18 October 2018

some day to night outfits!

A few cries for help have inspired this blog post! I have been asked what to wear out on an evening. In truth I don't often get out asked out that much to evening events. I do like to 'dress up' but there is rarely the occasion to don a dress and heels. Our evenings out generally consist of an early visit to a local eatery within walking distance, the pub or golf club for drinks or around to a friends for dinner. Occasionally I meet a friend straight from work for dinner in Bath but on the whole it's usually an outing that involves our 12 year old daughter coming along and our friends kids being around to entertain one another. I need my clothes to be versatile so I'm going to show you how I adapt my pieces so that they can be worn day or evening.....or day to evening.

First up is an outfit I wore recently. I knew I was meeting a friend for dinner straight from work so for the day look I just wore a (past season from H&M) metallic pleated skirt with a charcoal Uniqlo cashmere sweater with Converse and my Carloe London Edie bag. For my dinner date I just swapped the Cons for a leopard print Mary Jane shoe (ancient from New Look....a fiver in the sale) and swapped the bag. Voila! Switched the look up a bit to make it more evening appropriate.

The key pieces in my wardrobe that are perfect for day and evening are as follows....

Starting with the top half.

I shall begin by styling the snake print skirt as you can see here I've worn by day with a velvet sweatshirt and converse. For evening I've worn with a black shirt (I always tie at the waist, it helps to have a longer style to achieve a good tie so you don't flash the mum-tum!) and a block heel.

There are quite a few ways of mix and matching some of these pieces to create different looks. I like a little heel for an evening but if I'm out for dinner in the cobbled streets of Bath the two tone pumps are a little more pavement friendly.

Now I have a few different versions of leopard print skirt in my wardrobe but for the purpose of the blog I've linked a pleated style. As you can see here again I wear with trainers for a day look but add a dressier shoe for evening.

Sticking with a similar theme, you could do either an asymmetric full skirt skirt, I have found this excellent one here which looks brilliant with my Adidas Stan Smiths or if you are a fan of the pleated style skirt you could do with this skirt here.

Lest not forget a faux leather pencil skirt. I have only worn mine for day so far but again it will go superbly with a cashmere or slogan sweater to take it in to evening with my block heeled sandals or an animal print Mary Jane shoe. If faux leather isn't your thing a lace pencil skirt would work just as well!

For a more dressy occasion the tux comes out to play. Although I haven't included them in the collages below the New Look black suede boots are a great colder weather option over sandals and shoes. I'd go with suede as they just feel that little more evening to me.

One other item of clothing I've gotta throw into the mix is a jumpsuit. 

Left Picture

Right Picture
Biker jacket, ancient similar here

Well I hope you've found this useful! If your lifestyle is anything like mine I hope I've given you a few ideas and a bit of inspiration. 

Do you have any go to pieces that you take from day to evening? I would love to hear!

I'll be back again shortly with a virtual trip around Swindon Outlet for you!



  1. Love this blog post Michelle! Your styling up/down ideas are just spot on. Great to have ideas about getting more wear out of the clothes we have. Could you do more ‘Day - Night’ posts/stories on Insta please?! ��

    1. Oh wow Sarah....what a lovely compliment! Thank you! And yes, I will endeavour to do more of these types of looks on Instagram Stories xx

  2. I really enjoyed this post thank you its given me lots of new ideas about mixing and matching items I already have. At 45 I was worried I was too old for trainers and skirts but you inspired me to buy a pair of classic white ones and I'm loving wearing them and having loads more outfits to choose from! Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah! I just can't justify buying stuff for evening only and I already have so much that is adaptable in my wardrobe that I can wear anyway. The white trainers are such a game changers aren't they......they definitely are so versatile!! Love the fact that I've inspired you to wear them with skirts xx

  3. Great examples of office to evening dressing. The shoes make all the difference. Looking forward to seeing what the Swindon Outlet looks like now. Used to go there a lot

    1. Thank you Gail! I agree that the shoes can really elevate a look.....day or evening! Swindon is so brilliant at the moment! I had another trip there yesterday and I'll be going again in a couple of weeks.....they have a White Stuff and Abbott Lyon opening soon so more reasons to visit! xx