16 June 2019

#sundaystylist My top 5 picks right now!

Contains affiliate links.

This post has been written in collaboration with TopTips4Fashion who asked me to send them my top 5 picks of clothing and accessories at the moment. Now some of these pieces have already made it into my wardrobe......and there are a couple currently residing on my wish list!

You know how I love my greens......they look so fresh with the whites.


14 June 2019

The treasure trove that is hi*hi!

Last weekend I grabbed a bit of me-time (with both hands!!) and had a little girls day out. We set off early to visit a boutique in Oxted called hi*hi - it's roughly a two and half hour drive from me. I was introduced to hi*hi about eight years ago by a friend and have visited at every opportunity.....I have blogged about a few of the trips before, see herehere and here. It was a real treat to take some time out to shop properly and it was just the tonic I needed! I have lost the art of browsing around the shops and had forgotten just how lovely it is to walk into a beautifully merchandised store where everything is displayed so that you can see it properly. It was good to get touchy feely with different fabrics and textures and to benefit from the buyers expert knowledge which was like having a personal stylist on hand. Another bonus is the fantastic customer service that you get shopping in this lovely boutique.......it exceeds all expectations. It was a great reminder of how shopping in this kind of environment can be such a pleasure.

So without further ado let me show you what I tried on. I was cajoled out of my comfort zone and into things that really surprised me which is the best place to start I think!

Fabienne Chapot dress - not online but available to mail order


5 June 2019

5 things bringing me joy this week!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

I thought I'd try something a little different today. I'm a bit low on motivation and inspiration at the moment and in a bid to get my creative juices flowing again I am appreciating the things that have bought me happiness this week!

Fresh flowers are such a mood-enhancer for me. Especially when it's peony season. I really wanted peonies for my wedding bouquet and I was pretty gutted when my florist told me they'd most likely be finished before my big day (as it was the end of July). But bless her, she found me some - so now more than every they do hold a special place in my heart! They seem a bit thin on the ground this year so when I saw this dark pink bunch in Aldi I snapped them up! They have lasted 10 days and were worth every penny of the 6 quid I paid for them! They do literally make me swoon whenever I see them.

Peonies from Aldi


4 June 2019

Just an outfit round-up!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Just to warn you - this is a bit of an epic outfit round-up as I was a bit lazy during half term. I'll kick off with what I'm wearing today. Mr Fashionable40s complimented me on this today....that is a rarity so happy days!

Mango jumpsuit, past season - this one is on my lust list!