6 March 2020

Friday Five - 06/03/20

So this is my fifth Friday Five! Woo hoo! I think I'm establishing a new habit :0)

Style Steal

Right off the bat - apologies. This weeks outfit is a little dull. There is spring inspiration everywhere and it's been hard to find ways in which to shop my wardrobe with the allure of gorgeous newness everywhere. Here goes though.....I'm copying the incredibly cool Anime Bing again.

My outfit details
H&M sweater, past season
J Crew V-Neck tee (under sweater), past season
New Look trousers, past season
Golden Goose Trainers
Balenciaga bag, ancient


Learning to cook has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. I can just about cobble a few dishes together but they aren't particularly healthy dishes and I'm bored of the handful of recipes I have mastered. I've never had any interest in cookery - I was absolutely useless at Home Economics at school. As my mum worked full time when I was at school we relied heavily on M&S ready meals out of convenience......and I guess we just slipped into that same rhythm of ready meals. Last year we went for dinner at a neighbours house (they extend their hospitality regularly - though I've never had the culinary confidence to reciprocate) and naturally talk turned to food. My neighbours are of a different generation - they cook everything from scratch, meal plan and batch cook. They are very frugal when it comes to food making sure everything is used and nothing is wasted. This is no mean feat as one of them is a vegetarian - the other is a carnivore. Anyway because of their organised ways with food they have more time and money for life's other little luxuries. They regularly go on amazing holidays......they really believe that life is all about the experiences. Fast forward a few months and I happened to be flicking through the Mail on Sunday You Magazine and I came across some tray bake recipes by Rukmini Iyer. They looked simple enough, incorporated lots of veg and fresh ingredients and so I start to experiment a little in the kitchen. After a conversation at work I ended up ordering 3 of Rukmini's books.......I am now well and truly hooked. The prep is minimal and you basically throw everything in the one tin......what's not to love! These are definitely worth a share whether you are an experienced cook or not!

Podcast recommendation.

This podcast was another one of those things that nudged me in the direction of developing a few basic culinary skills. Back in October last year I listened to Suzy Amies Cameron chatting to Oprah about the 'one meal a day' incentive.  Basically it's a plan whereby you swap out one meat and dairy based meal a day for a plant based meal - better for your health and climate change. I'll come onto where you can get a bit more information about plant based diets in No.4. What I will embellish on here though is that I've managed to switch not just one but two meals to meat and dairy free. I've swapped semi skimmed milk for oat milk on my porridge (which is delicious I might add). No more cheese sandwiches for lunch. I've swapped for healthier rice cakes with peanut butter and banana which is my favourite meal of the day. I've cut down the amount of milk I have in tea......swapped for drinking black Earl Grey instead. Little changes but significant. Wish me luck for convincing the family this diet is the way to go!

Documentary recommendation.

Suzi Amies mentioned a documentary in her podcast with Oprah but I did come across The Game Changers on Netflix first. There has been a lot of research about how a plant based diet has improved the performance of athletes which I found mind-blowing. Not that I needed any more convincing about the benefits of a plant based diet I then watched the documentary mentioned in Suzi's podcast - Forks over Knives. The message in this programme is that the more plants you eat the healthier you tend to be - by making healthier choices you are decreasing the risk of chronic diseases and there is a lot of evidence in the programme to back that up. Both documentaries put forward a very persuasive argument for the plant based diet and have definitely motivated me to be more aware of what I'm eating and the impact it has on my health and the environment. It's all food for thought....pardon the pun. We've made some changes and we've found that we are eating out less and having less takeaway's too because we are making and eating healthier and tastier stuff that we've enjoyed making ourselves. I've been getting a kick out of trying to use up everything in the fridge......it's actually very satisfying to get creative with leftovers. There are a few more £££ in the kitty for making those memories too!

Now to completely digress.....

Back to fashion. Just wanted to share this YouTube video I watched the other day. The title piqued my interest - 5 Steps to Shop Less | Stop Wasteful Purchases and Spending Money by Alyssa Beltempo As I'm trying to be mindful of what's coming in to my wardrobe I found some really handy tips in this video. I'm on the right track - I definitely feel my purchases have been more considered so far this year but this vlog was a great little reminder of some fab shopping habits to get into!

That leads me nicely onto what I'll be sharing next week. Although the weather is still pants I have been plotting how to fill a few wardrobe gaps ready for spring and I have a couple of preloved gems I can't wait to share with you.

See you next Friday!

Michelle x

N.B I love reading your comments - just wanted to say sorry I haven't got back to you. I'm experiencing a few technical issues but hope to have this sorted soon!



  1. Anonymous7/3/20 09:04

    I am really enjoying the new format. Thank you

  2. I'm with you on the rice cakes banana and peanut butter! Who knew they were so nice!!

  3. I’m enjoying your new “shop less; wear what you have and love; mindful shopping” approach lately. I’ve been on a similar journey this past year. This need to always dress in a different outfit is fading as I learn to appreciate the items and looks I truly like and work for me. As a society we’ve gotten carried away with consumerism and shopping for UNNECESSARY clothes and items. It time to regain control and establish a more realistic and fulfilling perspective that does not break the bank or clutter our homes with more than we can ever use.