24 January 2019

Some things for spring!

Confession time! I've had a spendy week. But yet again a few coveted items have been secured. Firstly thank you to the super stylish SamStoneStyling for giving me the heads up that these Mango pumps had come back into stock. They did these last year but by the time I decided I *needed* them they were sold out. I had a pair of Office white Gucci loafer dupes a couple of years ago and I lived-in them, they went with so much in my wardrobe. The moment the opportunity arose with the Mango ones I did not hesitate to click that button straightaway!

Now one of the reasons I was so desperate to get my hands on these shoes is because I want to replicate this look that I have had saved for eons on Pinterest. I have similar pieces already so as soon as it it ankle-baring weather you can expect to see me donning this ensemble!

So this Jenna Lyons outfit did inspire another purchase. Something else that's my wardrobe has been crying out for.......white jeans. I can remember saying to my good mate Sue last summer what I really *need* is a pair of white boyfriend jeans.  What better time to bag a pair than the January sales! I ordered a couple of pairs from ASOS and these fitted the best.

Another item I bagged for a song that would work really well with Jenna's ensemble above is this pretty little blouse from H&M.

I bought mind instore because I thought the pretty cuff's would look lovely peaking out from the sleeves of some of my sweaters especially this one.....

......introducing my next purchase perfectly, this Mango sweater. This was a much coveted item that popped up a lot on my Instagram feed sported by the likes of Emma Hill, Little Spree and ShelleyLoves. When I saw this instore for a third of the original price I just had to have it!

Mango sweater - stalk incase it comes back into stock. I have a medium

And then finally there is this fab little jacket from New Look that I already have in black but couldn't resist in tan. This could just replace my beloved khaki shacketts this spring.

When I cast my eyes over this little haul it all looks good together so I feel I've done well because I have a couple of outfits in there as well as this slotting perfectly into my wardrobe. Very pleased with my purchases!

Have you made any spring purchases yet? Or are you still shopping the dregs of the sales? I would love to hear!

Believe it or not there are still a couple of things on my wish list......I will share them tomorrow.


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