5 February 2019

Ad - New Look dress gifted/paid partnership. Post also contains affiliate links.

From double coats to a biker jacket in the space of a couple of days! Our British weather is barmy isn't it?! I was so thankful to have shed those layers today......as I lurched from one hot flush to another!

Whistles biker jacket, past season - similar here
New Look dress - gifted as part of paid partnership
Joseph scarf - 25+ years old!
Balenciaga bag, ancient -similar here
Stella McCartney tote via Kilver Court Outlet

My daughter is in a school production of Grease this evening so I'm switching the outfit up a bit tonight. Here's how I'll be wearing in case I don't get a pic!

Warehouse coat, past season - alternative here, only a couple of sizes left
New Look dress - gifted as part of paid partnership
Sienna Jones bag, gifted

Looking forward to a little trip to Kilver Court Outlet tomorrow! Will keep you posted as to what I see......and maybe purchase! ;0)


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