18 October 2020

My Autumn Jeans Edit

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Talking through my jeans edit here if you fancy a watch!

This is a requested post - jeans are the cornerstones of our autumn/winter wardrobes aren't they? I have a variety of different styles - there are 7 pairs in my current capsule. Some may look the same but there is a style feature that sets them apart. It's always a bit of a minefield shopping for jeans isn't it! This has been an interesting exercise.....especially in terms of sizing so without further ado.......

These are hands down my favourite pair of jeans. It must show as they are my most asked about pair too! They were from Gap and are named original fit. They are mid rise and originally were rolled at the hem but I changed to the turn up. I do tend to fiddle about with hems as you will see below. Sadly they no longer do this style (they are years old) and there is nothing remotely similar on their website either but I have found a great alternative which I've linked below. I owe a great deal to these jeans as at the beginning of lockdown they became uncomfortably tight 😬 (too much banana bread!) but as they are my most beloved pair they gave me the incentive to lose half a stone! Now they fit perfectly again. They are actually a size 26 waist.......I am by no stretch that size which is probably another reason why I love them so much! For reference when buying jeans I usually go for a 28W and 32L. I'm 5ft 6".

Gap original fit, past season - alternative here (mid-rise)
Birkenstocks - these are my around the house shoes.

Next up are these ecru jeans from Arket. I read a review on these that suggested you size up so these are a size 29 waist. They are a higher rise and 100% cotton so there is no give in them. They are cropped and I initially put them in the autumn capsule to wear with Vans but also thinking I'd try them out with boots. However I haven't reached for them yet......wearing them with boots doesn't feel quite me so I may do a swap and rotate in something that I'm more likely to wear.

Arket jeans (sized up one to 29W) high waist

I have 2 pairs of mid blue straight jeans. First pair is a Levis 501 - these are the custom tapered ones which I found in the clearance section of TK Maxx. They are mid rise and I hacked the hems off to achieve the raw hem look. It would appear that you need to size down in Levis as these are a 27" waist!

Levis 501  mid rise - I hacked the raw hem on these

Onto another outlet jeans purchase - these are M.i.h from Kilver Court. Not sure what the style is called. These are high waisted and are slightly wider throughout the leg up to the Levis. Again these are quite rigid with not a lot of give in them.......great for holding everything in though!

M.i.h jeans, past season - alternative here high waist - straight leg

I've had a lot of luck with designer jeans in TK Maxx. These Rag & Bone ones are a unisex style. These are a darker wash than the previous 2 pairs. These are mid-rise and again I've attacked the hem with a pair of scissors for the raw look. It's actually quite hard to find mid rise jeans on the High Street. Everything seems to be high waisted. I've researched extensively and I've found an alternative but they are purely based on the style - mid rise and darker wash........I can't vouch for the fit (my Rag & Bones ones are a waist 25"......say what!!) but they may be worth trying if you are a fan of the mid-rise which if I'm honest I find the most comfortable.

Rag & Bone jeans, past season - alternative here dark blue wash mid rise - hacked the raw hem on these

I have long waxed lyrical about Topshop jeans. These are straight in a washed black shade, high waisted and raw hem. It looks as though they have changed the name of this style but I've linked what looks like the same. I've had these for a couple of years and I would certainly recommend if you are in the market for a straight jean......they come in lots of different washes.

Weekday is a new-to-me brand - now firmly on my radar. I discovered their jeans whilst I was in Copenhagen for my big birthday last year. I tried quite a few styles back then - came away with these true black, high waisted slimmer straight jeans (Seattle style. Could be discontinued?) I found these true to size although the leg lengths appear to be generous (the 30" leg was too long!). I will definitely be buying more jeans from Weekday.

Weekday slim straight jeans - similar here 

Last but not least - my beloved skinnies. I do usually favour the Topshop Jamie's which I believe are the best from a  High Street. However I am currently sporting a pair of high waisted super skinny from Levis. The denim is a bit finer on the Levis which makes them just a smidge more comfy (with no bagginess appearing). These are a 27" - size down in Levis.

If I do decide to swap out the Arket ecru jeans they will be replaced by a Topshop Jamie in washed black - to be honest I think I am ore likely to wear those at the moment and I've already had quite a lot of wear out of the Arket ones.

Do I feel I am missing anything here? I may experiment with a balloon style pair. Though I feel they lend themselves more to having a top tucked in to show off the waist. They could work well with my shorter sweaters that sit on the waist. With my khaki Topshop Mensy trousers I found as the pleating is quite voluminous across the front I felt a bit too bulky around the middle with the wrong top on! Anyhow the 2 pairs I'm going to investigate are.........

And these.....

I shall keep you posted as to whether either of these make it into my autumn/winter jeans edit!

Which jeans styles do you favour?

Up next time..........autumn knitwear!

Back soon, Michelle x


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