2 February 2020

What's in store for me in 2020?

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Keeping things simple. That's top of my list of goals.

New Look coated jeans AW18 (similar here)
New Look leopard print hi tops AW18 (similar here)

How was your January? I've had a really productive month.....it whizzed by for me! I've been slowly but surely de-cluttering my life. It really is no exaggeration when de-cluttering is described as life changing. It stands to reason that by simplifying everything - life doth run smoother. You save time by only possessing what you actually use. Once everything has it's place it just becomes natural to put stuff away when you've finished with it. Get into some good habits and you suddenly have a lot more time - time to do the things you want to do!

If this is something you are looking to tackle I have a tip! One big to-do list can be a little overwhelming so break things down. I used a planner and pencilled in 3 small areas to tackle every day. I got through my jobs quickly making me motivated to do more. Before you know it you are really getting on top of things!

The de-cluttering has had rather a miraculous effect on my wardrobe as well. After my last post I had an epiphany. As I identified my most worn/favourite items I decided to experiment with a capsule wardrobe.

I've kept these three points in mind whilst pulling together my capsule.

1. My style personality - I'm a natural meaning I tend to favour informal, uncomplicated comfortable clothes.

2. Picking only items that bring me joy - things I happily want to wear on repeat. As you can see it's anything monochrome, striped or leopard print with an occasional injection of red and grey (I'll be introducing a little camel and khaki too).

3. Probably the most important point - MY LIFESTYLE. I'm taking into consideration how I actually spend my time.

For example. On weekends you can usually find me dog walking or out on a my bike with my daughter. This is usually followed by some mum-taxing an/or doing a food shop. I don't want to do multiple outfit changes throughout the day so I need some good practical foundation pieces that I can switch up by changing footwear and coats. Like so.........

Bike ride attire

Adjusted slightly for the food shop!

Fahri boiled wool coat via TK Maxx
Topshop bag, past season (similar here

The Adidas track bottoms in both the above outfits have proved to be a very worthy wardrobe addition. They've been a great alternative to black skinny jeans and as seen here they straddle my daytime activities effortlessly. The trackies are earning their pay per wear......and are well on their way to #30wears. As is the Fahri black coat I had for Christmas - I can just fling it over everything and feel pulled together. Exactly what I'm aiming for with all of my wardrobe. 

Here I am putting my capsule into practice with a few different looks. Don't underestimate how liberating it is to have less stuff to choose from! Oh and the smallest of details can really lift an outfit - a touch of leopard print or a pop of red.

Primark jacket, past season

Fahri boiled wool coat via TK Maxx
Topshop bag, past season (similar here

& Other Stories jumper, past season (similar here)

Fahri boiled wool coat via TK Maxx
New Look coated jeans AW18 (similar here)
Topshop bag, past season (similar here

My 2020 goals are to buy less but buy better. I'm continuing to try and source preloved first and foremost. The one item in one item out of my wardrobe is still a hard and fast rule too. I've set myself a monthly budget and as I mentioned in my last post I've challenged myself to a "no buy" February. 

What does all this mean for CuratingMi? 

For now I've given up posting on Instagram. It takes up a lot of time - time I'd rather spend doing other things. It's helped me to stick to my capsule by not posting - I don't feel the urge to find something 'new and exciting' to present to the Gram everyday. I'm no longer fighting the urge to wear black everyday- wearing what makes me feel happy. And lastly - I found it easier to stick to my last challenge (#secondhandseptember) when I stopped scrolling myself - I don't want to be tempted!! 

I'm still keen on keeping a record of what I'm wearing so I've started to upload a mirror selfie most days to Pinterest (click here if you want to see how the capsule is going). I still enjoy the blog and I've decided to test out a different format next week - my good mate Sue suggested I try her Friday Five concept. It's won't all be about clothes - just sharing a few different things every week. Toying with a few ideas - style steals, beauty empties (things I'll be restocking), book/podcast/tv recommendations. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

This post hasn't delivered what I promised last time....apologies. However I did 'copy' one outfit from Pinterest recently, so here you go........

M&S coat, past season

Time to sign off now. If you are interested in learning more about your style personality I am teaming The Image Consulting Company so that you can identify yours! Come along and join me and the lovely Gail Painter on Tuesday 25th February 7-9pm at The Kensington Arm, Bristol. Ticket information here

Discovering my style personality has been a game-changer for me......so I'm excited to be able to pay that knowledge forward. Hope to see some of you there!

Back on Friday
Michelle x



  1. Totally understanding your thoughts on this and I've always loved your style. I too am going back to Pinterest (my first love for outfit inspiration) and I've muted a lot of Instagrammers to lessen temptation ��

    1. I love to lose myself in Pinterest Christy Ann! It’s good for jogging ones memory......I’d forgotten I had the red hi tops. I was very happy to rediscover them! Thank you for your lovely compliment.....I am really happy with my style at the moment. Just starting to realise that less really is more xx

  2. Bravo Michelle: we’re on the same page with both decluttering our lives (wardrobes and all!)
    I must say one thing about Instagram though and the not posting thing: at a low ebb, after I took to the slow fashion route, I was read to can it all and quit.
    However, someone kindly reminded me that I had a voice on insta... an influence if you like and regardless that I may see it as small, it is an influence/voice none the less. With that in mind, followers *do* want to see people who are shunning fast fashion, regardless that the ‘new in’ accounts seemingly get greater numbers (likes /follows etc)

    So... with that in mind: don’t be a stranger on insta! If you can break the mental connection of likes linked to posts... in your mind, there is a certain joy to posting what the hell you like!

    In addition, I have unfollowed a few bigger accounts - regardless of messages asking me why. I’m turning my feed into what I what to see not what I feel obliged to have to follow. That’s helped my mindset enormously.

    I only post 3-4 times a week... but I now enjoy doing so rather than feeling burdened by it.

    Your 2020 sounds right up my street! Xx

    1. That's a really good way of thinking Bean - it's still a platform for sharing thoughts. Shame I feel I have so little to say now as I feel a little disconnected from the Instagram that I once loved. But Michelle is totally coming from the right place with curating her life and wardrobe - I'm such a procrastinator that I feel like I'm still lagging behind everyone. x

    2. Feels good to be free of stuff doesn’t it Bean! Very liberating. I keep whittling the wardrobe down. Life definitely is easier with less clutter.

      Maybe I’ll come back to Insta once I’ve nailed the capsule. I am really interested in other accounts that are making use of what they already have. Much more inspiring than the constant #ads popping up. I especially love Use Less. Love her style and she is so refreshing to watch on YouTube.
      Bring on 2020..... think it’s gonna be a good ‘un!

  3. Love this post Michelle, I know it's taken some time for you to get to this place and there's been quite a few hurdles mentally to get across. Any support you need - though you sound like you're doing a fab job as it is, you know where I am.

    P.S. Love the monochrome but then again I guess you knew I would. x

    1. Well a big part of me getting here is thanks to you! I don’t know what I’d do without all your support!
      So bloomin’ relieved to be comfortable enough to wear the monochrome on repeat! x

  4. Hi Michelle, Love your ideas for your blog. I've always been fascinated by the style personality thing and glad to see its cropping up a bit more lately. I'm a natural too, and think this creates a few sartorial problems. My worst nightmare outfit would be for a summer wedding. Have you any thoughts on this? How to find a natural style wedding outfit with out looking underdone, dated or just not me is very difficult.
    Presumably other style personalities must have similar clashes of style versus occasion.

    1. Thank you so much.....lovely to hear you love the ideas for the blog!
      Well some of the style personalities do crossover I think I came out as a natural with a touch of classic. However I did have this dilemma last year with a wedding. Torn between buying something practical (that was leopard print!) or a dress that I would unlikely have the occasion to wear again. I think it’s tricker with occasionwear because I rarely have the opportunity to dress up that much - hence I went for it and chose something that was actually more ‘romantic’ in terms of style personality. I’m sure other style personalities have the same problem too. I’m just imagining a dramatic style personality i.e Lady Gaga wearing a corporate looking suit for an interview! Her ‘normal’ outfits just wouldn’t do would they! ;0)
      I’m looking forward to discussing this at the event I’m doing. That should make for a very interesting topic of conversation....thank you for the inspiration! xx

  5. Loving your edited looks. Interesting how less clothes makes your style more defined. Trying to edit it out my wardrobe too. Thank you for inspiring us.

    1. It is so interesting isn’t Marianne! Definitely keeps me motivated to keep my wardrobe in check. Lovely to hear you found the post inspiring :0) x