29 November 2019

Black Friday Christmas Gift Guide - Going independent

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This is one for the ladies......what I'm about to share is either on my wish list or what I'll be buying for family or friends. I'm straying from the High Street this Christmas and shopping with independent brands and boutiques. Even these small brands are offering great discounts so here's my shopping list!

First up is Sand and Salt who have 25% off their cashmere accessories from Friday through til Monday with code CASHMEREFRI. This slouchy beanie is by Johnstons of Elgin, which is a Scottish manufacturer of cashmere. Now you know I'm a huge fan of Emma Hill and she recently had the opportunity to visit the Johnstons of Elgin Mill in Moray - her tour of the mill is documented here on her YouTube channel. So I was delighted when I realised that Sand & Salt stocked the brand! 


24 November 2019

The Wellbeing One!

And now for something completely different from me. My hope is that this is a useful post. Christmas is a lovely time but can be a bit of a struggle for some. There is much to juggle and it can be a very stressful time. Around six months ago I was having a really hard time. It had been going on for a while.....I mentioned here that I'd put it down to menopause. The symptoms were feeling anxious and overwhelmed most of the time. I've always prided myself on being a glass half full kinda girl but I was very aware that around my friends I was more of a drain than a radiator. What to do to get myself out of this funk?

This kind of message prompted me to write this post - 
thanks to everyone who contacted me to say so.


21 November 2019

All Pakt up!

AD/Gifted item

I have been presented with opportunity of road testing a beautiful piece of luggage. Oh - how - I - wish I had had this holdall for my trip to Copenhagen recently. My own little carry-on was on it's last legs......in truth I nearly swapped it for another bag last minute as I wasn't sure it would make the journey. The Pakt bag I've received would have been perfect for that birthday trip. You know how much I love a capsule packing challenge.....luckily I have a couple of other chances to test it out before this year is over.


17 November 2019

Me and my puffer

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Imagine me saying that blog post title in my broadest Bristolian accent......makes me chuckle! 😂

I digress! Last year I made a most fortuitous sale purchase. It was a very impulsive buy for me as I'm a typical Libran......very indecisive and I usually like to have a think before I decide to buy. However it was the only one left and 2 sizes larger than I would normally buy but I felt compelled to get it. It's possibly one of the best things I've ever bought......not only is it practical as it keeps me toasty but it feels stylish too! I wore it on Thursday when we had a mixture of snow and rain and after getting a few messages about it I promised to find something similar. First though......let me share the inspiration.....


14 November 2019

My shopping rules

If you've followed me for a while you'll know that I've recently become a lot more aware of my consumption. My wardrobe was fit to burst and overflowing. Then came along #SecondHandSeptember. The timing couldn't have been more perfect for me.......I was so ready for a change. I decided to make a conscious effort to purchase my clothes more considerately. Since I successfully completed the challenge of only buying preloved clothing for a month I've implemented a few shopping rules I thought I'd share with you. I best touch on the subject of sustainability........it's so overwhelming isn't it? I mean where do you start? This post was shared by the lovely Nicky a couple of months before the challenge.....I believe it was directly responsible for sewing the seed and setting me on this journey!


10 November 2019

Partywear - my version of anyway!

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Requests for party wear are pretty popular at the moment. We are about to hit the festive season so there may an event or two to go to! I have to say (as I've said before) I don't usually receive a lot of invitations to go out-out over Christmas. My work Christmas 'do' is a very low-key affair. We tend to go out for a lovely lunch but it's not an occasion I really get to dress up for. As I am really trying to keep my lifestyle in mind with every purchase I make I plan to just make the best of what's in my wardrobe..... should I be invited anywhere! I have more than enough items that will see me through the odd drinks party I may go along to. What I'm sharing in this post are versions of things my wardrobe and are past season and probably no longer available. You probably already have some really similar pieces in your own wardrobe. Do try and shop your own wardrobe. If you, like me don't get too many opportunities to don your glad rags but want to add something new I would implore you to try and source these items preloved. There's nothing worse than seeing something expensive you bought especially for an occasion to sit unloved your wardrobe just waiting for another opportunity to be worn. I am trying to make more considered purchases and buy things that are very versatile and can easily take you from day to evening. I generally tend to go for separates to give me maximum wears out of everything. I've tried to find alternatives here and I've linked some eBay searches as well as stuff currently on the High Street. Remember that golden rule of thinking about 5 other garments you could style any new additions with before you make each purchase......I find that definitely works for me!

First up is a tried and tested look......one of my favourites evening wear outfits from last year.

CHINITI & PARKER SWEATER, past season - similar here
M&S SHOES, past season - similar here on eBay These are also a good alternative
HERMOSA BAG, gifted 2018


3 November 2019


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This blog post is a shout out to all those little details that elevate our autumn/winter ensembles. Because let's face it - during the colder months when it's usually all about switching up the coat and footwear choices to ring the changes. Add a scarf, hat and gloves and voila you have a different take on your standard outfit fare. I've been asked about my jewellery (particularly my bracelets) quite a lot lately so that I will share those too!

First of all - a disclaimer. Accessories do present us with an ideal opportunity to add a pop of colour to brighten up the darker months.....and tendency to go for darker colours. However as I am striving towards a more minimal wardrobe I am leaning towards more neutral tones. I'm just pretty conscious that everything I am sharing is pretty much black though I am looking to remedy that with some grey and camel tones as I'm aware those shades would be a bit kinder around my face. Just thought I would clear that up as occasionally I have been criticised for wearing too much black......you like what you like though and it's with style it's all about whatever makes you feel good.

So here goes. Lets start at the top. Come winter I do love a beanie hat.....they are especially great for crappy hair days! I've had my faithful black cashmere one for a couple of years now. I absolutely believe it's worth investing in a cashmere one.....acrylic ones have a tendency to make my hair stand on end........and a barnet full of static is not a good look!

BLACK.CO.UK CASHMERE BEANIE (gift 2016) Also comes in light grey, navy and brown

Outfit details
H&M puffa jacket, past season - current version