24 May 2020

Making the most of my wardrobe

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Last weeks outfit round-up seemed to go down well - so I'm just keep this post simple again. It's a mixed bag this week. After a little root around in my wardrobe I uncovered a few hidden gems......more on that below.

This week I'm going backward.....starting with what I wore today.

H&M shirt, ancient - they do it every year.....see here*
Pepe boyfriend jeans S/S19 - similar here*
Sandals courtesy of my friend Sue - you can buy similar here*

17 May 2020

Just a few lockdown looks......

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I'm merely sharing a few of my look this week. I am conducting a little experiment which I will share in another post.......but without further ado here's what I've been wearing. 

The looks are all in chronological order - starting last Saturday when it was positively scorching!

M&S beach dress - S/S19 Similar here*
Birkenstocks Big Buckle Arizona via eBay S/S20 Same here*


8 May 2020

Lockdown Life

Sorry.....it's been a while. In truth I've been enjoying this slower pace of life a little bit too much. I certainly aim to adopt some of my lockdown habits even when life starts to get back to some degree of normality. All those little jobs I promised myself I'd do have been done and I've got through my TV watchlist. I've got through books that have lain idle on my Kindle since my last holiday. I've a new found passion for cooking. I'm drinking a ton of water (instead of copious amounts of builder's tea) and I'm doing Yoga on a daily basis too! I think I may have even cracked my social media habit once and for all. I've had the odd down day.....mainly when I couldn't sit outdoors but on the whole I've really embraced this downtime. How have you been finding it? Hope you are all ok.

I actually mustered up the motivation to blog this week. I've still been scouring Pinterest for lockdown outfit ideas....... as well as recipe ideas and ways in which to improve my outdoor space. I thought I'd share a few of the things that are keeping me occupied at the moment.

First of all a style steal.......courtesy of Pinterest of course!

My outfit
J Crew vintage tee
Mih Tommy Jeans via Kilver Court
Tkees flip flops via eBay
Ancient Topshop Belt