31 January 2019

Blaming the baltic weather for this purchase!

One style of coat has eluded my winter wardrobe. The puffer coat. Seeing a couple pop up on my Instagram feed got me yearning for one and I've been trawling the net for the past week trying to find 'the one'. A trip into Bath on Tuesday to meet a friend for coffee meant I had just enough time to dive into H&M to get my outfit of the day photo. And would you believe I found exactly what I was looking for in the dregs of the sale. You have gotta love H&M for yielding their little end of season treasures. I bloomin' love it! There is plenty of room in it for layers. The collar is actually a hood. It is soooo cosy. And it was only 30 quid! I'm only sorry I can't find it online for you.

H&M coat, bought in store - not available online

30 January 2019

Scandi style!

The artic blast is forecast to be with us for a couple of days so I am turning to my cosiest knits! So happy I managed to snag this Mango sweater in the sale. I'm a bit late to the party to get on board with the Sarah Lund inspired trend....but better late than never to the Scandi style. I've added a bit of interest by layering it over my new H&M blouse with the frilly cuffs peeking out. 

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Mango sweater
H&M blouse worn underneath
Topshop Jeans
Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses


29 January 2019

a worthwhile investment!

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If there is one thing worth investing in it's a camel coat. I've had a Zara one for years that's more like an oversized blazer......it's now become a little bit threadbare in places so I thought it was time to upgrade. I splashed my birthday cash on a Jaeger one back in October. It's worth checking the Jaeger outlets (there is one at Swindon Outlet and at Clark's Village, Street - neither are far from me) as well as T K Maxx from time to time. It's worth every penny, it's beautifully made......though I will warn you the quality really puts the rest of my coat collection to shame. I'm glad a bought a tailored Jaeger navy one too!


28 January 2019

January blues

Either I'm a week late to the party.....or it's the Monday blues here instead. No motivation to do anything today so it's been a very lazy one for me. A sweatshirt and jeans have been the order of the day as I've been curled up on the sofa binge-watching Tin Star Season 2. Anyone else been glued to it?

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New Look coat, #gift - sold out but this one is similar
(I have the size medium)
Converse via Swindon outlet #gift - link here


27 January 2019

easy-like Sunday style!

Given the temperatures you are forgiven for thinking I should have had a few more layers on today. However I have spent most of it in the car taxi-ing my daughter here, there and everywhere. I am currently kicking myself for not slapping on more SPF than usual.....the wind may have been cold and fierce but the sun was full-on through the windscreen. Lesson learnt. At least my outfit suited it's purpose. 

White stuff trousers via Swindon outlet #gift - alternative here 
Converse via Swindon outlet #gift - link here


26 January 2019


No change from my usual uniform I'm afraid! I was out of the house early to pick the pooch up from his doggy-day care sleepover so it was a case of chucking on the easiest thing to hand. An outfit made up of wardrobe basics that are easy to pull together. You can't beat an ensemble made up of some leopard print, black and Converse can you!

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Mango coat preloved via eBay, alternative here
Uniqlo cashmere roll neck sweater, past season alternative here
Balenciaga bag, ancient - check out Vestiaire Collective for preloved ones!


25 January 2019

what's on my radar this week!

You may be shocked.....and relived to see only a couple of things on my wish list this week after my recent spend shenanigans! And I'm starting with shoes again.

But! Feast your eyes on these beauties! They need no explanation as to why they are making an appearance here. These Dune Loafers very likely to join the red and black pairs that are already residing in my wardrobe. These will be great for elevating a few spring looks won't they!

Dune Loafers


24 January 2019

Some things for spring!

Confession time! I've had a spendy week. But yet again a few coveted items have been secured. Firstly thank you to the super stylish SamStoneStyling for giving me the heads up that these Mango pumps had come back into stock. They did these last year but by the time I decided I *needed* them they were sold out. I had a pair of Office white Gucci loafer dupes a couple of years ago and I lived-in them, they went with so much in my wardrobe. The moment the opportunity arose with the Mango ones I did not hesitate to click that button straightaway!


23 January 2019

It's that New Look dress again!

#sorrynotsorry ......I'm banging on about that New Look dress again! It has occurred to me that it's a more practical piece than the & Other Stories one on my wish list last week.  It's the same style and shape, I think the colour and print is easier for me to carry off........and as it is less than half of the price of the & Other Stories one it's hands down a #winner.

Great Plains coat, gifted, half price in the sale


22 January 2019

"spotting" the new season winners! #ad

Head to toe in New Look. If you want to get your hands on their best sellers you need to constantly scour their "New in" section. Love this dress! Great for Spring....though it's totally versatile as it can be worn in a multitude of ways. I have big plans for it so expect to see it on my grid often!

Dress - I've found it true to size, mine's a 10


21 January 2019

Keeping cosy.....the struggle is real!

The promised cold snap has arrived! Bit of a shock to the system.....not to mention the wardrobe! Thank goodness for the saviours that are Uniqlo Heatec, Sheepskin insoles and thermal socks! It's the little things that really help to keep us cosy isn't it!

Parka London Cathcart parka, now in the sale!
H&M sweater, preloved - past season
Nike Blazer hi tops...an eBay purchase a couple of years ago!
Anya Hindmarch mini Gracie bag, past season


20 January 2019


Isn't it marvellous when you find that item that you've seen some of your favourite influencers sporting in the sale for a third of the original price........and in your size! Well hello new favourite sweater!

Mango sweater - I also have my eye on this new season one,  this one too!


19 January 2019

Saturday style!

I've been looking forward to today all week. I've met up with my coolest friend......her style is amazing and she always inspires/influences a purchase or two ;0) We've been into Bristol with our daughters who go off and do their own thing leaving us plenty of time to meander around our favourite stores. We ended the day on a high note with a cheeky glass of Prosecco in Harvey Nichols.......as is our tradition! So what I am wearing for the such an occasion. It's the standard uniform for me I'm afraid. 

Jaeger coat - similar here
Balenciaga bag, ancient similar here


18 January 2019

A style steal!

Who remembers when I used to these on a regular basis? 

Now I saw this dress on the super stylish Mia Lia before Christmas and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. Why haven't I clicked the button I hear you ask? The colour. I've been cautious as I'm not sure whether this will suit me. However as it is patterned I think I may be able to get away with it. So should I take the plunge? Admittedly I haven't much call for another dress but I think until I scratch the itch I won't be able to get it out of my head. And it will take me through to spring.......and read on to see how much it goes with in my wardrobe........


17 January 2019

January purchases - back to basics!

Here goes with the first of my weekly purchase confessions. If you want to see what I've purchased since the beginning of January there will be regular updates here and here. In truth I need nothing. I've had a huge purge since Christmas and really pared back to my signature look pieces. I've gone back to my Pinterest boards and I realised that I was missing a couple of things that would just bring a few more looks together from the outfit inspo I'd pinned. I've been grieving the loss of a H&M black pleated skirt that I ruined trying to remove a grease spot. I have hunted high and low to source a replacement but to no avail.....not one measured up to my original. So I decided to try something slightly different instead. I've gone for a black satin midi from New Look. It is a super flattering shape......leaving none of the bulk around the middle that pleats are prone to doing. It's an absolute steal at £17.99. I've gone for my usual size 10 which is perfect though the reviews say it comes up large.....I am accommodating a few extra pounds after Christmas but not a whole size worth!


16 January 2019

a modern classic!

Hand on heart I wasn't 100% about this coat when I bought it (A/W17) and I almost put it on eBay. Teddy coats had been around the previous Winter season but I was worried that it would be a one.... maybe two at a stretch, season wonder. So glad I hung onto to it as I no longer view it as a trend item....it is definitely now one of my go-to classics. It is so cosy and much more versatile than I originally imagined. The colour goes with loads in my wardrobe and it lends itself to a leopard print accessory really well! Mine is from Warehouse and it must have been a winner for them as they've done a similar one this year. Still worth investing in one as I predict I will be bringing mine out for years to come!

Warehouse coat A/W17, similar here
Great Plains Guernsey stitch sweater, one left here - mines a small
New Look boots, sold out - similar here


15 January 2019

Winter uniform

This is one of my "if in doubt" outfits. Monochrome......stripes of sorts, black skinnies, Converse hi-tops and a tailored coat to top if off. My version of wardrobe classics. My signature look. Red is always a good choice......I find it an uplifting colour to wear. All these things are great at keeping those January blues at bay.

Stradivarius coat, past season - alternative here (superb reduction!)
Donna Ida sweater, past season - fab alternative here


14 January 2019

addicted to animal print! #ad

It's official! I'm addicted to animal print! Zebra print has now joined my menagerie!


13 January 2019

It's been a while......

Apologies that I've been AWOL from the blog. Have you missed me?

Hand on heart I lost all motivation for it. People seem to prefer the instant inspiration gratification you get from Instagram these days.....myself included. I started to think the blog wasn't relevant any more. However, I had a little unplanned Instagram break - as in I didn't post everyday (as I usually would) for a couple weeks over the festive period. I just didn't feel like sharing. I actually found it hard to put an outfit together most days. I lacked inspiration and felt as if as I'd just fallen out of love with my wardrobe. It got me thinking about why I started on this blogging and social media journey. I realised I needed to go back to my roots to find the joy again. 

So here I am......with a plan. Let's see how this goes. I aim to do a short 'outfit of the day' post Saturday through to Wednesday. A lot of my favourite pieces are past season and I'm back into preloved clothing in a big way so I will find an alternative to link.....this is something I've always enjoyed researching. Please let me know if you find that useful. As I work part time on Thursday's and Friday's and it is nigh on impossible for me to get a decent photo at this time of year I thought I'd do a 'weekly confessional' each Thursday of what I've purchased during the week whether it be clothing, accessories or even a new product. If it's an item of clothing I'm going to show you at least 3 ways I intend to style the new wardrobe addition. On a Friday I'm going to do a "what's on my radar' post. Things that have caught my eye over the course of the week that I've jotted down on my wish list. I'm just going to keep the posts short and sweet as I know we are all pretty short of time.....and I'm guilty of being a skim reader of blogs myself. Ok, time to stop waffling. Without further ado........let's kick off this new regime with what I'm wearing today.

Mango coat preloved via eBay, alternative here
Cos Breton - past season, alternative here
ASOS dungarees 
Dune loafers