21 February 2020

Friday Five - 21/2/2020

Hitting the ground running this week!

No.1 Style steal! 

I'll start by sticking to the usual formula.....this week it's the turn of Emma Hill's. This was an easy one to replicate from my winter capsule. I suspect a lot of us could replicate this look with similar items in our wardrobes

My outfit details
Fahri coat via TK Maxx (Christmas present 2019)
& Other Stories jumper (A/W 2019)
New Look coated skinny jeans (A/W 2018 - they still stock similar)
Golden Goose Trainers via Flannels (S/S 2019)
& Other Stories bag (A/W 2019)

No.2 What I'm reading this week

I have successfully proved to myself that I could break some of my bad habits over the past year. I haven't had an alcoholic beverage since June 2019......and I've cured a more recent addiction to peanut M&M's! I've made some great new habits too! I started meditating everyday and doing some yoga stretches along side the rest of my exercise routine. I have a few habit goals for 2020 and so I've enlisted the help of James Clear and his book Atomic Habits. I'm interested in the psychology of habits - and here's why.........

No.3 Trying to break my worst habit. Consumption

Anyone else feel unsettled after seeing these images on the news earlier in the week?

It upset me to see this. A mountain of secondhand clothes gone to landfill in Ghana. See the story here

This is largely why I have stepped away from Instagram and 'influencing'. I started to feel uneasy about promoting some of the fast fashion brands I was working with last year. I felt nauseated with the amount of stuff I was accumulating and I no longer wanted to 'recommend' clothing that could potentially end up in landfill. Blogging started out as a hobby for me - when I began I never had any intention of making a business out of it. Out of a sense of responsibility in May 2019 I stopped doing paid partnerships, then I started declining offers of press/brand gifting and as of this post I am no longer going to use affiliate links. We all have a lot of stuff - why can't we all just slow down a bit and start enjoying what we've got? 

How are we going to solve this problem? Small steps. Big changes start with small steps. I'm making a start by incorporating some new habits - I'll keep you posted about those!

No.4 What I've been watching

I know I've recommended Use Less before but if you want some capsule wardrobe inspiration do check out Signe's YouTube channel. Lots of great practical advice on how to plan your wardrobe for every season. I love Signe's content. It's not always fashion either - sometimes it's home renovation stuff or eco travel guides. She is very into sustainability and has lots of knowledge, there are some great tips and resources on her blog here. She's so refreshing to watch though......I would definitely recommend checking out her vlogs first.

No.5 Last word from a sustainable personal stylist

Becky Barnes popped this really great tip on an Instagram post recently. She'd been a long to a talk Lauren Bravo, author of How to Break up with Fast Fashion and she heard this great piece of advice. When you go shopping make sure you look your best and wear something really fab - "that way when you try something new on, the benchmark has been set, and set high!"

Wearing something that makes you feel great makes you ask yourself whether an new item you are trying is actually better than what you've already got on. Food for thought huh? 

Becky does personal shopping tours where she takes her clients around some of Bristol's finest charity shops and shows them what to look out for when purchasing preloved. Do give Becky a follow.....she often imparts some golden nuggets of sustainability advice! I really need to get me some of that action!

Again this week I am ending with a quote from @bemorewithless
Courtney Carver of @bemorewithless is author of Project 333 "the minimalist fashion challenge that proves that less really is so much more" (published 3/3/20).

Do you have any habits you are looking to change? Or any suggestions regarding sustainability? I'd love to hear any of your recommendations!

Shout out to another of my favourite YouTuber's - StyleApotheca for the head's up about James Clear. You can find Christina on Instagram here. Another book I would highly recommend if you are looking to make some of these kind of changes in your life is Stuffocation by James Wallman. 
It's about those little steps.

Back next week with another Friday Five!

Michelle x

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