13 March 2020

Friday Five - 13/03/2020

Remember this outfit inspo I shared with you a couple of weeks back?

Well it's my style steal for the week!
Joseph trench via Kilver Court
H&M blouse, past season
M&S cashmere sweater, past season
Rag & Bone jeans via TK Maxx, past season
Preloved Swedish Hasbeens via eBay

Last week I promised you some eBay action and here it is! First of my bargains were some red Swedish Hasbeens. They have been on my radar for a couple of years. Seeing the Pinterest inspiration and seeing them on one my favourite style icons......

Michelle Williams via Pinterest

set me off scouring eBay. I managed to bag these sandals for £19.99 + £5 P&P. Since they normally retail at £170......well I am pretty thrilled! I think I can replicate Michelle's outfit above too......win-win! Now is quite a good time to look for things that are a little out of season.....let's face it - with the British weather it could be a couple of months before I actually get to wear these. But I got them for a song and they will be in my wardrobe forever. They were worth the wait!

They even came in the original box!

More eBay joy!

I then became a little obsessed with this outfit. I have a cream pleated skirt and love the way this one's styled with a bomber jacket so again off I went to try and track one down. It'll be a good addition to my wardrobe anyway as a slightly warmer alternative to my khaki shacketts.

I came up trumps with this one.......

H&M bomber jacket via eBay

I'm saving my version of the Pinterest inspiration ensemble for another day ;0)

Don't be afraid to haggle the price a bit on eBay if there is the option to 'make an offer'. I got the sandals and the jacket by making an offer. The jacket ended up costing me £7.95 + £4 P&P - I used a Nectar voucher to get a further £5 off. Bargain!

On to my last lucky eBay purchase!

You know I love a little basket.

So this search for this came about for a vintage basket after seeing my super-stylish friend Bean sporting hers that the lovely Nicky (Noodle33) located and sent to her after sharing a few preloved treasures on her Instagram Stories.

I know mines not exactly like Bean's but she sowed the seed! I can't wait to use it......hope to share it's first outing with you soon :0)

eBay tips.

A couple of great videos about how to sell and how to buy preloved......not just on eBay which is my preferred site but I've also been lucky on Depop. First up is this video by Style Apotheca all about how she sells online. Do check out Emma Hill's video for tips on how to buy secondhand and vintage on eBay. And last buy not least I did my own Instagram Stories a while back - they are still on my highlights on Instagram here (see image below) Happy shopping.

Pinterest tip

Forgive me If I shared this on the blog before but I thought this might be useful and so worth mentioning again. I have a dedicated Pinterest board of outfits that I have one or more components of already in my wardrobe. This is the board I regularly look at if I am stuck for what to wear. It's been particularly useful these past couple of weeks as I'm getting bored of winter clothes. There are loads of useful outfits for navigating the tricky transitional weather. As you can see.....i's also very handy for filling some wardrobe gaps too!

That's all from me this week! 

Next week I'll be back with things that make me go Mmmmmm......in a good way!

Also coming up will be a holiday packing post even though due to current circumstances we may not end up getting away over Easter. Hopefully it'll be useful for later in the year.

See you again next week, Michelle x



  1. Love these Friday fives. Great outfit inspo. Thanks Michelle xx

  2. Michelle!!! I’m pretty spooked right now as to how *super closely* aligned we are!
    Firstly thank you for the lovely mention - your bag is gorgeous!
    Secondly... I have wanted so hasbeens since spotting them on... wait for it... Michelle Williams, way back!
    The thing that’s stopped me from buying is fear that they’ll be noisy (I can’t handle noisy footwear) and perhaps heavy (which my right, granny knee will hate) so I look forward to an update/review!
    And thirdly - I bought a black bomber for £2.50 in my charity shop trawl the other day.
    Wondering if I am you/you are me... are we the same person? Haha!!
    Thanks again Xxx