5 November 2018

styling up an exclusive!

I have a few wardrobe rules and the most important one is that every item making it's way into my wardrobe needs to go with at least 5 other pieces I already own. On that basis, I rose to a styling challenge when The Dressing Room asked how I'd wear this beautiful Lily and Lionel Frankie shirt (the dusky floral print is an exclusive to them) as I could think of many ways in which to sport this gorgeous little number.
Frankie shirt via The Dressing Room
The things I've chosen to style the shirt with are a few of my wardrobe staples that we are all likely to have versions of.

Today, I've chosen to wear it with jeans and loafers, (a mild autumnal day when I can bare the ankles and get away without any knitwear!) a couple of classics fever there were!

Gap real straight jeans -ancient

It sadly wasn't warm enough to go without a coat, so I added my navy Jaeger boyfriend coat.

Gap real straight jeans -ancient

The beauty of this print is that the background lends itself to be worn with either black or navy. I think this next look is my favourite, I do love my clothes to be dual purpose and I have to say I prefer the shirt dressed down.......which is perfect as I'll likely be wearing it loads.

Converse via Swindon outlet - similar here

Sticking with the more casual look....though this is how I'd wear this on a night out as it most suits my lifestyle......

Zara jeans
Paul Smith boots via Kilver Court 

A faux leather or coated skinny jeans is another staple that can be relied upon to dress up Frankie for an evening out!

More faux leathcr.....only this time a pencil skirt. You could wear with a long black pleated skirt or a shorter a-line faux leather or suede would work well too. I would try tying the shirt at the waist too, though I've tucked it in here.

As you can see it's a very versatile shirt.....that's the 5 ways to style off the top of my head. You are sure to be seeing me wearing it in a variety of different ways. It's certainly a piece worthy of investing in especially on the run up to the festive season. How would you wear the shirt.......I would love to hear!

Thanks to The Dressing Room for setting me the challenge.......and gifting the shirt, all words and opinions are my own.


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  1. great shirt! My favourite look is the leather pencil skirt