2 August 2020

How I plan my outfits

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To watch me chat through how I plan my outfits - watch here

I will warn you in advance - this is nothing ground breaking.......it's very basic! But I think we all have those days where we look in our wardrobes and although they are crammed full of clothes we feel we have nothing to wear. I like to plan my outfits in advance as it means I hardly ever have those days.

There are only a couple of factors I take into consideration. The first is what is on the agenda (I plan the day before!). At the moment it's the school holidays so I'm either on mum taxi duty or we might go for a bike ride or somewhere outdoors for lunch. As I have a teenage daughter .....shopping is often high on her list of 'activities'. Because we are still being cautious about socialising due to lockdown our lifestyle is a lot simpler than usual so my style is very reflecting the slower pace of life. Whatever we are doing comfort is key!

The perfect example is yesterday's outfit.

Zara top, 8 years old
Zara jeans, current
Odyssey sandals
Bag via eBay