5 June 2019

5 things bringing me joy this week!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

I thought I'd try something a little different today. I'm a bit low on motivation and inspiration at the moment and in a bid to get my creative juices flowing again I am appreciating the things that have bought me happiness this week!

Fresh flowers are such a mood-enhancer for me. Especially when it's peony season. I really wanted peonies for my wedding bouquet and I was pretty gutted when my florist told me they'd most likely be finished before my big day (as it was the end of July). But bless her, she found me some - so now more than every they do hold a special place in my heart! They seem a bit thin on the ground this year so when I saw this dark pink bunch in Aldi I snapped them up! They have lasted 10 days and were worth every penny of the 6 quid I paid for them! They do literally make me swoon whenever I see them.

Peonies from Aldi

Whilst doing the food shop on Saturday I picked up these Ryvita rye cakes (this isn't an #ad I've just become addicted to these so I thought I would share!) They are like rice cakes - only not. I'm not really a fan of rice cakes - these are much better. These are the lightly salted variety and are delicious with peanut butter on them. I can't get enough of them at the moment.....they are making me extremely happy as there only 23 calories in each one and they are scrummy!

Ryvita rye cakes

On to a product I'm obsessed with at the moment. It's a shower cream/gel (gifted by Cult Beauty) with a rather saucy name Brazilian 4 Play ;0) What I think is so special about it is the fragrance - it transports me to my dream holiday destination, it's literally like beach in a bottle! Divine! I wish I had smell-a-vision so you could get a whiff of it! It's a little bit of luxury that starts my day off with a smile! 

Brazilian 4 Play shower creme, gifted

So very grateful for this lovely mid-week treat. What a lovely surprise - I had no idea it was coming! Hermosa London sent me this gorgeous little pouch which is just what I need for my holidays. It's linen which a detachable strap - ideal for holding passports and tickets etc whilst you are travelling and handy for keeping phones, keys and all your other little bits and bobs safe in your beach bag.......also makes a perfect little clutch to take to the pool bar! Genius!

Hermosa London pouch, gifted

I'm sure you will understand why these elicited the biggest smile on my face all week. These were a special treat to myself. I've been trying to work out what's really missing from my wardrobe for Summer. I love all things clothes, shoes and accessories but I feel overcome with stuff. I regularly go through my wardrobe in a bid to keep it under control and I'm trying to just work out what gaps need filling. I have a Pinterest board of things that I've bought and acquired for S/S19 which I find really useful for helping me see the wood for the trees. I've actually returned a lot of stuff that I've purchased recently as I've realised I tend to buy the same kind of things over and over again, just a slightly different version. Seeing everything pinned on a board has really may me pay attention to the way I shop. The penny has also dropped that brands tend to do the same thing season after season so the chances are I do already own something similar! Anyway, I've totally digressed - trying to justify this purchase I guess. Another thing that I've realised is that it is always shoes and accessories that elevate a look for me. So I put all my eggs in one basket and invested in these. They will go with so much in my wardrobe - they are a trend item and likely to only be a one-season wonder but I don't care because I love them! They 100% spark joy!

No surprise that they were straight out of the box and on my feet!

The Jacksons London bag, past season - latest version here

So therein lies a very important lesson for me - I should only be reaching for those things that bring me joy - cue another wardrobe cull and Sunday spent listing stuff on eBay! A few little....or large luxuries can make all the difference and to lift my mood. They have certainly helped shake off my funk this week!

Please share things that are bringing you joy at the moment........I could do with some new inspiration!


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