14 February 2020

Friday Five! 14/2/2020

Here's my little weekly round up - starting with a style steal.

No.1 #sorrynotsorry I make no apologies that Michelle Williams is my muse again. Love the way she keeps things simple. Trying to get in the habit of wearing clothes suitable for my real life - not my fantasy life. You really have gotta love Pinterest......it's so good for reminding me what I already have. This Topshop jacket has been a wardrobe staple every season - they bring out a version every year which says it all......it's a classic!

My outfit
Topshop jacket, past season (similar here)
New Look coated skinnies, past season (similar here)
New Look hi tops, past season (nearest I could find here)
Snood - currently has 20% off

No. 2 Valentines & Galentines

Let's value presence not presents.

Asda card

We've decided only to do cards this year - no flowers or gifts. We've agreed not to celebrate by going  out for a nice meal either. Instead we'd rather have an experience as a family. It's half term here so we are off to Devon for a couple of days of R&R. Happy to go without a few other treats throughout the month so we can have some quality family time. 

I've been celebrating Galentine's all week though as I've been catching up with friends. On Monday I met up with the lovely Hazel who has been a great source of support to me this past few months. On Tuesday I took off to Glastonbury with my amazing friend Sarah to visit the Tor - something that's been on both our bucket lists for a while. We didn't get to the top as the wind was ferocious, but we had the best time! At one point I was literally on my hands and knees as I thought I was going to get swept over a ledge. We laughed so hard.....it truly was an uplifting experience. We walked back into the town and consoled ourselves with tea & cake. After work on Wednesday I had the opportunity to catch up with Bean. She happened to be in Bath on business and so we both jumped at the chance for a good old natter......Bean is such an inspiration to me. Thursday I met up with personal stylist Gail to crack on with planning our event on the 25th (details here). We always managed to have a giggle and I always learn a thing or 2 from Gail. Anyway my point is this...........

#goodtimes at the Tor

No.3 More on love

The above excerpt is taken from this beautiful little book. I think you know by now that I love a motivational quote (as does my friend Sue who sent the book to me). If you are looking for inspiration close your eyes, open your heart and mind - whichever page you open the book at will contain exactly the inspiration you are seeking. I open mine every night before I go to bed........they are always lovely thoughts to drift off to. So far I think it's been spot on!

No. 4 Body scrub hack

A while ago I was gifted this gorgeous product.

Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish

Being completely honest at £32 it won't be a re-purchase for me. When I finished the product I was reluctant to ditch the container. It suddenly struck me (thanks to the label) how easy it would be to refill the container with a homemade version of the body polish. 

For years I have used plain old table salt as an body exfoliant (I body brush too!) so off I went to Pinterest to find myself a recipe. So I filled the empty container with table salt (next time I refill I will be sourcing some course sea salt) added some liquid coconut oil (Herbivore Coco Rose is made with coconut oil) and a couple of drops of rose essential oil. Bob's your uncle - you have yourself a fabulous dupe of the Herbivore product. It would make a superb gift - next time I swing by Dunelm I'm going to pick up a few of these jars to tart up them with a piece of ribbon and give to my girlfriends as presents. 

No. 5 My signature lip colour 

I thought I'd throw this one here because I've been asked about it a few times lately. I have been devoted to this Bobbi Brown art stick in Sunset Orange for the past few months. It's an orangey red that always make me feel pulled together - I usually keep the rest of my make up pretty simple.

It appears I shortchanged you last week - thanks to the lovely reader who pointed that out. So here's a little bonus this week - a new Instagram account to follow.

On that note......see you next time!



  1. Yeah! Love these and love that you are blogging again. Woop!

  2. Lovely outfit, might try it myself 😁 great blog 👍

  3. Love love love your ‘new’ insta account and the focus on blogging. And pulling outfits together that fit your life really resonates with me..... I’ve bought so many things after seeing them on insta not they’re just sat in my wardrobe as they’re just not me. ������