19 January 2020

Instagram #bestnine vs my favourite nine

Just for fun!

So these were my most liked photos on Instagram during 2019. I actually think they are a good reflection of my style. I am more 'liked' in a dress though it would seem!

There's no doubt that the green Oysho dress was an absolute winner. It is possibly my favourite dress purchase of all time so it's no surprise that it's right up there......3 times too!

Anyhow. Let me share with you my favourite top nine ensembles of 2019......these are the outfits that made me feel my very best!

I loved this outfit so much that it's been my Instagram profile picture for months. The outfit consists of 3 of my most treasured pieces and my top purchase of 2019, the Arizona Love leopard print sandals. You just can't beat a good Breton or khaki trews.....wardrobe staples at their very best. The Balenciaga bag is at least 15 years old and still going strong - used a least once a week. In fact I reckon all these pieces have exceeded their #30wears.

My love for stripes literally knows no bounds........same goes for the khaki trews. Must be my magic formula? Always guaranteed to make me feel good anyway. And I do love a red shoe too. They always seem to elevate a classic outfit......more on that later!

You can't get a much more French inspired outfit than a Breton and Trench can you? No explanation needed as to why this outfit has made my top nine. Outfit perfection.....in my opinion anyway.

I'm running out of excuses so let's just gloss over the fact there are yet more stripes. This Pull & Bear stripe sweatshirt was a holiday purchase as were the Zara trousers. The sweatshirt was another of my best purchases of 2019. The good old Birkenstocks come out summer after summer.

I discovered the most perfect white linen shirt in Gap this year. Never underestimate the power of a cracking white shirt!The best tenner I spent all year hands down. And you know me......rarely seen without an obligatory straw basket throughout the summer season. I picked up this Rouje inspired one from eBay and it features in a few of my ensembles here.

Ok. Stepping away from the stripes. More classics though. I wear these Gap jeans (pictured) above and below) on repeat during transitional seasons. They are called Original Straight. The nearest they seem to do now is the Girlfriend. The hems were rolled up but I prefer to wear them with one big turn up instead. Best pair of jeans I've ever owned. Combine with a black blazer and cream silk shirt and shjujh up with some chequered Vans and hey presto another recipe for outfit success!

A couple more wardrobe basics here that coincidently worked a dream together. A basic grey sweatshirt from Splendid (a superb TK Maxx score!) married with a pleated skirt equals another one of the outfits you could switch up with many a different footwear option! 

A take-me-anywhere dress........and it really has. From an evening event to holiday travel holiday outfit. It's had a couple of recent wears as I took it to Gran Canaria where we spent New Year. 

Ahhh....and finally. The lady in red! I see this dress gracing my summer wardrobe for years. It's definitely one of those items I'm particularly attached to as it holds some lovely holiday memories.

Well I do declare that it's been a very good exercise to take a look back over my favourite outfits of the year. It's already shaped the start of my 2020 wardrobe additions. It's made me reflect on what has really worked for me over the years. I've looked over my Pinterest boards too......I've always been inspired by the same kind of outfits and I've noted some really strong themes. Looking back, in most cases it is the footwear and accessories choices that bring outfits to life for me so these are the things I've been concentrating on in January. Thanks to my Pinterest boards I've revisited a couple of footwear favourites. If you followed me from the beginning you might remember the Kurt Geiger Laurel's skate shoes I had back in 2015. I wore them to death......

As you can see there is no change in the quality of my photos! 😆 But I would still wear that outfit now (if only the jeans would fit me!). Anyway my point is that they bought a lot to my wardrobe and always made my outfits feel put together.  Imagine my delight when I spotted these Van's! Without hesitation I snapped them up.

The other shoe that was a real game-changer in my wardrobe was a little pair of red slippers from Topshop..........remember these?

I'd still wear this outfit too! As the H&M Breton and Zara army trews are still going strong in my wardrobe (evidence further upthread↑↑↑) I decided the red shoe trend was one I needed to resurrect! A recent pin featuring Alexa Chung in a pair of red ballet flats reignited also my passion for a little red pump and so off I went in search of the perfect pair.

What I really loved about my original pair was the buttery soft leather and square toe so I plumped for these...........

I have every intention of replicating Alexa's outfit during the forthcoming week and so I shall report back about these!

And last but not least - you might think it a little bit mad to be buying a summer basket in January. However I've been after this holy grail of basket bags by Clare V for a while and I was pretty thrilled to secure it with a 40% discount from 24 Sevres. Sadly all gone now though. 

Clare V Pot de Miel basket bag 
M keyring via & Other Stories (thanks Sue! 😘)

It is one of my 2020 goals to buy less, buy better. I'm trying to get out of the habit of having my head turned by the 'trends' though there is no doubt that adding one or two trend-led pieces can definitely revive your wardrobe staples. What I am going to concentrate on is those tried and tested things that have worked for me and to replace a couple of my pieces with better quality versions. A case in point being my Pull & Bear stripe sweatshirt upthread. It was only £9.99 and I've worn it lots but it's beginning so show. It has some acrylic in it so it bobbled. My mission is to hunt down a better quality one. I'm in no rush though as I've decided to challenge myself to a 'no buy' February inspired by Style Apotheca

On that note I shall leave you here. I will be back soon - making the most of what's already in my wardrobe and sharing where I've found the outfit inspiration........just like the old days when blogging about such things was my passion!

See you soon, Michelle x


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  1. Gosh, it's a tough call isn't it? Your best nine from IG look good and that green Oysho dress has rightly earned it's place on there but I love your own personal choices too as I can relate to those outfits. They don't shout in the same way but they make their own personal statement. I always think people look good in what they feel most comfortable in - shame it doesn't always come through in photos. x