31 May 2020

Lockdown Wardrobe Staples

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As well as sharing what I've been wearing this week I thought I'd tell you about a couple of my hero pieces throughout lockdown. Both items have exceeded the #30wears mark. They haven't featured in any of my posts even though they have been worn on a daily basis recently for dog walks and weekly supermarket trips! No jacket required this past week though......it's been scorching hasn't it?! The humble shacket has always been one of my go-to jackets but it has held the number one spot for the past couple of months. It's so good that I have more than one version of this style of jacket......I've been alternating between two. Both of them are past season from Topshop. I have a lightweight one which is great for over dresses, t-shirts and shirts. I've also been wearing a slightly heavier duty army style one, which is oversized and better for accommodating layers, bulkier knits and sweatshirts.

Topshop shacket, past season - nearest I could find is this one* (I would personally remove the belt)
Dress details below.

My heavier weight one is identical to this. It's a darker shade of khaki and I wear it all year round as it's oversized enough to get a lightweight down jacket underneath. My most worn jackets as they are so versatile!

The other lockdown staple was in fact an emergency holiday purchase. When we went to Gran Canaria over Christmas and thanks to the forecast I totally underestimated the weather. 24 degrees in December/January is not the same as 24 degrees in April/May. The cold wind coming in from the Sahara didn't help either! I only took a leather biker jacket which wasn't entirely practical to wear around the pool when it was chilly so this Mango cardigan was a very welcome addition to my holiday wardrobe. It's since been my constant companion.....akin to a comfort blankie! I'm seriously that attached to it! Perfect for snuggling up on the sofa in of an evening.......and it goes over everything.

Mango cardigan, past season - this one* is the nearest I could find bearing in mind it's a little out of season to be buying a chunky knit.
M&S dress - similar here*

Back to the order of the day - what I've been wearing this week. It's been a week of wafting around in dresses trying to combat the heat by wearing the strappiest, loosest things I own!

& Other Stories dress, past season - similar here*
Tkees flip flops - similar here*

Zara dress, past season - similar here, here and here*
Sandals by SusieSoSo - you can buy similar here*

Workwear went like this.......

Mango dress, available here for £12.99 - similar here* and here*
Topshop sandals, ancient - similar here*
New Look bag, S/S18 - along the same lines here

& Other Stories dress S/S18 - alternative here* (nearest I can find!)
L K Bennett sandals, ancient - similar here*
Clare V bag, sold out in black - lovely alternative here*
Topshop belt, past season - similar here*

Star Mela dress via TK Maxx S/S19 - similar here* and here*
Tkees Riley sandals - similar here*

Zara dress, past season - alternative herehere and here

The majority of my holiday dresses have had an airing now......there are bound to be a couple repeated next week as this beautiful weather is set to last!

See you next Sunday! Michelle x


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