14 June 2019

The treasure trove that is hi*hi!

Last weekend I grabbed a bit of me-time (with both hands!!) and had a little girls day out. We set off early to visit a boutique in Oxted called hi*hi - it's roughly a two and half hour drive from me. I was introduced to hi*hi about eight years ago by a friend and have visited at every opportunity.....I have blogged about a few of the trips before, see herehere and here. It was a real treat to take some time out to shop properly and it was just the tonic I needed! I have lost the art of browsing around the shops and had forgotten just how lovely it is to walk into a beautifully merchandised store where everything is displayed so that you can see it properly. It was good to get touchy feely with different fabrics and textures and to benefit from the buyers expert knowledge which was like having a personal stylist on hand. Another bonus is the fantastic customer service that you get shopping in this lovely boutique.......it exceeds all expectations. It was a great reminder of how shopping in this kind of environment can be such a pleasure.

So without further ado let me show you what I tried on. I was cajoled out of my comfort zone and into things that really surprised me which is the best place to start I think!

Fabienne Chapot dress - not online but available to mail order

Now, you know be me by now. I do normally shirk from colour, this much pink especially is out of my comfort zone. However, I have to say I loved this colour combo. I wouldn't occur to me to put these two colours together but the colours and print just work so well together. I really adored the dress and the bag.......wish I'd taken a close-up of the bag because it had a gorgeous pearl and shell detail which seemed to be a bit of a signature for this collection. 

Onto the next piece, still Fabienne Chapot and another super print......it's peachy!

This brands print game is so strong! This shade of red is my favourite and the pink lips print is gorgeous! They also have a wrap dress in the same print.

Just a flavour of the other pieces of Fabienne Chapot that you can buy online at hi*hi.

Part Two is a brand I've been buying in hi*hi since I started shopping there years ago. Obviously I made a beeline for this dress as green is my favourite colour! 

Culture is another label that I've bought before too! The S/S19 collection has a real boho vibe! I could see myself wafting around in these pieces on my next holiday in Kefalonia in the summer.

Culture dress - comes in blue as well

The print also comes in separates, a long sleeve and short sleeve top and a maxi skirt.

I tried on a couple more Culture dresses that I thought would be great for my holiday.

Culture dress
Culture dress

Now here is were Lisa, the buyer/owner intervened. She suggested I try on this beautiful Samsoe & Samsoe shirt. Doesn't this outfit really pop in the picture?! Wow! What a difference colours can make! That's where your independent boutique owner really comes in to their own.....they certainly know their stuff! This outfit made the black dresses fall a bit flat! 

Another pop of colour!

Crossley dress

Lisa also got me to try some beautiful textures...... this Karen by Simonsen top which looked great with the white jeans!

hi*hi also stock a great range of basics. Look no further for a perfect white tee.....it comes in black too! The sleeve has a raw edge, great for rolling up as I do and it's just the right amount of boxy.....I'm not one for anything too clingy around my belly!

Tee - there is also a crew neck style in black and white too!

Now this outfit would make the most superb travelling outfit. The trousers are so comfy. All you need to complete the outfit is a denim jacket and some slides and you'd be good to go!

Denim Hunter t-shirt 
Hod trousers

In the spirit of the holiday vibe still some gorgeous piece from Nooki. Excuse the picture quality (they don't do the colours justice!) I screen shot them off of some Instagram Stories.

Nooki dress

Nooki jumpsuit

So I guess you are wondering what I actually purchased. To a certain extent I stayed within my comfort zone. I invested in a couple of wardrobe staples. When I tried on the buttery soft Denim Hunter biker I knew I'd found the holy grail of leather jackets. I have worn it every day since I got it. The white v-neck t-shirt also by Denim Hunter was also a no-brainer. I am so taken with green at the moment that the minute I clapped eyes on this Fabienne Chapot skirt I knew I'd have to have it! This is the lovely Lisa standing beside me.

Denim Hunter t-shirt, not available online yet.

Just wanted to show you the inside of the biker jacket......how cool is the slogan inside!

I learnt a couple of valuable lessons during my visit to hi*hi. I think you can tell that I'm pretty bowled over by the difference that colour makes. Another tip is to ignore the sizing.......or should I say don't be sizest! The jacket and tee are both my usual size but with the skirt I went for the large. The smaller sizes fitted me fine but I just wanted mine to sit a little lower and not right on my waist. Oh and put your trust in the hands of the sales assistant.....they are there to help you!

I've been converted by this experience. Shopping is not a pleasure if you have to grapple to get an item off a rammed rail. I think that on the whole High Street store staff usually lack the product knowledge that you would find in a boutique and of course you often don't get the same level of service in the retail giants that you do in an independent. Lisa, the owner is so very passionate about the brands she stocks and she is in the shop most days should you wish to take advantage of her expertise!

Just a little note before I sign off! I've linked what I could but not everything stocked in the store is on the website. Some of the pieces Lisa may only have ordered a limited amount. If you see anything in this blog post that's not online it can be mail ordered. 

Lastly, thanks to Lisa for having me....I look forward to my next trip!

N.B This is not a sponsored post or a paid partnership - just simply somewhere I love to shop though I was given a discount on my purchases.

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  1. Wow looks like an amazing shop! I loved the pink dress on you I think you should buy this. There's definitely no replacement for seeing clothes in the flesh sometimes!loved reading about your trip!