12 March 2018

one for the in-between-y weather!

What a difference a week makes! We've gone from Siberia-like conditions to double digit temperatures in a matter of days. The trusty parka got a slight reprieve from the wardrobe change-over......to be fair I am just so over wearing coats......I can't wait to shed them. What to wear in between though? I know just the thing! Still a cosy layer as it's a hybrid between a coat and a cardigan......the coatigan! I've got a brilliant one that's a few years old from Zara (more on that one later) which is on the dressier side and that I tend to wear for work. The latest addition to my wardrobe suits my more casual clothing......obligatory Breton or slogan sweatshirt, jeans and hi tops that make up my transitional uniform. I received this Noisy May one from a lovely little independent sore called Livia's Boutique on Saturday and have worn at some stage or another, each day since I got it.

Noisy May Coatigan via Livia's Boutique, gifted 10% off with code MYFASHIONABLE40S
H&M Breton, past season - similar here
Gap Original Fit Jeans, past season -similar here
Converse - similar here

Yesterday I slipped it on to take the dog on a jaunt around the block.

Noisy May Coatigan via Livia's Boutique, gifted 10% off with code MYFASHIONABLE40S
Gap Real Straight jeans - similar here

It was straight out of the wrapper and over my outfit when the postie delivered it on Saturday.

Noisy May Coatigan via Livia's Boutique, gifted 10% off with code MYFASHIONABLE40S
F&F jeans, gifted

And this is my other coatigan that has proved so useful.

Zara coatigan, past season
H&M sweater, down to £15 inshore, can't find online
Primark boots, past season
Zadig & Voltaire bag, past season - similar here

Just a couple of other outfits to share since I blogged last. The chunky knit cardigan is another useful alternative to a full-on coat!

Orwell + Austen sweater, gifted - sold out
Primark boots, past season
Hermosa London bag, sold out - similar here

Gap Real Straight jeans - similar here
Next bag, past season - alternative here

So, in short this is the perfect mum taxi coat.....my eleven year old daughter has a better social life than me these days but at least I have a stylish cabbie uniform!

I shall be back in a few days......I'm still compiling a blog post on my top five transitional tops, an area where there is a lot of repeat purchasing as I seem to have refined this area of my wardrobe with some must-have basics!

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