7 February 2020

My First Friday 5!

So here goes.....my first foray in Friday Fives.                                                      Affiliate links used

No.1 Kicking off with a style steal

Michelle Williams is my style heroine. Love her easy effortless style. By the way.....it was this picture inspired my purchase of the leopard print Vans.

My outfit details
& Other Stories sweater , past season (more similar to Michelle William's here)
Gap Original Fit jeans, ancient (similar here)

No. 2 Never underestimate the power of a compliment

Last weekend I have the pleasure of meeting up with one of my lovely Instagram mates. Chantel lives in Devon and I live near Bath so we met somewhere in the middle - Clark's Village in Street. When I walked towards Chantel she had a huge smile on her face and said words to the effect of "Ahhh......there you are!". Chantel knows that I felt pretty lost for a while last year. When she uttered that little statement it was pretty powerful moment for me. I've come along way these past 9 months and she really could not have paid me a better compliment. Chantel could see I was totally relaxed......I really am happier when I like my outfit 😉 Now that I've unburdened myself from posting on Instagram everyday I really feel like I've reclaimed my style. I am wearing what feels good and wearing it on repeat. I must say it's nice to have "me" back!

No.3 A dye job

I have an amazing colleague who I work with her every Friday. Her name is Jo and she is an incredible ambassador for sustainability. Every single week she inspires me. Jo mentioned that she had dyed some clothes recently to breathe new life into a few of her pieces. Whilst I was de-cluttering I was sorting through my linen cupboard and realised we have way too many white towels. With a teenage girl in the house experimenting with make-up white towels have become the bane of my life. I remembered Jo's tip for refreshing tired looking garments and decided to test out the dye with some of my surplus towels. My bathrooms are dark grey so I decided to try Dylon's Passion Pink to brighten things up. It is so easy to use - you just pop the pod into the drum with damp textiles and use a 30 or 40 degree cycle. Then you put them through a wash cycle with detergent and Bob's your Uncle! I feel like It'd given my whole bathroom a refresh for just £7.99 (I bought my dye in a local haberdashers but you can get it for a fiver here). I can't tell you how thrilled I am with them! I will no doubt be sharing some more of Jo's tips with you!

No.3 February hygge 

Trying to banish those Winter blues? I love nothing more than getting into my cosy loungewear early evening and get my candles going. My current favourite fragrance is from the M&S apothecary range. The Balance fragrance is a blend of gauicwood, geranium, black pepper, jasmine and cinnamon leaf. I use the oil with tealights in an oil burner. I've got a few placed around the house. It's a gorgeous soothing aroma......love it so much that I bought the diffuser for my bedroom too!

No.4 Feel good Friday

My Friday night is sorted. A friend of mine recommended this book to me last week. I ordered a copy and it arrived today. I'm looking forward to curling up on the sofa with a cuppa and reading through it. It's full of heart-warming inspirational quotes. I can't think of a better way to start the weekend!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.......back again soon! x



  1. Love it! Enjoy your weekend! Love the look of the Balance and I'm checking out the book as well��

    1. Thank you! It’s the simple things that make all the difference isn’t it! A few little uplifting treats cheering us up through February xx

  2. Love your first Friday Five Michelle. And I'm definitely having a go with the dye job on the towels. I have a navy dye pod in a cupboard just crying out to be used!

    1. Ooh navy towels sound lush Sue! Such a simple idea but most gratifying! Thank you x

  3. Never thought of dying towels.. what a terrific idea.. thx so much for the recommendation xx

    1. It’s a brilliant way to give them a refresh....I love the punch the pink gives my bathroom! Makes me smile every time I enter the room :0) x