27 May 2019

A few purchase confessions!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

I haven't done one of these for a while. I always feel a little in limbo at this time of year which is most definitely because of the iffy weather....one minute it's nice.....the next minute not so much. I've completed my Spring/Summer wardrobe changeover and that always leaves me feeling a little overwhelmed as I've accrued such a lot of stuff! However I have been clearing my wardrobe regularly and only holding onto the piece that really spark joy. I've been updating my Pinterest boards.....what an eye-opener! Makes it so much easier to see where there are gaps though. Those gaps are a whole 'nother post now that I've identified them! But in the meantime this is what I've been buying.
Subconsciously I've been avoiding jeans lately. I'm just not that into them at the moment. But trousers ....now there's a different story! I've bought a couple of pairs of Mensy style pants in neutral colours (from Zara and Topshop) and early last week my mission was to track down some wide leg trousers from Gap that I'd seen on a couple of influencers early in Spring. I had actually tracked them down in my size but imagine my glee when I found these in Bershka at a fraction of the price of the Gap ones. They really are sparking joy!
H&M shirt, past season - similar here
Bershka Trousers 
Zara sandals
The Jacksons London bag, past season -similar here
They look better on but just so you get a better idea of what they are like. And just £13.99! They come in khaki, black and white as well.
Bershka Trousers
The next item is something that I've cogitated over for ages. I first saw this jacket behind the scenes at Bristol Fashion Festival and everyone was admiring it. I am still umm-ing and ahh-ing if I'm honest but I have just bagged it with 25% off (code TREAT25 online - you can use on anything!) so the itch has been scratched.....if you don't see me in it before the weeks out it'll be going back!

Hands up! If I find something I love more often that not I buy it in more than one colour....so no surprise that I bought this in tan as I have used the white one to death! 

Here's a couple of outfits that I've not blogged these past couple of days whilst I've enjoyed a very lazy Bank Holiday weekend.

Gap jumpsuit, past season - alternative here
Topshop sandals, past season - alternative here, 25% off with code TREAT25
The Jacksons London bag, past season -similar here

New Look bag, past season - alternative here

I'll share those missing wardrobe items tomorrow.....just a few basics I've overlooked. Oh! And isn't it good to uncover an old gem when doing that wardrobe changeover?! I am now coveting The Jackson's London latest version of my "smile" bag.

Back again tomorrow.

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