4 April 2020

Saturday Seven - 04/04/2020

Just because Friday Seven just didn't have the same ring to it!

Right now as I press publish on this post we would have been mid air on our way to Lanzarote. We were so looking forward to heading off for some sun - to a place that has become home from home. Obviously due to the current situation we are on a staycation instead. A few weeks back I did mention I'd be doing a holiday packing blog........which is essentially what this blog is I guess! I made a list a couple of months ago......edited it a couple of times but these are the dresses I would have been sharing with you over the coming week had we been going. These photos are all from holidays past.

No.1 Kicking off with the most liked photo from our holiday in Lanzarote last year.......in fact whenever this dress features it gets a lot of love. The dress is Oysho and I actually bought during the holiday. I was looking forward to wearing it again :0(

No.2 Love my greens. I found this Star Mela dress in the clearance section in TK Maxx. The perfect sundress for the scorchio temperatures in Kefelonia in August.

No.3 Interestingly I've realised by doing this little exercise that I planned to pack a lot of print for this holiday. I don't have that much print in my everyday wardrobe - apart from a bit of leopard print and a few stripes so it's quite a surprise to see that 4 out of 7 of my dresses are floral prints. This Warehouse number is silk and is a much-loved preloved score! I wore it in Lanzarote and Greece last year!

No.4 And so onto the next printed dress! This dress is also Warehouse and it's one of my most treasured things. It's never proved very popular on Instagram to be honest........but who cares about that when it makes me feel a million dollars. In reality it the one dress of mine that does get a lot of compliments in real life so maybe it doesn't just translate so well in a photo? Here's me in the South of France a few years back

No.5 Ahhh. This pic brings back such happy memories! Perhaps that's why we love our holiday clothes and bring them out year after year? Anyway, I digress......back to the dress! This & Other Stories dress is fairly new to my wardrobe but it's definitely another piece I expect to be taking year after year. Absolutely ideal for the sizzling hot weather in Greece last year.

No.6 The lady loves red! Even though we've have been grounded for the time being I thought it might be quite depressing to look at holiday photos but it's done the opposite......really grateful for remembering all the lovely times we've had and helps me to envision future holidays too! I picked up this Whistles dress shortly before we went to Kefelonia last year which is another that will be worn on many holidays to come.

No.7 Last but not least. It wouldn't be me if I hadn't packed something black! I bought this Zara dress on New Years Eve 2019 when we were in Gran Canaria. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of me wearing it then. It was the first time in years that I didn't share any holiday outfit photos on Instagram. It was pretty liberating not to bug my husband or daughter to get a photo everyday. Do love the dress though......it was nice to pop it on again if only to get a picture. Hope to get lots of wear out of it in the coming months.

Here's my list packing list. I normally start formulating my outfit plan a few months in advance. The chances if we do have the opportunity to travel later in the year we will probably holiday in this country so the packing is likely to look a lot different.......however there is always next year!

Have you got your holiday favourites that come out year after year?

Please stay safe and well everyone, Michelle x



  1. I love this Michelle. Like you and many others I was looking forward to a sun trip soon - now postponed while we tackle c19 ���� We come out ok. Stay safe and I love all you outfits. Enjoy the sun in your garden if it makes a show this weekend ❤️

    1. That should be a ‘fingers crossed’ emoji

  2. Anonymous6/5/20 18:08

    Michelle, I hope you are well. You haven't have posted in a while.