2 September 2018

more on skirts.....

It's quite likely that the humble skirt is going to be the hero of my transitional wardrobe. The temperatures are still pretty good. However, am I the only one who feels it's just wrong to be wearing my summer dresses in September? That's where the skirt comes in! Wear with a tee.....throw on a sweatshirt over it first thing in the morning and late afternoon when it's undoubtedly chillier. Perfect....as I'm not ready for jackets just yet..... I am still trying to hang on to summer you see!
Leopard print is huge at the moment and although I always have plenty in my wardrobe.....there is always room for more! I've got a maxi length chiffon skirt as well as a short a-line version. I fancied more of a midi length whilst I have still have some remnants of a tan. After much trawling the internet I found the perfect wrap style in jersey. The proof is in the pudding as I've already worn it 3 times in the space of a week! Here's todays ensemble......

Out for a impromptu date night with the DH on Friday.

Sweater, past season - similar here

Last weekend and the skirt's first outing for dapping about doing some errands.

Tee - gifted

Now this season is supposed to be all about the pattern clashing which is not going to come easy to some (that'll be me......sometimes wish I wasn't so mix-y match-y!) but as leopard print is classed as a neutral I don't have any problem mixing this print with a stripe! I would chuck a denim jacket on over this.

Top, past season - alternative here

As for jacket options I will be favouring a khaki shackett, denim jacket or leather biker. Though if you really want to dress it up for an evening a tux-style jacket would look ace or even a military style.

Jacket, past season - alternative here
Sandals, past season - similar here
Balenciaga bag, ancient

Another pearl of wisdom I will impart regarding this style of skirt is that if you are going to wear with a shirt (you are best sticking to the silky variety to avoid bulk around the middle) is to tie the shirt at the waist instead of tucking in.....like this.

Shirt, past season - alternative here

I can also seeing me wearing this shirt once it gets colder with a black polo neck and these boots.....with fleecy lined tights and a heat tech underneath.

So, 6 looks from shopping my wardrobe. I could do more but I'd be showing you more of the same i.e slogan tee's or sweatshirts with different foot wear. If you do find skirts tricky to style do take the time to have a good try. The golden rule is that every piece in your wardrobe should go with at least 5 other things for maximum usage.

Well, I hope this post is useful......if you love the idea of a leopard print skirt but you're not sure what to wear with it or if you'd get the wear out of it I think I proved how versatile one can be!

Now if you've been following me for a while you'll know I always used to do a round up of what I've been wearing in between blog posts at the end of each post. I've now moved this to my "shop my Instagram" page which you can see right at the top under my heading......also via this link here. I endeavour to update this everyday (it has gone to pot a little over the school holidays but it's up-to-date again) and where items have sold out or are past season I've researched an alternative.

I will be back in the next few days. I've found a shorter length dress that's not too summery but that I think will be perfect for the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted! ;0)


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