8 July 2020

Styling my last 3 dress purchases!

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I've had a request to do a piece on my summer dresses. I'll warn you now....this post is fairly low on words but photo heavy! If you'd rather hear me chat through these you can watch the IGTV to accompany this post here

When I had a sift through my wardrobe I realised it would be a mammoth task to share them all at once - I have about 20. So I am breaking them down in to smaller categories. To be fair it's been a great exercise to review this section of my wardrobe. What I have surmised it that I have a ton of holiday/hot weather dresses i.e lots of strappy and dressier numbers. However I discovered that I'm low on everyday dresses - I need some with sleeves for those cooler days! I did quite a cull of dresses when I did my Spring/Summer switchover and I've now identified and rectified the gaps. I've decided to start by styling my last three dress purchases with a variety of jackets, footwear and accessories. Expect to see lot of items on repeat - just to show how versatile they can be!

Now the first fo the dresses was actually bought at the end of December 2019. Many of my dresses have been purchased whilst we've been on holiday!). It's from Zara (all the best dresses are aren't they?!) so sadly it's no longer available......however I have found a few alternatives! 

Zara dress no longer in stock alternatives from the following:
River Island - the most similar and reduced in the sale!
Mango - with a longer sleeve (I always push mine up anyway!)
H&M - a very purse friendly option

Here's how I've styled it. For cooler days I'd go for a trusty leather biker jacket, trainers and to add a bit of interest....just add a jazzy bag.

Biker jacket, old - alternative
Bag, old holiday purchase - this one would look great though

The first time I wore the dress this Spring I paired with my flat espadrilles and a little basket bag.......

Office espadrilles, past season - alternative here
Clare V pot de miel bag, past season - alternative here

The dress would also look great with a tie ankle wedge espadrille (I have these).

For an evening out or for holidays I would wear with a flat silver sandal (and a shackett if needed!) like so......

Topshop shackett, old - alternative here

The sandals are identical to the Ancient Greek Eleftheria but a fraction of the cost. These are made in Greece and took about 2 weeks to arrive. I have to credit my good friend Sue for finding them. More suited to a narrow foot so I've heard ;0) 

Next dress - similar styling as I'm trying to make the best of my wardrobe! You've probably seen this one already as I blogged about it recently. 

Mango bag, old - alternative here

Just add a denim jacket for evenings.....

For more of an about town - French market shopping kind of look.....

Pair with a shackett again for the cooler weather....

Topshop shackett, old - alternative here

And finally my most recent purchase, this Zara shirt dress. I'm obsessed with linen this year!

Clare V pot de miel bag, past season - alternative here

Arizona Love sandals, sold out in leopard print - alternative here reduced to £35!
                                    The Jackson London bag, past season - similar here and here

Vintage bag via eBay - similar here and here from Etsy

After trying a few different style jackets with this I plumped on a black oversized denim jacket - think it works best with this type of dress.

Denim jacket, past season - alternative here
Clare V pot de miel bag, past season - alternative here

This dress is the most versatile.....it could be worn as a duster coat (it would definitely accommodate a layer underneath (I'm wearing a small). When my order arrived I popped the dress on straight over my jeans.....and I have to say I rather liked it styled like this!

Rag & Bone jeans, past season - alternative here
Mango bag, old - alternative here

Just another little peek in to my wardrobe. I'm really trying to only add pieces that are timeless, that I see myself wearing for years to come and that compliment everything else I have. I feel I've chosen well.....what do you think? I'd love to hear!

Be back again.......maybe holiday dresses next time?

Michelle x


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