimensional and I might not find myself wearing all that much. But just so you can see what I mean.......

Incorporating two of my favourite things here.......stripes and leopard print! I'm sure many of us have a something akin to these coated skinnies in our wardrobes and I would more than likely throw my puffer coat over the top keeping it all very casual.

All Saints jumper, past season - alternative here
New Look hi tops, past season - alternative here 

My favourite look! Love the short with the wide leg trousers - layered with a boxy knit and white trainers! For a little pzazz........as always I turn to a bit of leopard print!
& Other Stories jumper, past season - alternative here
M&S coat, past season - eBay search here or alternative here

A classic Parisien combo here. Blue jeans, black blazer and I've gone with a masculine lace up boots for an androgynous vibe.

& Other Stories blazer, past season - alternative here
M.i.h jeans, past season - alternative here
Paul Smith boots via Kilver Court outlet- alternative here

Finally a dressier look. Faux leather trousers with the shirt tied at the waist. I've popped on some metallic party shoes but I think a strappy black sandal would look elegant as well. Couldn't resist adding a spot of leopard print here too!

New Look faux leather trousers, past season - alternative here
Gap shoes, past season - alternative here
Next leopard print bag, past season - alternative here

A bonus - but not from me........I adore this look with the black skirt worn over a bias cut satin black slip dress.....another great styling idea for the white shirt courtesy of Allison Bornstein.

Hope that's given you a few ideas........I'd love to hear how you wear your white shirt! Like I said - do try injecting some colour, the white shirt would look fab with a hot pink or emerald green layered over it. I headed straight over to Pinterest to get some ideas for this post - just type white shirt outfit to start searching!

Next time I'm going to tackle faux leather trousers as so far I've only shared dressier outfits so I'm going to try out some more casual looks.

Let me know if you have any requests!

Back soon, Michelle x


15 November 2020

Another 5 Ways to Wear.......

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Video to accompany - watch here!

This time's the turn of a new purchase.......this Weekday sweater.

Weekday jumper 


11 November 2020

Styling a Black Wide Leg Trouser 5 Ways

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Video to accompany this blog post here.

A couple of weeks ago I had a message from a lovely lady on Instagram asking me about some black wide leg trousers. It inspired me to retrieve mine from storage (i.e stashed in a suitcase in the loft!). I sent her this picture which has been on my Pinterest board 'Style Notes' for years and was the inspiration for my own purchase of the aforementioned!

Image via Pinterest


8 November 2020

My Christmas Gift Guide

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Practical! That's me when it comes to what I'm asking Santa for this year. Since I started concentrating on getting my wardrobe a bit more manageable this year I have found that my pangs of 'want' are less frequent........phew!! And in light of knowing that I'm asking for something to help me take better care of what I've already have instead! I've been meaning to treat myself to one of these clothes steamers for ages in hope that it makes my life easier - ironing is not one of my favourite pastimes!

Clothes steamer


4 November 2020

Winter Woollies Edit

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I wiled away a few very pleasant hours over the weekend switching over to my winter capsule. To get an overview of the changes I have made do check out my My Current Capsule on the blog here and also my Pinterest board here.

Quote via Pinterest


1 November 2020

Winter Coat Edit

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The time has come to start talking about winter coats. My jackets and mac's need an upgrade to some warmer threads. I'm swapping 4 coats in to what's shaping up to be my winter capsule. My intention is not to buy any new coats this year. A sensible idea I think as it seems we are about to be asked/told to 'Stay Home'. It really doesn't look like it's worth adding to this area of my wardrobe. In fact it sounds as though it's time to top up the loungewear! Anyway, I digress - back to the order of the day, outerwear. I have had some fun experimenting with coats over the past few years.....mainly on the premise that during the colder months the only thing of note that people see on you in is your coat (and boots perhaps?). I've tested different styles and shapes.....patterns and checks as well going a little overboard on lots of different colours too. Last winter I was just totally overwhelmed by my choices which ended in my having a huge cull and going back to basics. I put a lot of that down to finding this little Nicole Fahri gem in TK Maxx.