29 January 2019

a worthwhile investment!

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If there is one thing worth investing in it's a camel coat. I've had a Zara one for years that's more like an oversized blazer......it's now become a little bit threadbare in places so I thought it was time to upgrade. I splashed my birthday cash on a Jaeger one back in October. It's worth checking the Jaeger outlets (there is one at Swindon Outlet and at Clark's Village, Street - neither are far from me) as well as T K Maxx from time to time. It's worth every penny, it's beautifully made......though I will warn you the quality really puts the rest of my coat collection to shame. I'm glad a bought a tailored Jaeger navy one too!

That's all for today folks.....I had to take refuge in H&M fitting rooms for a #mirrorselfie because it has been raining on and off all day. I guess I should be thankful.....Ii's too wet for snow!

Back tomorrow!


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