11 October 2020

Inside My Autumn Wardrobe

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Welcome to my wardrobe! Opening these doors does actually spark joy. I have around 40 items in here, I've carried over around a quarter of the pieces from my transitional capsule. 

I've found this capsule a bit harder to plan - mainly because of the sudden dip int temperatures........it was only a couple of weeks ago we were basking in glorious sunshine! I would also say I feel a bit as though I am cheating as the more traditional capsule I think typically covers autumn and winter then spring and summer. However this is still all pretty new to me and it's a work in progress. Another thing that hasn't helped  is that I feel quite resistant  to wearing boots and coats just yet. I blame this on my formative years working in retail when I'd be wearing full on winter clothing in August and summer stuff in Feb as stock was bought way in advance - not like today when production is so much quicker and the seasons are a bit more static. Anyway I digress. On the upside - in the long run this will help me to condense my wardrobe more.....something I'm still trying to achieve. As I keep a record of what I'm wearing I will be able to look back and see what exactly I reached for and will be able to re-home the bits I'm not getting the wear out of.  I find this also quenches the thirst of being lured into buying new things - the thrill of the chase and the new purchase buzz doesn't last for long and I'm actually finding my more organised wardrobe is a lot more satisfying long term! And with the constant rotating it make my old things feel new. An added bonus is that I am getting to swap in some of my repeat offenders too - I still haven't quite kicked the habit of buying multiples of the same thing.......for a case in point  see below! 

Both H&M sweaters - one past season (in stock again this year here) one this season, here

I currently plan my capsule by finding alternatives which I use to link on the blog as most of my stuff is previous season. This is something that I find really helps.....perhaps you might want to give a go! I've used a screenshot of my board as an example below but click here to see the board in full. You can keep your Pinterest boards secrets so no one else can see so have a play around with it! I find it easier to work with something visual and I eventually plan to photograph each item of my own clothing to upload to Pinterest so that I'm working with exactly what I have.

I've also created 2 new areas on the blog. The first is a shop-able page of my current capsule (or alternative items). Click here - you just click on the image to shop.

I've also started to upload my daily outfits photos and links/details to Shop My Wardrobe on the blog.

Outfit detailsShop My Wardrobe 

I have bought 3 new items preparing for the next stages of my capsule. First up is this cropped sweater from & Other Stories. I wanted a shorter sweater to wear with some high waisted straight jeans and this is also superb with my cream pleated skirt as seen in the image above!

& Other stories high neck black sweater (I went for a size small)

I've been hankering after a liner jacket since seeing this exact one of my lovely friend Jenny. She managed to source me one via Gerry Jones Vintage. However I was just about to click the button on this one here!

Liner jacket - this one was my back up option! (I would have purchased a size small - their reviews are excellent if you aren't familiar with the brand)

Last but not least is this & Other Stories blazer that I have hankered after for the past couple of years. I almost caved in February but all the spring season clothing was starting to come in and I couldn't justify it then. However I saw it in store in August and decided to go for it! I told my husband that I'd found my birthday present......and so it's been safely stashed until now as my birthday is 6th October! Sadly it doesn't look as though they are doing this jacket in black this winter they as they only have it in the lighter colour ways online - however, as usual I found found an alternative

& Other Stories blazer - now sold out, alternative here ( I also love this one!)

So, to recap you can see my capsule here and here and my daily outfits here. This is what I wore today.

Stella McCartney blouse (I have a size 40)
Adidas track bottoms (mine are a size 12 - I'm usually a 10 but wanted a slouchy fit)

I'll be back soon - next time I'll be sharing some winter boot purchases.

Thanks for reading - if you are trying out a capsule do leave me a comment I'd love to hear from you!

Back soon, Michelle x


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  1. I really love your style and inspiration! Thank you x