13 March 2019

comfort zone

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A double....or actually even a triple entendre for you today. Some of you may have seen already that I have been training on a personal styling course this week with The image Consulting Company. The majority of the time I've been in a classroom environment so I have worn things that have been comfortable. I completed the 3 elements of the course I signed up for this afternoon. Comfort zone has taken on a whole new meaning for me now that I understand my style personality.

Disko Kids sweatshirt, gifted - I'm wearing the small.
Gap vintage straight jeans, past season - I would try these
Primark jacket (in hand) - alternative here
Levi's bag, similar here

Disko Kids sweatshirt, gifted - I'm wearing the small.
Gap vintage straight jeans, past season - I would try these
Primark jacket - alternative here
Levi's bag, similar here

So what have I been learning about? Firstly on Monday we studied colour. It's turns out that a 'spring' palette suits my colouring the best. If you want a bit more information about the spring palette see here. Yesterday we covered body shape in the morning. I was pretty astounded to learn that I'm a neat hourglass (same as Holly Willoughby....though without the boob-age!). Pretty blown away by that after assuming my whole adult life that I was pear shaped. 

In the afternoon we learnt about our style personalities which I have found fascinating. An epiphany really! What I've learnt is really exciting. I tend to shy away from quite a lot of colours in my palette (with the exception of red) because I don't really want to stand out that much. This explains why I tend to hone in on the neutral colours that I favour like caramel and tan as well as grey and navy. I also avoid anything body-con because I'm not confident enough to expose my shape. My style has everything to do with my comfort zone.
Styling is not rocket science but I think what I've learnt may well set me down a different path. I have no particular yearning to become a personal stylist..... I best just be clear about that! But I try to honestly answer any questions that I receive via DM on Instagram or emails I receive. I do now feel more qualified to answer those.

In future I will be giving a lot more consideration to how I work with brands as the training has changed my attitude to my own style.....which I am forever trying to fine tune! The best part for me was saved until last. The wardrobe declutter. I pride myself on being quite ruthless but with the amount of stuff I've accumulated.....clearly my efforts are not good enough! With my new found knowledge of colour, body shape and style personality I cannot wait to embark on a massive wardrobe purge. So that's it in a nutshell. I am buzzing.....my head is mush and I have a lot of information to process! But I loved every minute of it and have spent the week with a very supportive bunch of ladies, some of whom I'd already met via Instagram.

If you harbour dreams of being a personal stylist I would wholeheartedly recommend doing the course. I've linked it here for you. If you've already trained as a stylist I would love to hear your thoughts!
As per usual back again tomorrow folks!

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