6 September 2020

Autumn Wardrobe Additions

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Following on from my last post on my autumn capsule wardrobe this time I'm sharing a few pieces that I have purchased since mid-July with my eyes firmly fixed on things that would take me right through to coats and woollies weather. I think I've filled a few gaps and added a little colour and a bit of interest to my existing staples.

I'm going to kick of with an accessory which has already (in my humble opinion) elevated many of my recent outfits! This chunky silver chain......

H&M necklace - similar here

I have my daughter to thank for this addition which is from H&M. She heads straight for the Divided section.....that's her Mecca at the moment! Anyway I noticed the necklace on display and after I linked one very similar in this blog post here I wasted no time in taking it to the checkout. It was £4.99 and I feel like I've already had my monies worth out of it! If you buy just one thing this season if you are a lover of statement jewellery then I would absolutely recommend this chain.

Next up is a jacket. I've only made one other jacket purchase this year (a preloved bomber jacket), we just didn't have any need of them for months did we! Anyway another shop my daughter likes to drag me into is Bershka and when I saw this oversized light wash denim jacket on a mannequin I instantly knew it was just what I needed to fill a jacket gap. At the time they only had an XXS in stock but the assistant assured me it was one of their core lines so even though it was out of stock in my size (I went for a small) I stalked their website for a couple of weeks and my patience paid off as it came back into stock in all sizes. So the moral of the day is to keep hitting that refresh button until your size appears.

Bershka jacket All sizes currently available in the light wash :0)

If you follow me over on Instagram you will have already seen me in most of the things I am sharing - if I love something I do tend to want to wear it straightaway which is the sign of an excellent acquisition I think! Anyway, I have worn this Zara stripe t-shirt a couple of times already. I waxed lyrical about the exaggerated (bold) shoulder/cap sleeve of my Weekday prime t-shirt and how I love the shape with high waisted/paperbag style trousers with a cinched in waist so the fact that I bought a striped version won't come as any surprise! I also bought it in black because it's shorter (cropped) and tucks in easier - with no bulk around the waist and of course there is less fabric to see through lighter colour garments like my cream pleated skirt and cream trousers.

Zara t-shirt I have a size small

Zara t-shirt

I featured this sweater in my blog post here. I felt my tops were lacking anything in beige.....I particularly wanted a sweater to go with my leopard print skirt (similar here) and to finish the look with some trainers. Given that it's such a neutral shade there are plenty of other things in my wardrobe it goes with. I haven't worn this yet so this is just to give you an idea.

H&M sweater

I bought a new pair of jeans from Zara in a light wash. I've already sung the praises of the paperbag waist so I don't think these need any further explanation.

Zara jeans - similar here

I've gone all out with the dresses as I felt this was an area really lacking in my wardrobe. I realised this year that I have a lot of scrappy, high summer holiday dresses but not many everyday dresses for the grey, muggy days. I've certainly remedied that now. This dress is the first thing I bought once we could actually go into the shops again. Annoyingly (as with a few things I'm sharing here) this is no longer available online but you might still find it instore. I was immediately attracted by the colour.....perfect for wearing right through autumn and the style which is just an easy throw on - just add shoes and a jacket! I see myself wearing it with boots and a coat later on too........with thermals and thick tights on underneath to increase it's longevity.

H&M dress, out of stock - similar in colour here - different colour but similar style here

Topshop dress, out of stock I this colour but you can buy here in green
Similar here also from Topshop
- alternative below from Zara (also comes in green & black)

I make no apologies here........my love of leopard print is still going strong. It's my favourite print......it's classed as a neutral don't you know! And of course it is perfect for lifting my very neutral colour palette. I don't have many short dresses but as a pair of chunky black boots are on my winter wish list I can definitely see me wearing this lots over the next couple of months again with thick black tights and thermals underneath!

I make no apologies for a second leopard print dress. This is actually more of a replacement as I have a Zara one which is a couple of years old which will be going on eBay very soon (I will link to my eBay account). Anyway - this one is more of a maxi whereas the Zara one is more midi and has a shirred waistband. The more floaty design of this H&M one appeals to me for the coming season. My lovely mate Sue actually snagged this for me in the sale and sadly unless you can find it instore I can't link it but good old H&M have an alternative!

H&M dress - alternative here

To summarise on my autumn capsule wardrobe I am now working with 37 pieces (not including shoes, bags and accessories) which feels more than enough to get me through the next 5-6 weeks. I'm going to do a little review at the beginning of October. I've started to post my daily outfits on the grid on Instagram again just so that I can see at a glance any themes of things I reach for over and over again and I'm also sure it will highlight the items I didn't get the use out of. I would recommend taking a picture of your outfit daily or to even write down what you wear for 30 days - it's all good data for any future outfit planning and purchasing. One thing I've learnt already is that it's much easier to work with a neutral colour palette - my outfits do feel much more easy to together and my wardrobe has a more cohesive feel about it too.......which in turn is making me feel more confident in my choices. Anyway, I've waffled on enough......the proof is in the pudding as they say!

So what exactly have I worn from my autumn capsule outfits this week......

Splendid sweatshirt via TK Maxx, past season - this is similar in white
Mint Velvet skirt, past season - alternative here
Golden Goose trainers 
Bershka denim jacket  

H&M Dress
Golden Goose trainers 
Bershka denim jacket  All sizes currently available in the light wash :0)

Mango jumpsuit, past season - alternative here
Golden Goose trainers 

Joseph blazer via @kilvercourt - alternative here
Zara t shirt I have a size small
Topshop trousers - similar here
Golden Goose trainers 
& Other Stories bag

Joseph jumper via @kilver court - alternative here
Preloved M&S Mac via eBay - alternative here

Topshop dress, sold out -similar here or alternative from Zara

Next time I plan to chat through my footwear choices for autumn. 

I shall be back soon - have a great week :0)

Michelle x

N.B I have uploaded a few things on eBay this evening which you can view here

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