28 February 2020

Friday Five - 28/2/20

It's a short and sweet Friday Five this week. I've been scouring my Pinterest boards for a bit of inspiration for my spring capsule wardrobe.

I've thrown in a little bonus -a style style of course! Copying an outfit from another of my style heroines - Anine Bing.

H&M shirt A/W 2019
New Look trousers A/W 2019 
Preloved French Sole two tone ballet flats

Here are my five favourite looks from Pinterest that I can replicate by 'shopping my wardrobe'. Who isn't longing to wear jackets instead of coats and skirts instead of jeans.

Anyway. Onward and forward........

No. 1
I can't wait to wear my trench again! 

I wore something similar last year......looking forward to wearing this ensemble again too!

Looks like my red loafers are going to feature heavily in the spring capsule! My khaki shackett will be playing a big part in my plans as well.

Obsessed by greens - my army trews are one of the cornerstones of my wardrobe.... I don't think I've ever worn them like this though.......

I've missed my biker jacket.......and it feels like it's been forever since I've donned a skirt! 

Not all that different to this look of mine from last year. Just need to swap the sandals for trainers and add my biker jacket.

No. 5
I can pull together this look as well......my leopard print skirt has just been begging to be worn like this!

By the looks of it I won't have many wardrobe gaps to fill this spring.......I can cobble all of these looks from what I already own. 

One of my 2020 goals is to shop more considerately and so far I fell like I'm winning! A little bit of planning goes a long way and I'm feeling just as excited about unpacking my spring stuff as I would buying new. I'm trying to keep in mind (in the word's of Signe) #2020wehaveplenty

Thanks for reading - back next week!

Michelle x



  1. I've been going back to Pinterest for inspo on how to wear some of my favourite items this year and I am so looking forward to a bit of warmer weather just to get some of dresses worn again and to give my jeans a bit of a break. I think your existing wardrobe is going to serve you well to get those looks you've highlighted. x

  2. Anonymous29/2/20 09:30

    I love your Friday Five. Your style is my style completely. Please keep doing this if you can x

  3. Anonymous29/2/20 15:16

    This is so inspirational. I love the idea is shopping my wardrobe - so much more satisfying than buying new. I’m so tired of all these bloggers encouraging us to spend spend spend. Thanks Michelle for some great ideas.

  4. Anonymous29/2/20 21:22

    I started following your Insta about eighteen months ago Michelle. I absolutely love what you are doing now with your new approach and I love to listen to your chats on your stories. You are a great inspiration to me! X

  5. Hurrah I've found you on pinterest. Oh I'm going to try my trench with my hasbeens. Loving the minimal wardrobe. X