8 May 2020

Lockdown Life

Sorry.....it's been a while. In truth I've been enjoying this slower pace of life a little bit too much. I certainly aim to adopt some of my lockdown habits even when life starts to get back to some degree of normality. All those little jobs I promised myself I'd do have been done and I've got through my TV watchlist. I've got through books that have lain idle on my Kindle since my last holiday. I've a new found passion for cooking. I'm drinking a ton of water (instead of copious amounts of builder's tea) and I'm doing Yoga on a daily basis too! I think I may have even cracked my social media habit once and for all. I've had the odd down day.....mainly when I couldn't sit outdoors but on the whole I've really embraced this downtime. How have you been finding it? Hope you are all ok.

I actually mustered up the motivation to blog this week. I've still been scouring Pinterest for lockdown outfit ideas....... as well as recipe ideas and ways in which to improve my outdoor space. I thought I'd share a few of the things that are keeping me occupied at the moment.

First of all a style steal.......courtesy of Pinterest of course!

My outfit
J Crew vintage tee
Mih Tommy Jeans via Kilver Court
Tkees flip flops via eBay
Ancient Topshop Belt

To replicate the above outfit I had to participate in a little wardrobe diy. I bought a couple of J Crew classic v-neck tees in New York some time ago. I haven't worn them that much but I've been reluctant to part with them as they are wardrobe staples. I always turn the sleeves up on them so I decided just to hack the sleeves off to turn them into a cap sleeve which I find a bit more flattering. I left the edge raw and they curl naturally - I like the natural finish. I'll be doing the same to the grey one as I know I'll wear it more this way.

What I've been watching
Other things keeping me occupied during lockdown.........lots of telly. As there is no sport on at the moment the husband and I have had to find some common ground! He usually hogs the remote whilst I watch what I like on the laptop. That said we are both currently enjoying The Last Dance on Netflix.....I never thought watching basketball would my thing but I have to admit that I am hooked! Aside from that we have binged Ricky Gervais's After Life which along with seasons 1-3 of Ozark (both Netflix) which have kept us going these past few weeks. He's currently watching Gangs of London - whilst I've just finished Normal People BBC Iplayer) which totally blew me away........it's just so beautiful (I've just started the book so I can remain in Mariann and Connell's world for a bit longer). I've also been relishing a lot of the legal injustices on Netflix. I've been fascinated by anything to do with The Innocent Project. That obsession started with The Innocent Man (based on John Grisham's only non fiction book). That series was swiftly followed by The Innocent Files and Making a Murderer........all compulsive viewing! Any recommendations would be gratefully received - please let me know in the comments below.

What I've been reading
Although I haven't watched The Stranger on Netflix I have just read the book by Harlen Coben......big fan of his so I wanted to read the book first. I also love a John Grisham book so I read The Partner which is worth a read. Last year when we went to Greece on holiday a lovely reader recommended The Island by Victoria Hislop. It's about the leper colony on Spinalonga in Crete. We were due to be going to in Elounda in Crete this summer which is close to the island which you can visit. Alas we will have to shelf those plans until next year. I enjoyed the book though.

Keeping me calm
One thing I have treated myself to is an essential oil diffuser. I get through a lot of candles as I use oil burners. However there is quite a lot of packaging that goes to waste so I looked for an alternative. I found this porcelain diffuser on Amazon which is a lamp too. It's aethesetically pleasing, does the job perfectly so I would thoroughly recommend it. I purchased some Tisserand De-Stress oil (I do wish M&S would re-stock their Apothecary Balance oil - I miss it so much) which is a really soothing scent......perfect for these strange times! The aroma fills the ground floor of my home, I'm so impressed I will be buying another for my bedroom!

Happiness is..........chocolate!
I may rue the day that my lovely friend Amanda sent me a box of chocolate (she has been working with this brand so my review is technically an ad/gift). Prodigy Eat No Evil bars are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free and suitable for vegans. The packaging is plastic free. They are simply divine! If sold chocolate is your thing then try the chunky chocolate and the chunky chocolate orange.....mmm mmm! However it is their peanut caramel cahoots that has delighted my taste buds the most! Truly heavenly.....and not so sinful! I would highly recommend the coconut cahoots too! You can order 2 of their 6 packs for £16 (normal RRP £9.95 each) at the moment and get free delivery with code LOCKDOWN6 at checkout. I have already placed my order........chocolate is an essential for me at the moment!


Wardrobe musings
Lockdown has really made me appreciate my wardrobe. My hope is that it has cured me of the costly habit of buying stuff for my fantasy life too. I've pretty much lived in boyfriend jeans (anything high waisted is just not comfortable to wear around the house) with a nice top and slides (or any kind of slip-on shoe). I'm happier in my simpler style. This experience really has made me realise that my lifestyle just does not call for the amount of new clothing I've been in the habit of bringing in. Especially since I've found so much joy in what's already in my wardrobe. I'm actually starting to get the wear out of my favourites things, most of which I've had for years.  My more uncomplicated looks have also had an effect on my hair and skin as well. My locks are thanking me for not using so much heat on them and my skin is rejoicing because I've been using the least amount of make up that I ever have in my adult life.....it can breathe. All because the only person to please is me. What a liberating feeling!!

Splendid sweatshirt via T K Maxx
Pepe jeans via ASOS
Birkenstock Arizona via Shoeaholics
All past season

Mih Breton via Kilver Court
Rag & Bone jeans via T K Maxx
Topshop Fig sandals
All past season

& Other Stories dress 
Birkenstock Mayari via Schuh

Alexa Chung for M&S dress
Swedish Hasbeen Sandals via eBay
Vintage bag via eBay
Celine Sunglasses

Well that's all from me.......hope to be back again soon!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend........enjoy VE Day!

Michelle x 

N.B For anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one I thought it may be of help to mention this service a friend of mine is offering called Living with Loss. You can find Irina here on Instagram and her website here



  1. Lovely to see you Michelle and really nice to see all the old pieces from your wardrobe resurfacing - all goodies! I've been trying to do more of the same - keeping with the pieces that I really wear which are generally less showy and much more practical. It's been good bringing out old favourites and wearing what pleases me. x

  2. Loved reading this and seeing your slowed down routine. Stay well honey. X