24 May 2020

Making the most of my wardrobe

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Last weeks outfit round-up seemed to go down well - so I'm just keep this post simple again. It's a mixed bag this week. After a little root around in my wardrobe I uncovered a few hidden gems......more on that below.

This week I'm going backward.....starting with what I wore today.

H&M shirt, ancient - they do it every year.....see here*
Pepe boyfriend jeans S/S19 - similar here*
Sandals courtesy of my friend Sue - you can buy similar here*

I have been pondering about sustainability this week after coming across some comments online about myself (fairly flattering....I took as honest feedback!). It's something that is undoubtedly looks different for everyone. The comments made me examine the contents of my wardrobe. For the past nine months I've tried to make sure that eBay and preloved shopping is always my first port of call. That said though once I sifted through what I'm wearing at the moment I've realised that the things that have survived wardrobe culls year in year out are mainly the treasured classic/basic items from the likes of H&M and Zara. I bet this is something that is going to resonate with a lot of you! Really and truly the best way to be sustainable is to wear what you've already got.

I've never really explored buying from more sustainable brands. That's something I am looking to do. However, I've definitely made an effort to reduce my consumption. I am trying to buy with consideration and intention instead of shopping as a pass-time (a habit that's been easy to break in lockdown!). Every time I make a purchase now I ask myself "am I going to get at least thirty wears out of this?'. If the answer is yes......then click away. But as for those one season wonders.........time to say no and walk away.

One other thing I've learnt is that buying higher priced items does not always mean getting better quality. And although I try not to keep things for best - paying more for something doesn't necessarily mean I will get more wear out of it either.

Zara sweater, current 
New Look skirt S/S19 - similar here*
Arizona Loves sandals S/S19 - similar here*

I digress. I was back to work this Wednesday - just two days in the office on my own I hasten to add. It really knocked me for six after being off for so long! Anyway I usually wear the dregs of my wardrobe to work and I've decided to break the habit of a lifetime and do away with separate stuff for work. Here's what I wore this week....

Zara top - ancient! They have similar here though
Gap Real Straight jeans - these are also ancient and I hacked the hem off - similar here*
Mango bag, past season - similar here*

Warehouse top S/S19 - Similar here* (I think this would be better than the one I'm wearing!)
H&M skirt S/S18 - similar here*
Arizona Loves sandals S/S19 - similar here*

It was my nephew's 18th on Thursday so I dressed up a little for a socially distanced cuppa and cake in the garden.

Warehouse dress, past season - similar here*

H&M shirt, ancient - similar here*
Zara trousers S/S19 - similar here*

New Look dress S/S19 - similar here*
Sandals courtesy of my friend Sue - you can buy similar here*

So - in short I reckon we can all do our bit for sustainability by just shopping a bit more mindfully. Wherever I can I like to sell on my stuff to prolong the life of it - I use eBay or I give things to my sister to car boot (she's a single mum so I put her needs before the charity shop.....they are usually over-run with stuff anyway). I like to think I'm doing my bit but there is always room for improvement. At the beginning of lockdown my intentions not to buy anything........but as we went a long I found an item that need replacing and felt I was missing a couple of other pieces. In the interests of transparency I've bought six items. Offset somewhat (I hope!) by selling the same amount of pieces on eBay - the eBay funds in my mind justified my purchases. I've dispatched another dozen items to my sister so I'm feeling lighter and not so bogged down by my stuff. I confess that everything I've bought has been from high street brands. Another thing I've learnt is that the brands I've traditionally bought from (Zara, H&M, Gap and Mango to name a few) do suit my natural style personality and my purse as well. So as long as I'm adding new pieces that I can still see myself wearing in five years time I will continue to shop in those places.

If you've made it thus far.....thank you for indulging me. It's been a talky one! I've really enjoyed putting down my thoughts and seeing where my wardrobe is at. After a couple of requests to link alternatives last week I've tried to find similar items to share - I've also updated my last post with links. I've marked anything with an affiliate link with a *. This post has given me a couple of ideas for topics to blog about so I'll be back again soon!

Last but not least - I'd love to hear how you feel about sustainability !

Until next time, Michelle x



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Really identify with what you're saying.

    1. Thank you....it's great to hear that my thoughts resonate with you 🙂

  2. After watching The True Cost several years ago I made a commitment to purchase second-hand first and then from a sustainable fashion brand second. I would say that I have been about 90% successful. Thankfully I like a classic casual style so those items are easy to find. I work in education so I need to be comfortable and approachable therefor I can combine my work wardrobe and weekend wardrobe to maximize my cost per wear. I love your style and get lots of inspiration for my own wardrobe so thank you.