28 March 2020

Friday Five - 27/03/2020

Sorry I'm a bit late with the blog this week. It's been a funny old week hasn't it?! The only excuse I have is that I've been binge - watching a Swedish thriller called Before We Die and was gripped by the season one finale last night - hence the delay!

This week it's quite simply five things I'm grateful for.

My wardrobe 

Guaranteed to bring me joy. Clothes are definitely a mood-enhancer for me. However now more than ever I don't want to own more than I need. I've made the decision not to buy any clothes for the foreseeable future. It just doesn't feel right to be acquiring anything that's non - essential. My hope is that whilst we are in this situation that I can break the habit of buying things for the sake of it. The time I'm getting to spend at home is a luxury.......I can now play around with my wardrobe to my hearts content and I intend to make the most of it!


Does anyone else use the Calm app? For the last nine months it's been my daily saviour. I've upped my usage to twice a day at the moment. I use it first thing in the morning - it's such a refreshing way to start the day. I'm using it in the evenings too as I'm finding the things I see on the news or see online play on my mind. Using the app just before I go to bed helps me to drift off without those images replaying on a loop. Meditation is certainly key for getting me get through these uncertain times.


Never has this been so important to me........because if we weren't allowed out at all I'd still be able to get my daily dose of exercise at home. I've used mine everyday for the past ten years. I run on the spot for half an hour each morning.......it certainly gets the blood flowing. It's been a real life-line this week.

Man's best friend


This little fella. Sid. Don't know what we'd do without out him. I treasure my evening walks in the countryside with him. He loves having everyone at home.....we are all bestowing him with cuddles. He's such a stress-reliever and he doesn't even know it! We have much to thank him for!


I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home during the lockdown. Even though I only work two days a week it does provide me with some structure and much needed routine. I work for a small family business who produce staff development activities. Organisations have been really investing in their staff lately so we have been extremely busy. Now we can have a little breather and get on top of everything. We will be ready for when things start getting back to normal again. Although I miss working alongside my colleagues we are all keeping in touch and each other going. I am truly grateful for being part of such a fantastic little team.

Hope everyone is staying safe and well and making the most of having more time with your nearest and dearest

Back next week 
Michelle x


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  1. Anonymous28/3/20 15:32

    I am just grateful for my health and so should everyone else who is healthy! Nothing else matters, your health is your wealth is what I was told for the last 60 years.