25 October 2020

Those Little Extras!

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As the clocks have gone back this weekend and November is almost upon us I thought it would be apt to cover some warmer practical accessories this week. This is an area I am happy to invest in my wardrobe as they are the finishing touches and offer your outfit a bit of an edge. I often ask for these things for my birthday or Christmas presents.......my birthday is in October and obviously Christmas too falls during the colder months!

As someone asked me whether I wore scarves a few weeks ago I thought it as good as any place to start!
My favourite scarf is in fact a snood - a tube scarf of super snuggly cashmere. This is a must-have if you - like me have a child who plays outdoor sports (Sunday morning netball here!) and are a side line spectator. Mine wraps around quite closely fitting to my neck and it really is the perfect thing to keep any chilly drafts out! It's just a very cosy piece to have in your accessory repertoire! 

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I do also love a more traditional lambswool fringe scarf too! An Acne Studios Canada scarf had been on my wish list for a while and my lovely mum kindly bought me one for my big 5-0 birthday last year. It wraps around a couple of times - always reminds of Dr Who! 😄 Anyway it was a worthy investment and I cherish as it was a present from my momma! I'm wearing it here on my birthday trip to Copenhagen!

I do also have a couple more of this style of scarf.........in neutral tones of course! This grey one is a men's Ralph Lauren Polo scarf......always worth a gander in the men's department!

Ralph Lauren Polo scarf - similar here
Outfit details can be found here

A camel shade is good for livening up a few of my darker outfits too!

Sand and Salt scarf (gifted 2019)

How about keeping our hands warm?! I simply adore my leather gloves!! ❤ They are quilted - so have those Chanel vibes about them. They are cashmere lined so they are super cosy. Basically I wouldn't be without these. Definitely something to pop on your Christmas list......they will last you for years and are a gorgeous finishing touch for all your autumn and winter outfits.

Black.co.uk cashmere lined leather gloves (gifted 2017)
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It is well documented on the blog and Instagram just how much I love a slouchy beanie hat. You will have seen this cashmere number many, many times over the years......and it's still going strong! 

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This is also a great cashmere hat for keeping your noggin warm as it sits a bit closer to your head.

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If you are prone to mislaying these kind of items I have found some great affordable high street cashmere pieces here. I recently purchased this style of hat from their range and can confirm it is exceptional for the price! 

Now onto a couple of accessories that you don't see......but that are vitally important. Hands up who loves cosy toes! I needed to overhaul my sock drawer recently and so I turned to my lovely friend Sue for recommendations. Sue directed me to COS which is something I should have remembered as I asked her exactly the same thing last year! After our discussion she very sweetly popped a couple of pairs in the post for my birthday.......just the kind of gift I relish as they are absolutely something I will get the wear out of. 

Also on the subject of snuggly feet - I was asked about these when I mentioned them in my boot edit last week. Lambswool liners! These are a Godsend! I stock up every year and pop them in all my trainers and boots. Just about to put a pair in my wellies now as the morning and evening dog walks are starting to get chilly!

Just a couple of other accessories I wanted to touch on. Facemasks - they have become the 'it' accessory due to current circumstances. I'll be buying some more from this Esty seller for Christmas presents for my girlfriends this year. They have everything from stars to camo and floral so something to suit everyone! And a jewellery favourite that pops up in the pictures above - the black leather studded bracelet which is DKNY. I've had mine for years and may need to replace it as it's getting a little worn.....I've found a supplier here. Another little present idea!

Last but not least - I wanted to share this beaut of a bag. My love of bags is chronicled far and wide! When Radley London offered me the chance to pick something from their current collection I'm afraid I couldn't resist. Possibly something you would want to ask Santa for?!

Radley bag - large size (gifted) 20% off Black Friday deal

It is beautiful soft black leather and comes with a gold chain cross body strap. It's a twist on a classic - unlike anything else I have. I am pretty thrilled with it.......it's something I will enjoy using for years to come.

That's all from me this time - I'll be back soon with a small evening wear capsule. I like to try to make the most of what I already have when it comes to occasion wear and shop my own wardrobe. With the way things are in the UK at the moment I'm hoping to try and inspire you to do the same as it looks as though the usual gatherings during the festive period may be off the table. Still it's good to be organised should some lovely event present itself!

See you next time, Michelle x


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