16 December 2019

What to wear on Christmas Day?

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Hands up who else has already been giving their Christmas Day outfit some thought? We will be spending most of the at home this year so I am going for comfort above all else. If I could get away with staying in my pyjamas all day I would! However, my mum will be joining us and there is a leisurely dog walk on the agenda so I believe something a little bit more luxurious is needed! Lavender Hill Clothing have provided me with just the right outfit......a beautiful set of loungewear!



1 December 2019

My winter skincare routine

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I touched on my skincare routine in my last blogpost about wellbeing so I thought I'd do a run through of the products I'm currently using. I'll start with my evening routine as it's a bit more lengthy! I start by removing my eye make up with a cotton wool pad. I've tried low and high budget options but with eye make-up removers they seem to be much the same whatever you spend. My current favourite is this Nivea one which is currently on offer - half price at just £1.94 in Boots.


29 November 2019

Black Friday Christmas Gift Guide - Going independent

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This is one for the ladies......what I'm about to share is either on my wish list or what I'll be buying for family or friends. I'm straying from the High Street this Christmas and shopping with independent brands and boutiques. Even these small brands are offering great discounts so here's my shopping list!

First up is Sand and Salt who have 25% off their cashmere accessories from Friday through til Monday with code CASHMEREFRI. This slouchy beanie is by Johnstons of Elgin, which is a Scottish manufacturer of cashmere. Now you know I'm a huge fan of Emma Hill and she recently had the opportunity to visit the Johnstons of Elgin Mill in Moray - her tour of the mill is documented here on her YouTube channel. So I was delighted when I realised that Sand & Salt stocked the brand! 


24 November 2019

The Wellbeing One!

And now for something completely different from me. My hope is that this is a useful post. Christmas is a lovely time but can be a bit of a struggle for some. There is much to juggle and it can be a very stressful time. Around six months ago I was having a really hard time. It had been going on for a while.....I mentioned here that I'd put it down to menopause. The symptoms were feeling anxious and overwhelmed most of the time. I've always prided myself on being a glass half full kinda girl but I was very aware that around my friends I was more of a drain than a radiator. What to do to get myself out of this funk?

This kind of message prompted me to write this post - 
thanks to everyone who contacted me to say so.


21 November 2019

All Pakt up!

AD/Gifted item

I have been presented with opportunity of road testing a beautiful piece of luggage. Oh - how - I - wish I had had this holdall for my trip to Copenhagen recently. My own little carry-on was on it's last legs......in truth I nearly swapped it for another bag last minute as I wasn't sure it would make the journey. The Pakt bag I've received would have been perfect for that birthday trip. You know how much I love a capsule packing challenge.....luckily I have a couple of other chances to test it out before this year is over.


17 November 2019

Me and my puffer

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Imagine me saying that blog post title in my broadest Bristolian accent......makes me chuckle! 😂

I digress! Last year I made a most fortuitous sale purchase. It was a very impulsive buy for me as I'm a typical Libran......very indecisive and I usually like to have a think before I decide to buy. However it was the only one left and 2 sizes larger than I would normally buy but I felt compelled to get it. It's possibly one of the best things I've ever bought......not only is it practical as it keeps me toasty but it feels stylish too! I wore it on Thursday when we had a mixture of snow and rain and after getting a few messages about it I promised to find something similar. First though......let me share the inspiration.....


14 November 2019

My shopping rules

If you've followed me for a while you'll know that I've recently become a lot more aware of my consumption. My wardrobe was fit to burst and overflowing. Then came along #SecondHandSeptember. The timing couldn't have been more perfect for me.......I was so ready for a change. I decided to make a conscious effort to purchase my clothes more considerately. Since I successfully completed the challenge of only buying preloved clothing for a month I've implemented a few shopping rules I thought I'd share with you. I best touch on the subject of sustainability........it's so overwhelming isn't it? I mean where do you start? This post was shared by the lovely Nicky a couple of months before the challenge.....I believe it was directly responsible for sewing the seed and setting me on this journey!


10 November 2019

Partywear - my version of anyway!

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Requests for party wear are pretty popular at the moment. We are about to hit the festive season so there may an event or two to go to! I have to say (as I've said before) I don't usually receive a lot of invitations to go out-out over Christmas. My work Christmas 'do' is a very low-key affair. We tend to go out for a lovely lunch but it's not an occasion I really get to dress up for. As I am really trying to keep my lifestyle in mind with every purchase I make I plan to just make the best of what's in my wardrobe..... should I be invited anywhere! I have more than enough items that will see me through the odd drinks party I may go along to. What I'm sharing in this post are versions of things my wardrobe and are past season and probably no longer available. You probably already have some really similar pieces in your own wardrobe. Do try and shop your own wardrobe. If you, like me don't get too many opportunities to don your glad rags but want to add something new I would implore you to try and source these items preloved. There's nothing worse than seeing something expensive you bought especially for an occasion to sit unloved your wardrobe just waiting for another opportunity to be worn. I am trying to make more considered purchases and buy things that are very versatile and can easily take you from day to evening. I generally tend to go for separates to give me maximum wears out of everything. I've tried to find alternatives here and I've linked some eBay searches as well as stuff currently on the High Street. Remember that golden rule of thinking about 5 other garments you could style any new additions with before you make each purchase......I find that definitely works for me!

First up is a tried and tested look......one of my favourites evening wear outfits from last year.

CHINITI & PARKER SWEATER, past season - similar here
M&S SHOES, past season - similar here on eBay These are also a good alternative
HERMOSA BAG, gifted 2018


3 November 2019


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This blog post is a shout out to all those little details that elevate our autumn/winter ensembles. Because let's face it - during the colder months when it's usually all about switching up the coat and footwear choices to ring the changes. Add a scarf, hat and gloves and voila you have a different take on your standard outfit fare. I've been asked about my jewellery (particularly my bracelets) quite a lot lately so that I will share those too!

First of all - a disclaimer. Accessories do present us with an ideal opportunity to add a pop of colour to brighten up the darker months.....and tendency to go for darker colours. However as I am striving towards a more minimal wardrobe I am leaning towards more neutral tones. I'm just pretty conscious that everything I am sharing is pretty much black though I am looking to remedy that with some grey and camel tones as I'm aware those shades would be a bit kinder around my face. Just thought I would clear that up as occasionally I have been criticised for wearing too much black......you like what you like though and it's with style it's all about whatever makes you feel good.

So here goes. Lets start at the top. Come winter I do love a beanie hat.....they are especially great for crappy hair days! I've had my faithful black cashmere one for a couple of years now. I absolutely believe it's worth investing in a cashmere one.....acrylic ones have a tendency to make my hair stand on end........and a barnet full of static is not a good look!

BLACK.CO.UK CASHMERE BEANIE (gift 2016) Also comes in light grey, navy and brown

Outfit details
H&M puffa jacket, past season - current version

31 October 2019

Fifth element - the Mac

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Upon reflection I should have included this item in my last blog post. I have struggled to find the right one over the years and now like buses three have come along at once. The trusty trench or mac has also become one of my main wardrobe staples.

The first one I fell in love with was thanks to one of Kilver Court's epic clearance sales where I picked up a Joseph trench that cost me £109. I think (if memory serves me correctly) it had a whopping 80% off. I can't do the maths but what I do know is that it would have been well out of my price range at full price. To be fair £109 is a lot to me too but I know this is something that will be in my wardrobe forever. As always I would recommend checking out outlet stores, preloved sites such as eBay and Depop......or if the thrifting fairies often shine down on you might be lucky enough to find in a charity shop! There are a couple on eBay at the moment - I have searched for you here.


27 October 2019

the four cornerstones of my autumn/winter wardrobe

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Well hello there! Long time no blog! I hope you like the new name - CuratingMi. Having just hit the mid-century milestone (yes.....I'm 50!) I decided it was time for a change. I'm trying to pare back my life in many ways and live a little more simply - curating me/Michelle seemed to be the perfect fit! I'd love to hear what you think. Anyway.....enough waffle.....let's get on with it!

I had a request to share my Autumn/Winter staples. After a fair bit of reflection it's boiled it down to the four pillars of my wardrobe at the moment. Following a humongous wardrobe edit I've realised that the things that are keepers and survive every cull are the items that suit my lifestyle the best. These days I'm mostly a teen taxi service at best! Earlier this year I attended a personal styling course and learning my style personality has been a game-changer. I'm a natural (with a hint of classic) meaning I'm drawn to a few good wardrobe basics that are easy to style and rather fortuitously suit my new approach - a more uncomplicated life all around.

For as long as I can remember my signature A/W style has been a tailored coat, skinny jeans and Converse hi-tops which was most suited to my five minute walk to school. However my daughter is older, school is now further away and I find myself spending more time in my car which means my go-to outfit has been tweaked. I've swapped the coat for a blazer - I have a tiny car (Peugeot 107) so something less bulky is much more practical for the short journey's to and from school and activities. So much more functional!

Just a few looks from Pinterest that have inspired me!

After successfully completing #secondhandseptember I am fully on board with buying preloved items wherever I can. I picked up some amazing tips from this lovely lady who took me charity shopping - there is an art to it you know! Nicky's best pointer was to check out the mens department - I got extremely lucky with a Moon fabric M&S blazer in Oxfam. However I would say that eBay is always my first stop for sourcing preloved. My last purchase was a beautiful cashmere blend black Viyella jacket (pictured below). My mum used to work for Viyella so I knew what kind of quality to expect. If you know your brands it makes searching for stuff on eBay a whole lot easier - for example I would search St Michael (M&S) on eBay.......I've spotted some real gems here. Do size up a couple of sizes though as certainly St Michael vintage stuff seems to be cut a lot smaller - I have a size 14 in a much loved velvet jacket......the Viyella jacket is a size 14 too, don't forget that the oversize look is very "on trend" at the moment as well.

Here's how I've been styling my blazers. Left to right - Warehouse via eBay, Toast via Kilver Court & Viyella via eBay.

If I was buying these brand new from the High Street I'd be looking at this one.

What am I wearing under my blazers? You can't beat a classic crew neck sweater - in either merino or cashmere. They are great layering piece - wear a shirt or heatech underneath and a jacket over the top.
I already have these in neutral colours black, grey and navy......and I've just added this colour  (below) to my collection. Try M&S and Uniqlo - both similar in price and quality.......I have purchased from both brands and there really isn't a lot in it! This tan colour is so useful - looks great with grey and will lift many of the darker colours I tend to favour in autumn/winter.

Another tip - I would advise sizing up in these sweaters. I have a 12 (I'd usually go for a 10 or small). It just leaves little room if you want to wear something underneath.  I would also recommend sizing up in cashmere too. At M&S I've bought size 14 and 16 and I've ordered size large from Uniqlo.

What to wear on the bottom half? Come the colder months I'm all about the jeans. At the moment I'm favouring a straight jean with a raw hem. Topshop do a great pair with a higher rise. It's worth looking in Gap too. I've had a lot of luck in TK Maxx with designer brands such a Rag & Bone and J Brand. If you are an outlet shopping fan (Kilver Court & Swindon for me!) I've bagged myself some M.i.h jeans and Levis at a great discount.

A note on the raw hem - I am not adverse to hacking off the hems myself to achieve the desired effect!

I'm also still a fan of a skinny jeans - again Topshop are my go-to for the Jamie style.

If you do want an alternative to jeans I would recommend these (I sized up to a 12) and these  I'd style both with trainers to dress them down a little.

My footwear of choice at the moment are my preloved (via Depop) Dr Marten Flora boots. I'm embracing a more minimal look and these Chelsea boots go with everything. Oh.....and they are brilliant in the copious amount of rain we have been blessed (not!) with recently.

To sum up I'm just going explain what I'm trying to achieve. My aim is for a more functional wardrobe - I no longer wish to spend ages standing in front of my wardrobe pondering what to wear. I just had too much stuff to choose from. I've reverted to spending more time looking for outfit inspiration on Pinterest in a bid to shop my wardrobe - as opposed to being tempted to jump on the "must have" bandwagon. I'm trying to buy less but buy better. I've got into the habit of checking eBay and Depop when trying to source specific items. I still enjoy having a proper mooch around the shops - I'm very lucky to have two excellent outlets close to where I live Kilver Court  and Swindon outlet which are both brilliant for picking up designer pieces for less. On that note - just a little heads up as Kilver Court have their legendary Paul Smith Clearance coming up this weekend where you can pick up some amazing items of clothing and accessories (men's and women's) at a fraction of the usual cost. I will be there!

I have done a little video on IGTV (see here) if you would like to see/hear me talk this though - you can view through my Instagram bio here. There is also a hair tutorial there that I uploaded recently! After my wardrobe declutter I am selling a few pieces on eBay - click here if you'd like to see......there are lots more bits scheduled to go on sale this evening.

There we have it......I will be back on a more regular basis. I have a few more suggestions for blog posts. If there is anything you would like me to cover please do leave me a comment.

Back soon!

Michelle x

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21 July 2019

Holiday packing!

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

Yes, it's that time again! Hands up this is no frills guide to my holiday packing - I say no frills as a lot of what I'm taking you will have all seen before. I tend to drag the usual suspects out holiday after holiday thus a lot of the pieces I'm sharing are no longer available. However I have had some fun finding alternatives for you! 

I'll kick off with a little montage of my holiday favourites.....these are all coming with me again!


12 July 2019

A good spot!

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Continuing the workwear theme......here's what I wore today! Thank heavens it's Friday!

New Look sandals, past season - alternative here

Wishing everyone a super weekend! Michelle xx


11 July 2019

What I wore to work today

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What to wear to work in this weather? Relying on my 'if in doubt's........stripes and leopard print!

H&M skirt, S/S18 - similar here*
Topshop sandals, S/S18 - alternative here*
Bag - similar here*


10 July 2019

One from the heart

This post contains some affiliate links - marked with a *.
Before I get into the heavy stuff I'd better just share my outfit of the day as fashion was the very reason I started the blog in the first place........and I may lose a few of you thereafter.
& Other Stories dress*
Espadrille.co.uk sandals, gifted 2017
Bag via eBay *
Accessorize Panama hat, past season - alternative here*
Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses*
Tiffany & Co necklace
If you are in for the long read you may want to get yourself a cuppa!

16 June 2019

#sundaystylist My top 5 picks right now!

Contains affiliate links.

This post has been written in collaboration with TopTips4Fashion who asked me to send them my top 5 picks of clothing and accessories at the moment. Now some of these pieces have already made it into my wardrobe......and there are a couple currently residing on my wish list!

You know how I love my greens......they look so fresh with the whites.


14 June 2019

The treasure trove that is hi*hi!

Last weekend I grabbed a bit of me-time (with both hands!!) and had a little girls day out. We set off early to visit a boutique in Oxted called hi*hi - it's roughly a two and half hour drive from me. I was introduced to hi*hi about eight years ago by a friend and have visited at every opportunity.....I have blogged about a few of the trips before, see herehere and here. It was a real treat to take some time out to shop properly and it was just the tonic I needed! I have lost the art of browsing around the shops and had forgotten just how lovely it is to walk into a beautifully merchandised store where everything is displayed so that you can see it properly. It was good to get touchy feely with different fabrics and textures and to benefit from the buyers expert knowledge which was like having a personal stylist on hand. Another bonus is the fantastic customer service that you get shopping in this lovely boutique.......it exceeds all expectations. It was a great reminder of how shopping in this kind of environment can be such a pleasure.

So without further ado let me show you what I tried on. I was cajoled out of my comfort zone and into things that really surprised me which is the best place to start I think!

Fabienne Chapot dress - not online but available to mail order


5 June 2019

5 things bringing me joy this week!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

I thought I'd try something a little different today. I'm a bit low on motivation and inspiration at the moment and in a bid to get my creative juices flowing again I am appreciating the things that have bought me happiness this week!

Fresh flowers are such a mood-enhancer for me. Especially when it's peony season. I really wanted peonies for my wedding bouquet and I was pretty gutted when my florist told me they'd most likely be finished before my big day (as it was the end of July). But bless her, she found me some - so now more than every they do hold a special place in my heart! They seem a bit thin on the ground this year so when I saw this dark pink bunch in Aldi I snapped them up! They have lasted 10 days and were worth every penny of the 6 quid I paid for them! They do literally make me swoon whenever I see them.

Peonies from Aldi


4 June 2019

Just an outfit round-up!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Just to warn you - this is a bit of an epic outfit round-up as I was a bit lazy during half term. I'll kick off with what I'm wearing today. Mr Fashionable40s complimented me on this today....that is a rarity so happy days!

Mango jumpsuit, past season - this one is on my lust list!


27 May 2019

A few purchase confessions!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

I haven't done one of these for a while. I always feel a little in limbo at this time of year which is most definitely because of the iffy weather....one minute it's nice.....the next minute not so much. I've completed my Spring/Summer wardrobe changeover and that always leaves me feeling a little overwhelmed as I've accrued such a lot of stuff! However I have been clearing my wardrobe regularly and only holding onto the piece that really spark joy. I've been updating my Pinterest boards.....what an eye-opener! Makes it so much easier to see where there are gaps though. Those gaps are a whole 'nother post now that I've identified them! But in the meantime this is what I've been buying.
Subconsciously I've been avoiding jeans lately. I'm just not that into them at the moment. But trousers ....now there's a different story! I've bought a couple of pairs of Mensy style pants in neutral colours (from Zara and Topshop) and early last week my mission was to track down some wide leg trousers from Gap that I'd seen on a couple of influencers early in Spring. I had actually tracked them down in my size but imagine my glee when I found these in Bershka at a fraction of the price of the Gap ones. They really are sparking joy!
H&M shirt, past season - similar here
Bershka Trousers 
Zara sandals
The Jacksons London bag, past season -similar here

24 May 2019

a hero piece!

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

Some days you just cannot beat a slogan tee and jeans! The weekend has started early for me. Yay! I usually work on Friday's but I swapped my days this week meaning I get to take advantage of an extra long weekend!

Disko Kids t-shirt, gifted - I'm wearing a small, I'm usually a size 10
Pepe via ASOS jeans, past season - alternative here
Birkenstocks via Shoeaholics, limited sizes left - similar here


23 May 2019

Statement co-ords!

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

You gotta love a co-ord! Looks like a jumpsuit when you wear these 2 pieces together but they are super versatile as you can mix and match with other pieces too! 

MW by Matthew Williamson top
MW by Matthew Williamson trousers 
Faith sandals
Mantaray sunglasses 
All items gifted by Debenhams - chosen by me.

20 May 2019

Mensy Monday!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Meet my favourite shape of trouser at the moment - the Mensy. These are from Topshop, I also have these from Zara too. Expect to see them pop up here often!
Maison Labiche t-shirt, past season, similar here
Topshop trousers
New Look red sandals
Vintage Gucci bag via Grace & Ted
Rayban Round Metal sunglasses


19 May 2019

Sunday style!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Simple Sunday style.

New Look dress, past season - current version here
Zara sandals
New Look bag, past season - similar here 
Izipizi sunglasses, gifted


18 May 2019

Discount alert!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items - this is not an #ad though I do work with New Look.

This is just too good a discount not to share with you this weekend! I've said it before and I'll say it again......New Look really excel in their dress selection in the summer and all of their dresses (and jumpsuits) have 25% off instore and online for a limited time! Here are my favourites in no particular order.......all coming in under £20! 
This is the same shape as my recent leopard print purchase and one of my lovely readers tipped me off about it....how fab is the khaki version!!


17 May 2019

The way you make me feel!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Sometimes it's just all about how a dress makes you feel.....and I'm all for feeling tall and slinky ;0) This little number is going to take me to a variety of events......summer ball, a day at the races, a wedding party and a garden party. I tell you it's ticking a lot of boxes!

MW by Matthew Williamson dress
Faith sandals
Mantaray sunglasses
All gifted by Debenhams - chosen by me


15 May 2019

Dresses and dad sandals!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

I'm documenting this outfit as one of those outfits my husband hates! He's referencing the sandals....but I love them as I reckon they really edge-up the outfit. 

New Look dress
Zara sandals
New Look bag, gifted


14 May 2019

Sunshine makes for happy dressing!

This post contains affiliate links.

Long may this lovely spell of weather last.......I've got a lot of dresses I wanna wear! I bought this one  in Lanzarote from Mango and it's currently on offer for just £25.99! It has pockets.....cue a happy dance! Mines a medium (Spanish sizing?!) which I believe is equivalent to a UK size 10. 

Mango dress- currently on offer! :0)
Espadrille.co.uk (Maypole, low wedge) -gifted 2017
Mango bag, past season - alternative here

13 May 2019

Stepping into sandal season!

#AD - part of paid partnership with New Look.

So happy that sandal season finally feels like it's upon us! It's just so hard to choose which ones to get isn't it! Both of these are leather and common under 25 quid! Decisions! Decisions!


12 May 2019

What's made it's way into my wardrobe lately.

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Ok. Let's start with this dress. I've had it since Thursday and this is the third wear. I wore it out to dinner with a friend on Thursday night, round to friends for a takeaway on Friday night and to Asda to do the food shop today. Hands up I'm rubbish at getting photographic proof......but let's skim over that and marvel about how versatile this shirt dress is! 

H&M shirt dress
Espadrille.co.uk gladiator sandals, gifted
Mulberry Araline bag, ancient
Izipizi sunglasses, gifted


11 May 2019

What I'm wearing today!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Keeping it casual this Saturday! It's been a pretty lazy day here.....nothing to report!

Joy the Store shirt, gifted
Topshop trousers
Zara sandals
New Look bag, past season - alternative here
Izipizi sunglasses, gifted


10 May 2019

That Friday feeling!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Yay! Thanks to the Bank Holiday and swapping my working days this week.....my weekend started today! It's the first outing for this Zara linen blazer that I purchased in Lanzarote whilst on holiday.

Lavender Hill Breton - gifted 
Gap jeans - ancient, alternative here


7 May 2019

Befuddled by the weather!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Anyone else finding it hard to get dressed at the moment. I blame it on the weather. I feel in limbo.....it feels a little too early to get the sandals out and there are a few new bits in my wardrobe that are begging to be worn but it's just not quite warm enough yet is it? Looking back at what I was wearing this time last year it looks as though this feeling hit's me at roughly the same time annually. Today I resorted to jeans.....I haven't worn a pair in over a month but then, they are my safety net when all else fails.

Zara jacket, ancient - this seasons version here
Syrup & Salt t shirt, gifted
Levis jeans - similar here
Izipizi sunglasses, gifted.


2 May 2019

Every woman's three favourite words.....

This post is in collaboration with Swindon Outlet - a voucher was gifted to purchase product.

........THAT'S ON SALE. Ain't that the truth! I love a bargain. Especially an outlet shopping bargain. Outlet shopping means I get to purchase in places that are normally out of my price range. It's win-win situation.


1 May 2019

Back in the spring uniform!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

It's a short and sweet outfit of the day post today folks!

Levis sweatshirt via Swindon Outlet
Lily King London skirt, gifted 15% off with code FASHIONABLE40S


30 April 2019

I'm not kidding when I say.......

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links - this is not part of my paid partnership with New Look and I've chosen these pieces myself.
........New Look are nailing dresses this season. I have to admit that I saw this animal print dress online but it didn't grab me (as so often the case with brands website photos don't you agree?). However I saw it in my local store yesterday and it literally turned my head! When I tried it on I would have happily walked out of the store wearing it......I loved it even more once I tried it on. I've had three compliments about it today so I'm already considering it to be a wardrobe winner.
New Look dress
Novesta Trainers via All Sole
Zara Bag
Rayban sunglasses

29 April 2019

When you gotta say yes to the dresses!

#AD - New Look, paid partnership

I reckon New Look are hard to beat on the High Street when it comes to dresses! This shirt-waister style is perfect for spring.....so easy to wear. I've also found myself a new print! Loving the tropical vibes of this palm print.

All New Look - gifted but chosen by me


28 April 2019

Holiday attire!

This blog post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

The holiday blues are just setting in, so I thought I'd cheer myself up by creating this little online diary of what I wore. This will be a useful to look back on when I'm trying to pack for my next holiday. I did refer to previous holiday posts......as I mentioned before I found it quite a challenge this time. We went to Lanzarote a little earlier than usual this yearand as we hadn't had much sun yet in the UK I'd couldn't find my summer clothes mojo!

I'm kicking off with my outfits but I have put in a few of my recommendations at the bottom of the post should you be going to Lanzarote.....I hope it's useful!

Let's kick off with this cracker of a dress that I bought whilst I was there. There is a lovely shopping centre in Puerto del Carmen......it's one of the Islands assets that keeps us going back! The Oysho shop is just across from Zara and I was torn between this leopard print maxi dress......but this green one stole my heart. I plan to wear this to a wedding in June too so it's not just a holiday dress! 

Oysho dress - purchased in Lanzarote Sold out online
Topshop sandal - past season, similar here
Mango bag, past season, similar here


23 April 2019

Oh Joy!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

It's back to reality after the Easter break! It was amazing to come home to some gorgeous weather after our week in Lanzarote....where the weather was equally as brilliant! The holiday blog post is still a work in progress as we've had a lazy bank holiday weekend getting back into the swing of things. Hope to have that up later this week.
The forecast looks as though thing will all be going downhill as of tomorrow so although the weather was cloudier today I didn't pass up the opportunity to wear another dress. Still warm enough to go without a jacket.....what a blessing!

Joy the Store dress, current - gifted


12 April 2019

My holiday wardrobe edit!

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

Sorry I've been AWOL from the blog for a few days. I've limped through the first week of half term, solo parenting as the DH has been away whilst trying to get on top of my holiday prep going and I've been at work for the past two days.....this week away is much needed I tell you!

I have to say it's been a bit of a challenge to pack this time. We usually take this holiday in May and we've had a taste of summer by then so some clothes purchases have already been made. This time I'm relying very heavily on some past season purchases.......thankfully there are Zara and Mango store s where we are going so there will be plenty of opportunity to bolster my holiday wardrobe whilst I am there!

I'll kick off the post with my travelling outfit. Our flight is at 6 in the morning so due to the 4am start I need something I can throw on and go. This is where my new favourite dress comes into it's own. The New Look black jersey hanky hem dress is really comfy so perfect for a 4 hour flight. I'll only be taking one jacket, a denim jacket as it's the most versatile style for everything else in my suitcase. On my feet will be an ancient pair of Converse (at least 15 years old!) that I'm taking as we plan to do a lot of walking. Last time we were in Lanzarote a lovely couple told us about the coastal path between Puerto Del Carmen and Puerto Calero so we walk it every day. As for hand luggage, I'd normally take a straw basket but since I normally get lumbered with hauling everything down to the pool.....I've gone oversize and I'm taking my Stella McCartney tote that I picked up at a Kilver Court sample sale last year.

New Look denim jacket, gifted
New Look dress
Stella McCartney bag, past season - this is a lovely alternative
Primark scarf

8 April 2019

A blazer glory!

This post contains affiliate links ungifted item.

Now here's an outfit combo I will be utilising for the foreseeable! After yesterday's occasion wear  outfit I looked for what other blazer/dress options I have in my wardrobe! Let's just hope it's warm enough to test out another similar ensemble tomorrow!

H&M blazer, current
New Look dress, gifted - limited sizes left - gorgeous alternative here
Novesta trainers
Zara bag
Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses