25 January 2019

what's on my radar this week!

You may be shocked.....and relived to see only a couple of things on my wish list this week after my recent spend shenanigans! And I'm starting with shoes again.

But! Feast your eyes on these beauties! They need no explanation as to why they are making an appearance here. These Dune Loafers very likely to join the red and black pairs that are already residing in my wardrobe. These will be great for elevating a few spring looks won't they!

Dune Loafers

Again I must thank Emma Hill for bringing the Dune ones to my attention. She does have a wardrobe to die for does't she! If you are looking for friendlier budget version I have also found a very good alternative from a small boutique that are a lot easier on the purse (though I should point out they are not leather).

Moving on swiftly to my only other pick for the week.......how gorgeous is this sweater? The question is can I justify buying any more knits when my wardrobe is bulging with all the chunky ones I've accrued this winter?! I may have to just order to get of my system

So that's has been what twitching my antennae this week. I feel I should do some kind of challenge for February. No spend may be too drastic. I don't think I could go cold turkey but maybe I could limit myself to 3 things or one investment piece? Any suggestions gratefully received.

Back tomorrow with my outfit of the day!


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