15 February 2019

This weeks wish list addition!

{AD} Gifted items marked and some affiliate links used.
I stumbled across this beaut of a blazer whilst trying to find an alternative to a preloved Warehouse/Lucy Williams collab one that I managed to snag on eBay just after Christmas. It is highly likely this one will make it into my wardrobe too. Loving neutral tones at the moment and this will bring a lot of my wardrobe pieces together.

Aside from styling it with a classic white tee and jeans here's how I intend to style mine ;0) All these items are pieces (or similar to what) I have in my wardrobe already.

Duo Edison boots....half price in the sale! :0) gifted 2017
New Look bag, gifted
Topshop New Editor jeans - I will be investigating these this week! ;0)

Sienna Jones bag.....half price! ;0) gifted

So, are we agreed that this should be classed as a wardrobe staple? 

I'm coming for you gorgeous Warehouse blazer ;0)

Back tomorrow....when I'm very likely to be sporting the very blazer that inspired this post!


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