17 November 2019

Me and my puffer

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Imagine me saying that blog post title in my broadest Bristolian accent......makes me chuckle! 😂

I digress! Last year I made a most fortuitous sale purchase. It was a very impulsive buy for me as I'm a typical Libran......very indecisive and I usually like to have a think before I decide to buy. However it was the only one left and 2 sizes larger than I would normally buy but I felt compelled to get it. It's possibly one of the best things I've ever bought......not only is it practical as it keeps me toasty but it feels stylish too! I wore it on Thursday when we had a mixture of snow and rain and after getting a few messages about it I promised to find something similar. First though......let me share the inspiration.....

I purchased mine is from H&M.....EmmaRoseStyle's was also from H&M (though the previous year). Mine was the princely sum of £30 in the sale. I think it's earned it's pay per wear already. It is a godsend for Sunday morning netball match spectating as I can wear many layers under it. It easily accommodates all those chunky knits with pesky big sleeves......oh and I can wear my lumberjack fleece jacket under it as well!

My first place to check is eBay these days so you may find something here.

The most similar one I can find to mine was is one.......

If I was looking for one of these now and couldn't source a preloved one I would definitely be considering a more sustainable version. This Arket ReDown one is made of 100% recycled down and feathers and the shell is made of recycled nylon. Being longer than mine it would certainly be warmer  and can I just say that I adore the style of this one.

H&M don't appear to have anything in stock which is similar at the moment and so there is nothing I'd recommend worth checking out there but there is one last option from Topshop which is ever-so-slightly more purse friendly than the Warehouse one.

A puffer is a great coat to have in your collection....they never seem to go out of style. Definitely worth investing in one as I can guarantee you'll be wearing it for years!

Here's how I wore mine earlier in the week......

H&M COAT, past season
DR MARTEN BOOTS,  preloved via DEPOP
BLACK.CO.UK HAT, gifted 2019

It's a short and sweet post from me this time.

Stay warm! I'll be back soon,  Michelle x


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