24 June 2020

Wardrobe Stories

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Lockdown boredom has kicked in big time. But! After watching a few inspiring videos on Youtube and IGTV I felt a little motivated to try to emulate some of my favourite kind of content. I decided to turn my hand to a video of some of my favourite wardrobe pieces.....and tell the tales behind them. Backed up with a blog post for reference - here goes!

Most recent purchase

This is my first and only dress purchase of 2020. I've been searching for something in this style for a couple of years now. On Bank Holiday Monday I started a proper trawl and found this dress......but beware before you click the button........

Dress via EtsyI bought the medium size
Birkenstock Gizeh sandals*

Firstly have a good look at the reviews. I didn't. And I might have not been so quick to click had I read a few more. Secondly although the seller states that they are in the UK but I don't think that is the case. There I was thinking I supported a little local independent boutique on Etsy......but not so! As the reviews stated the delivery was quick I assumed the goods were already in the UK. When I had't received a dispatch email by the end of the week (I actually though I'd receive the dress in a few days!) I went back to check I had actually ordered it and not just dreamed it! It was only when I went a little further back on the reviews that I realised that it was likely coming from further afield - either China or Hong Kong. I felt a bit duped and so I contacted the seller and asked them to cancel the order - to which they agreed. However the following Monday I received a dispatch notification that confirmed it was coming from Hong Kong. I decided to just wait and see if it turned up. Low and behold it was delivered 3 weeks later - on a Sunday by Hermes. To be honest it was truly worth the wait.......I love it! I've since found another reputable seller here on Etsy* and since ordered this one from Amazon* - not many sizes left now though (again I ordered a medium).

Most worn item

Basing this on clothing I've been wearing recently it would have to be my Adidas SST tracksuit pants! I've worn them at least once per week since I purchased them in January. They have been especially useful during lockdown as I've worn with some white Birkenstock slides around the house and then been able to slip my Hunter wellies on for my after dinner daily dog walk. They look great with a grey sweatshirt but just as good paired with a pretty blouse. I actually purchased them to travel in the last time I went on holiday - the have been one of my all time best purchases though!

Rebecca Minkoff Sweatshirt*
Jigsaw blouse - past season
Disko Kids t-shirt - adore the stripe version here
Golden Goose trainers*
Bandana sandals - made by my lovely mate @SusieSoSo

Best bargain ever

If you've followed me for a while you'll probably know all about this jacket. Bargain of the Century. Found this years ago whilst trawling through the rails in TK Maxx. It's a DKNY Jeans sample - real leather according to the label inside. At just £34.99 it was an absolute steal. It has a 3/4 sleeve and I loved how weathered it looked when I bought it - it's just got better with age. I treasure it which leads me nicely onto my next topic..........

The 3 items I'd save if my house burnt down

First would be the aforementioned Biker jacket......I'd never have that luck again! Next would be my Chanel bag (see below). I've had it for almost 30 years. At the time it cost more than the car I was driving (a Hillman Imp - remember those!) It cost £460 then.......I just could not justify the cost of buying one now. It's an absolute classic that I look forward to passing on to my daughter some day. Last but most sentimental item is my vintage (80's) Rolex. It was my dad's watch so it's very special to me......I wear it everyday and wouldn't be without it.

Biggest investment purchase

It would have to be my Chanel bag. To me it's always the accessories that maketh the outfit so it's always splurging on those coveted items that will elevate any outfit. I'm pretty sure I could sell this bag for way more than I bought it for too!

Happy clothes

Recently I've been living in linen shirts, jeans and Birkies or trekky bandana sandals. This is always the kind of outfit my husband compliments me on - he is especially partial to this khaki shade on me*. These pieces have suited my lockdown life perfectly when comfort has been key!

H&M linen shirt*
Gap original fit jeans - ancient, alternative here*
Arizona Love sandals*

Regretful purchase

I don't have too many of those thankfully these days so I struggled to think of an item for this question. When I purchase something new I tend to want to wear it immediately. If I am uncertain about something then I take it out of the bag and leave it in plain view. If I haven't had the urge to use/wear it within 7 days I return it. Alternatively if I've worn it a couple of times and then decide it doesn't actually suit me I will try and sell it on or find it a new home with someone else who will love it. The only thing I could think of that I have a mild regret for is some Celine sunglasses my husband bought me for Christmas. They were a totally Instagram influenced want on my wish list so went they had a hefty discount applied on Black Friday my husband got them for me. They are beautiful sunglasses but in truth I already have half a dozen pairs of sunglasses.......and it just aggravates me as they were a bit of a wasteful purchase which as you know is something I'm trying to get out of the habit of. Especially as I still reach for my classic Rayban wayfarers or aviators over the Celine's every time!

The oldest item in my wardrobe

Just after my 18th birthday I'd splurged on a Louise Vuitton speedy bag. I worked in a designer boutique (Kimberly's in Bath - still there!) and I really had coveted this bag after seeing a few of our customers with them. Although a bit battered now I still use it now and again.......it does have some fab memories attached to it!

Clothes that make me feel confident

Hands down - a pair of khaki army trousers from Zara which I bought 5 or 6 years ago now. Whenever I have that 'I dunno what to wear' kind of days I always turn to these trews. They are my 'take me anywhere' item as they look great with a pretty white top, a tee, shirt or sweatshirt and footwear options are pretty endless. However I always default to this classic look inspired by this photo of Phoebe Philo.

Recognise this photo.........

H&M breton - ancient, alternative here*
Zara trousers - ancient, alternative here*
Arizona Love sandals* More purse friendly option here*

And finally - my go to date night outfit.

It's been a while since we've been on a date night.....in fact the last one I remember was a trip to The Pig for our wedding anniversary on 22nd July last year! Here's what I wore that night....

Stella McCartney silk shirt & J Brand boyfriend jeans both via TK Maxx S/S19
Primark sandals 2019

I've just celebrated a year of being alcohol free so these days we are more likely to be found having a lunch date - a walk with the dog with lunch in a cafe en route. Something that definitely doesn't require anything fancy and is more likely to involve those aforementioned wellies! However we are looking forward to celebrating our anniversary by going out this year......even if it's only for a picnic and I would welcome any opportunity to dress up. So current climate permitting I'd be wearing this little outfit. The Zara dress was a holiday purchase many moons ago but it's still a winner!

This photo is from 2017

Warehouse denim jacket - ancient
Zara dress and bag - both holiday purchases years ago
Warehouse sandals - ancient

Well this exercise has been a lovely trip down memory lane! You can view the IGTV video here.....if you fancy watching me talk through my choices here. Any idea other questions that spring to mind please leave me a comment.....I'd love to do another blog/video along these lines.

Back again soon, Michelle x



  1. Great post! Congratulations on the alcohol free year!I love your look, you always look so cool😎😎😎

  2. Anonymous28/6/20 11:58

    Have been following you since my early 40's and next year will be following you in my 50's. Love your casual with a twist look and admire the way you've made changes to your personal life, social/shopping conscience.