13 May 2019

Stepping into sandal season!

#AD - part of paid partnership with New Look.

So happy that sandal season finally feels like it's upon us! It's just so hard to choose which ones to get isn't it! Both of these are leather and common under 25 quid! Decisions! Decisions!

 When I put this to Instagram the animal print sandals were the winners hands down! We all love a bit of leopard print don't we! There is another reason to love these......improved comfort in the way of padded insoles. Love your soles ladies.

New Look animal print sandals

These are my favourites though.....love the studs. A tiny bit.....dare I say Valentino Rockstud?

Moving swiftly onto the outfit of the day! When I received this dress and tried it on I did a little happy dance......I love finding stuff like this in New Look. 

My wardrobe has been screaming out for a slip dress. They are so versatile! Easy to dress up or down, it's bound to end up being one of the hardest working items I own.....as you can see from my try-on session here!

Zara camo jacket, ancient - this one in the kiddies section is ace! I've tried 
the size age 13-14 and it fits!

H&M blazer sold out online but I've seen stock in my local stores

Warehouse denim jacket, ancient - alternative here
Mango straw bag, past season - alternative here

M&S sandals, ancient - alternative here
Warehouse clutch bag, ancient - alternative here

DKNY biker jacket via TK Maxx, ancient - alternative here
Primark sandals - similar here

So there are a few looks I've thrown together today......how would you wear the dress? I'm all ears!

See ya tomorrow!

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