8 February 2019

#ad New in new look

{AD} Paid partnership with New Look.

Putting my best foot forward here! A spring in my step......cheetah-ing on my beloved leopard print! ;0) 

All items gifted but chosen by me

Keeping it simple with a little black dress, statement boots and a gorgeous bag!

Hands up who else thinks this has a whiff of Gucci about it?! Love the bamboo handles!

So my picks are not part of the {AD}. I still spend my own money in New Look and these are the things I currently have my eye on. So this is my edit of my favourite New Look pieces at the moment. I've just kept it to one item per department......otherwise this would be a mammoth post!

First up coats. New Look have so many great coats it was a toss up between this one......and then there was this one.....

This check number would slot perfectly into my transitional winter/spring wardrobe. The colours are neutral so this coat would go with an abundance of stuff hanging in my wardrobe! 

Which brings me swiftly along to the next item. Also a neutral for your wardrobe. This gorgeous snake print jacket. I've seen other High St brands doing versions of this jacket but lets be honest, it's a trend item and this price point is far more palatable for something that is likely to be a one season wonder.

Dresses - well it's a case of if it ain't broke don't fix it. This one is the same style as this one that has been an absolute wardrobe winner recently for me. It's such an easy shape to wear....you can dress it up or down. Enough said!

Tops.....now going off on a bit of a tangent with a band style tee! This would be great under a blazer or a biker. I've been eyeing this up for some time!

And I really should have caved and purchased these by now. I adore a utility trew! Time to buy and stash these for the day I will have to kiss my beloved Zara ones goodbye. 

Skirts up next! I have purchased this! Will be styling up with a plain black teebiker and my Stan's. Nothing says spring more than a burst of florals!

Moving along to footwear. You may think I'm mad to be sharing a pair of high summer sandals now.....but mark my words when you get around to ordering these they will be long gone. Doppelgängers of some Topshop ones I had last year that were hardly off my feet. They are leather too! Only £15.99!

Last but not least.....I bring you the very best in beaded boho summer bags. This is a must have for me......you know I have a thing about bags. It's a done deal, though again I will have to buy now so I can enjoy later in the year.

Casting my eye over this post I can see this looks like a random bunch of stuff......but it will all slot in superbly with my future outfit plans. 

That concludes my little round-up of what's on my radar this week.

Back tomorrow with my outfit of the day!


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