28 February 2019

Reasons to love Spring! #doabitofdebenhams #ad

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What an amazing start to spring we have had! Totally ending February on a high! Always dress like it's the best day of your life #wordstoliveby #wisewords

Studio by Preen dress - Debenhams gifted
New Look boots
Sienna Jones bag gifted


27 February 2019

Making the most of the February sunshine!

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I refuse to believe this glorious spell of sunshine will end tomorrow! End of story.

Selected Femme dress via ASOS, past season - alternative here 
Converse via Swindon Outlet, gifted - similar here
DKNY Biker jacket, ancient - alternative here
Village England bag, past season
Tilly Sveaas disc necklace, gift
Gold Lunar horn necklace, gift

26 February 2019

keeping myself in check!

Currently discovering my love of a good blazer. After bagging the Warehouse/Lucy Williams collaboration on eBay a few weeks ago when this popped up in Warehouse's 'new in' section I knew I had to make it mine! It will bring together many pieces in my wardrobe.......justification done!

Warehouse blazer
Topshop tee
Topshop jeans
French Sole pumps, past season - alternative here

Curiosity got the better of me this morning. I got up 5am to be at The Mall for their launch of the M&S Holly Willoughby Must Haves. This is not an #AD. I was not paid to attend, nor was I gifted anything. I was offered a discount but as I have received vouchers for Sparks 20% off this weekend I decided to wait and have a think about what my wardrobe really needs......if anything. I'm not going to review the whole lot. Just my 2 favourites. Starting with this denim shirt. I just bought a denim shirt a few weeks back (M.i.h from Kilver Court - blogged here). I'm going to be totally honest here and say that a denim shirt is something I find tricky to style. After pairing it with black denim jeans (straight or skinny) the only other way I recall wearing a J Crew one I've had for years is with a black faux leather pencil skirt. That said I absolutely love the western vibe going on with this one......the puffy sleeves being a divine little feature.

I resisted temptation on these too! They are gorgeous buttery soft leather in an off-white colour, great height heel for me. If I hadn't purchased these New Look bargains last week I may have caved and bought these.

So although my nosiness got the better of me.......my purse is sighing with relief! I've posted a couple more Stories of the things I tried on in M&S.....you can see here! I did have a giggle with my pal Gail Painter and it was lovely to catch up with a few of my fellow Bristol bloggers!

I'll be back tomorrow with my #ootd


25 February 2019

Just another magic Monday!

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What an amazing treat and all good-round start to the week! Monday.....you've been awesome! You totally deserve a pop of red.....a rainbow and an outing of my favourite pair of trews! Oh and see them pots there....well I planted them today! Feeling accomplished! Yay!

T.A.E boutique sweater, gifted - 10% off with code MFF10
Zara trousers, ancient - alternative here


24 February 2019

Earning my Sunday stripes!

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Dressing well is a form of good manners according to Tom Ford. As I was out for lunch with my mum today.......and the sun was shining I thought it rude not to wear this Y.A.S dress I purchased from ASOS recently! 

DKNY jacket, ancient - alternative here
Y.A.S dress via ASOS
Le Temps Des Cerises trainers via LaRedoute
Sienna Jones bag, gifted
Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses


23 February 2019

Cutting the mustard!

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I'm always wary of yellow......I've never been 100% certain it's a good colour for me to wear near my face. Anyhow.....a skirt I can do and feel happy in! I do love this ochre shade so as pleased as punch to be able to accommodate a little bit of it in my wardrobe. Bringing one of my recent collages to life with this outfit.

New Look skirt - reduced to £8! (I have a similar gifted one)
Le Temps des Cerises via La Redoute 20% off with code SPRING
Preloved Preen by Thornton Pregazzi bag via The Dress Agency - this is similar and gorgeous!


22 February 2019

my transitional linchpin!

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Time to start shedding the layers.....this is when the humble sweatshirt comes into it's own. I believe this Levis one will breathe a bit of new life into a few of my wardrobe staples. They are a cornerstone of our wardrobes these days aren't they?


21 February 2019

I have enough shoes.......said no woman ever!

It's weekly confession time again. As the title suggests......there has been a lot of incoming footwear this week. First up! Trainers. I have my lovely mate Sue for bringing these to my attention. And crikey....they really are an amazing Golden Goose dupe.....for a fraction of the price. What do you think?

Le Temps des Cerises via La Redoute 20% off with code SPRING


20 February 2019

winter beach wear

Not a bikini insight! We thought we'd picked the best day of the week weather-wise to head to the coast.......but it was freezing in Dorset today. Hence I'm bundled up in one of my cosiest sweaters and trusty old aviator. On the upside......I have bonafide beachy hair waves going on!

New Look aviator, past season - alternative here
Zara jeans, ancient - alternative here
New Look high tops, gifted - past season - alternative here
Preloved Preen by Thornton Pregazzi via The Dress Agency


19 February 2019

Mixing it up!

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Gotta love a print clash.....leopard & stripe, throw in some monochrome and a splash of red and you're good to go!

Mango coat via eBay - alternative here 40% off with code GIMME40 til midnight!
Petit Bateau sweater, past season - similar here
Village England bag - past season, sold out


18 February 2019

happy Monday!

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First day of half term under my belt. Keeping to some classics today. Camel coat, denim shirt, black skinny jeans and a splash of leopard print. Easy dressing for a trip to The Mall Cribbs Causeway. Some exciting plans for Bristol Fashion Festival coming up......I will be able to reveal a bit more to you next week.


17 February 2019

love Sundays!

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Hands up who else loves Sundays?! I do! I took advantage of the slightly higher temps and wore a skirt....no tights either! 

Disko Kids sweatshirt, past season gift - limited sizes left
New Look skirt, gifted - still available in store - online here
Hermosa London bag, gifted
Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses


16 February 2019

an outing outfit of the day!

What to wear to visit Bristol Zoo? Here's what I went with. So glad I packed a pair of sparkly socks in my bag. Boy did I need them! 

Preloved Warehouse jacket via eBay - alternative here
M&S cashmere sweater, past season - alternative here
Levis CT 501, past season - alternative here
Polo Ralph Lauren scarf via Swindon Outlet, gifted - similar here


15 February 2019

This weeks wish list addition!

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I stumbled across this beaut of a blazer whilst trying to find an alternative to a preloved Warehouse/Lucy Williams collab one that I managed to snag on eBay just after Christmas. It is highly likely this one will make it into my wardrobe too. Loving neutral tones at the moment and this will bring a lot of my wardrobe pieces together.


14 February 2019

What's found it's way into my wardrobe this week!

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We are in the process of booking holidays at the moment so I've been starting to look for a few things to take to refresh my usual holiday clobber. The same things seem to get packed year on year. Do you find that too? 
We also have a Christening coming up. We aren't principle guests so I am planning on wearing this for an occasion also. I think this fits the bill perfectly without breaking the bank......it's an utter bargain actually!

Y.A.S dress via ASOS - bargain in the sale!


13 February 2019

Granny chic!

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This is a new concept for me but I was inspired to try this by celebrity stylist Gayle Rinkoff sporting something similar on Instagram. I haven't worn this Cos cardy that much since I picked it up in the sale after Christmas. I'm hoping it will come into it's own a bit more when the spring arrives when I can wear it as a jacket. Fortunately it's perfect to slip under a coat as an extra layer for the time being.

Cos Cardigan, past season - alternative here
Preloved Zara dress - bargain alternative here
Topshop belt - similar here


12 February 2019

woo hoo......the ankles are out!

{AD} Gifted trainers, past season. Some affiliate links used.

Hey.....it's only 7 weeks until the clocks go back. British summer time officially begins! As the temps have notched up a bit I'm celebrating by getting the ankles out! Spring is just around the corner folks!

Jaeger coat - similar here
Whistles sweater, past season - alternative here
Old favourites!! Gap Real Straight jeans - something similar here
Preloved/vintage Gucci bag via Grace & Ted - similar here


11 February 2019

Stuck in neutral

I couldn't get into gear at all today. That's Monday's for you though isn't it. I think my outfit is reflecting my mood......you can't get anymore neutral than camel and leopard print!

Zara blazer, a few seasons old - this season version here
Primark skirt - H&M alternative here
New Look bag, paid partnership, gifted


10 February 2019

a duty bound outfit!

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It's been a full to the brim Sunday here! Activities totally influenced my style today. Practicality ruled for everything that's been on the agenda.......dog walking, netball match spectating, food shopping (oh the joy. Not!! My least favourite job of the week) followed by more dog walking and much sorting of laundry in amongst all of that. The dinner is now on and wine has been poured. Here's to the rest of the day which I intend to spend relaxing! Here's my windswept #sundaybest for you!

H&M puffer jacket - a recent instore sale purchase, sold out online - alternative here
F&F jeans - gifted Spring 2017
New Look hi - tops - alternative here
Preloved Preen by Thornton Pregazzi bag via The Dress Agency


9 February 2019

Saturday style

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My Saturday style. I think this Mih Jeans shirt (I blogged about here) is going to be a lot more versatile than I thought. It's already received a lot of love on my Instagram Stories this afternoon too! I bought this preloved Warehouse blazer on eBay a few weeks ago. So chuffed I managed to get it.....it was one of those tings that got away last season. However I've just discovered that Warehouse are doing something similar for spring.......I may have to buy this colour way as well!

Preloved Warehouse blazer - similar here
Mih Booker shirt via Kilver Court - still available here
Converse via Swindon Outlet - similar here


8 February 2019

#ad New in new look

{AD} Paid partnership with New Look.

Putting my best foot forward here! A spring in my step......cheetah-ing on my beloved leopard print! ;0) 

All items gifted but chosen by me


7 February 2019

my weekly confessional!

{AD} Gifted Serinu Maeve bag & some affiliate links used.
I've been looking for a black crossbody bag for a while. I felt my wardrobe was missing a bag big enough to fit the usual purse, sunnies, make-up bag, keys, umbrella.....and so on, and so on. I trawled the net for a couple of weeks. Couldn't find what I was looking for. Kept checking eBay, nowt there either. I've had a fair bit of preloved luck of late so I popped into a local store last weekend, no luck that day but I did ask the owner to give me a shout if anything suitable came in. I explained I wanted something a bit lived in, preferably with silver hardware. By Monday my wish was fulfilled as this Preen by Thornton Bregazzi bag was posted the_dress_agency Instagram feed.


6 February 2019

when it works...why change it!

AD - Contains affiliate links and Levis jacket gifted by Swindon Outlet.
I'm referring to the fact that I am wearing another version of what I had on yesterday. Today's activities and the fairer weather means I'm out of my jeans again! Yassss! If it ain't broke and all that. midi dress ✔ Biker or denim jacket ✔ Chunky boots ✔ Job done!

Levis denim jacket - purchased with gift card from Swindon Outlet
Preen by Thornton Pregazzi bag, preloved via The Dress Agency. (more about this tomorrow!)


5 February 2019

Ad - New Look dress gifted/paid partnership. Post also contains affiliate links.

From double coats to a biker jacket in the space of a couple of days! Our British weather is barmy isn't it?! I was so thankful to have shed those layers today......as I lurched from one hot flush to another!

Whistles biker jacket, past season - similar here
New Look dress - gifted as part of paid partnership
Joseph scarf - 25+ years old!
Balenciaga bag, ancient -similar here
Stella McCartney tote via Kilver Court Outlet


4 February 2019

Tried and tested - leopard print never fails me!

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What a difference a day makes! It's been a whole 10 degrees warmer meaning we can utilise all of our winter wardrobes again! Shedding those layers felt so good! I even went without socks! Sticking with the tried and tested leopard print.....a new combo for me though pairing it with the grey.

M&S coat, past season - great alternative here
H&M sweater - I have the XS.....it's down to £15 in the sale
Mango jeans, past season - alternative here
Pavement boots via hi*hi store, past season - alternative here
Balenciaga bag

3 February 2019

Sunday at it's best!

AD - gifted accessories and post contains some affiliate links. 
A Sunday well spent with nothing on the agenda but a long dog walk to a country pub, rewarded with a glass of bubbles and a roast dinner. The rest of the afternoon has been spent at home in front of the fire. Just the way to recharge ahead of a new week.

Mango coat, preloved via eBay - alternative here
Black.co.uk snood, beanie and leather quilted gloves - gifted
Serinu Maeve bag - gifted


2 February 2019

Snow good!

Please be aware there are some affiliate links in this post

This weeks purchase is earning it's pay per wear already. I've worn it for the 5th day on the trot. It really came into it's own yesterday though. We had a whole lot of snow (for the South West anyway). I made it into work but as it was still really coming down an hour after I arrived the decision was made get home whilst it was still relatively safe, I did however have to abandon my car and get the bus home. At least I was toasty.....and I still felt a smidgen stylish in my duvet coat.

This was today's outfit. The sun has been shining and the snow is beginning to thaw. But it's still freezing and the new puffer coat can thankfully easily accommodate another coat as well as a few layers underneath.

H&M puffer coat - alternative here
Primark red check jacket - similar here
Chinti & Parker sweater, past season - similar here ......love this one too!


1 February 2019

H&M must haves!

Contains affiliate links and gifted item.
Since I've had quite a bit of luck in H&M lately I thought I'd cast my eye over their 'New in" section and now I have a wish list as long as my arm! First up is this blouse. I know this would be in my wardrobe for years to come. It would be one of those "if in doubt' pieces that I could rely on. It would be great for those day to night outfits if you simply styled it with boyfriend jeans and swapped your trainers for heels.