2 August 2020

How I plan my outfits

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To watch me chat through how I plan my outfits - watch here

I will warn you in advance - this is nothing ground breaking.......it's very basic! But I think we all have those days where we look in our wardrobes and although they are crammed full of clothes we feel we have nothing to wear. I like to plan my outfits in advance as it means I hardly ever have those days.

There are only a couple of factors I take into consideration. The first is what is on the agenda (I plan the day before!). At the moment it's the school holidays so I'm either on mum taxi duty or we might go for a bike ride or somewhere outdoors for lunch. As I have a teenage daughter .....shopping is often high on her list of 'activities'. Because we are still being cautious about socialising due to lockdown our lifestyle is a lot simpler than usual so my style is very reflecting the slower pace of life. Whatever we are doing comfort is key!

The perfect example is yesterday's outfit.

Zara top, 8 years old
Zara jeans, current
Odyssey sandals
Bag via eBay 

The second thing I take in consideration is the good old unpredictable British weather! Then I start planning my outfit from the footwear up! For the rainy days I'm always going to be found in trainer's.......there is nothing worse than having soggy feet is there?! On the cooler days there will be jeans paired with a shirt or sweatshirt. That has been my go-to outfit formula throughout lockdown really.........as you can see.

On those glorious sunny days you will find me in a simple sundress and slides to walk to the sun lounger and back! 

I don't always lay my outfits out for the following day - only usually on the days I'm working as it saves time. Obviously I do have the occasional day where I'm not particularly feeling the outfit I have planned. On those days - to avoid a heap of clothes on the bed I tend to check out my Pinterest boards for inspiration. I have two boards that helps me out in these situations. My "Shop my wardrobe ideas" which is full of street styles images that I've saved that includes similar items to those I have in my wardrobe so I can replicate those looks.

Shop my wardrobe ideas

Or I also have a board full of my own outfits to check over and find an outfit I felt really good and confident in - 2020 #outfitoftheday 

2020 #outfitoftheday 

I bang on about this a lot - but learning my 'style personality' last year has really helped to drill down my style. The outfits I feel happiest in really make sense to me now. I'm a natural style personality so feeling my most confident in jeans and a linen shirt I understand now! I've been trying to curate myself and be a more considerate shopper over the past year and my wardrobe is starting to feel a lot more cohesive. I've stuck to a much more neutral colour palette - lots of denim with beige, creams and khaki with tan or metallic shoes. I do love to add a little leopard print or a pop of red here or there to schjujj things up a bit! Since I started blogging in 2013 I've done a lot of experimenting - which I've loved because I do love fashion. However these days I prefer to keep things simple and I am definitely finding it easier to get dressed now that I have a better handle on my wardrobe.

As I've said before - putting together these posts and videos are a very good exercise for me! What I've learnt this time is that I don't tend to reach for t-shirts to much so that's an item I don't need to add to my wardrobe. I've also discovered is that I find skirts trickier to style so no need to shop for those either.....a dress being one piece is just so much easier to throw on. And after all - that is what I am trying to achieve here - just making my life as easy as possible. Glad to have attained those two little nuggets as I can definitely talk myself down from t-shirts and skirts on any future shopping trips!

On a final note, I've had my fill of buying summer clothing and I'm starting to plan ahead and think about autumn. For the past couple of years (if my memory serves me correctly!) the months of September and October have been pretty warm so I hopefully have plenty of items already in my wardrobe that will see me through. However a do like to look for a bit of newness to breathe some new life into my old favourites and so I am eyeing what's in the 'New In' sections online at the moment. There are a few bits from H&M piquing my interest and from past experience I know you need to grab these bits while you can.....I can guarantee these won't be around for long!







Some great little autumn updaters from H&M!

That's it from me - please do share any suggestions......is there anything that helps you to plan your daily outfits? Any tips or tricks that help you get dressed in the morning? I'd love to hear.

Back again soon, Michelle x


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