4 February 2018

weakly confessions!

This is becoming a bit of a regular feature......my Sunday night fess-up! I say weakly as it's a good job I don't subscribe to anything like #frugalfebruary :-/

Anyhow.....what has made it into my wardrobe this week? If you follow me on Instagram you might have already noted that these have made an appearance. They should have been in last Sundays' post but delivery took place right after I hit the publish button. I'm trying to avoid using stock images from websites you see.....preferring to try and use my own pictures instead, in a bid to give you a better feel for whatever I'm sharing. Though, to be fair the old photography skills need brushing up a bit (#2018goals!) but I'm hopefully a work in progress in that department! ;0)

Here they are in action again today.

Jack Wills Breton (also new-in preloved from my awesome mate Sue!)  The best alternative 
I can find is this!
Levis 501 CT's past season. Alternative here
H&M belt, sold out. Alternative here

Next! Now I've been eye-balling this jumpsuit for a while after clocking it on a TV show......around Christmas time if memory serves me correctly! As Warehouse had 20% last week I thought it would be rude not to order it to scratch the itch. I fear an obsession developing....could polka dots take over from stripes and stars this season? Anyway I had a little try on session and this is a keeper as I do love my stuff to be dual-purpose.....and I can create many a look with this one-piece.

First up....a bit more formal.

Left, Mango blazer, past season. Alternative here
M&S shoes, past season, latest version here
Right, DKNY jacket, ancient. Alternative here

Pavement trainers via hi*hi store. These are a lush alternative here

I am going to get soooo much wear out of this jumpsuit! I'm hoping to pick up some heavily discounted Converse hi-tops in red when we hit NYC next weekend as that's how I saw it styled when I fell in lust with it. Talking about our trip to the Big Apple......I've stocked up on a few practical bits. The Uniqlo Heat Tech tops are stuff of legends so I hear. I invested in a couple whilst I was in London on Wednesday. I road tested one yesterday and I can confirm they do indeed live up to their reputation. I will be seeking Uniqlo out in New York so I can pick up some more. Another sensible purchase were these Gelert socks to be worn under my Sorels. I'm not taking any chances as the temps are looking less than favourable.

There wasn't a lot of time for shopping whilst I was in London earlier in the week but I didn't come home empty handed.......oh no! I've put my hands up many a time as I am guilty of being dreadfully mixy-matchy. When I saw one of these on Shelley's beautiful Instagram feed and I knew I had to make one mine. I put a call out to my smashing mate Sue who came up trumps with not one but two of the Lulu Guinness totes from Tesco's that go beautifully with my umbrella. Love ya Sue!

Lulu Guinness shopping totes available in Tesco stores

Now this leads me in Valentine territory. Firstly the Lulu Guinness umbrella would make a super little gift. But how about these if your fella is prone to spoiling you. 

Hands up I've been in my pj's since 4pm this afternoon......my pj's probably get a lot more wear than any of my clothes as I can't wait to shed everyday stuff and get comfy the minute I get home. These are the ultimate in loungewear......pretty glam for pyjama's don't you think! They come beautifully packaged making them perfect pressie.

One more thing to add to the Valentines wish list.......

Chambers & Beau earrings, bespoke.....you can choose your own! Gifted

Now my hair is shorter there are opportunities a-plenty to show off these beauties.

I've reigned it in a little this week but there are a couple of items still on their way. I've had a nightmare with an order from Office but I'm hoping I'll be taking delivery of these tomorrow. The only thing I had time to try on in London was this......

Scotch & Soda coat - House of Fraser

It was too big, however I couldn't get it out of my head and thankfully Instagram came to my rescue to help with alternatives and I've now this one is winging it's way to me. Hope to share a picture soon!

Moving swiftly along to my recent outfit round-up!

M&S Coat, past season. Alternative here
Sienna Jones bag, gifted 15% off with code MFF15
Joseph scarf.....20+ years old

Zara coat, past season. Similar here
Zara top, past season. Alternative here
M.i.h jeans via Kilver court
French Sole shoes (pre-loved). Alternative here
H&M belt, sold out. Alternative here
John Lewis snood, sold out. Alternative here

Stradivarius coat, sold out. Alternative here
Samsoe & Samsoe sweater via hi*hi store
Sienna Jones bag, gifted 15% off with code MFF15 

M&S leopard print coat, past season. Alternative here
H&M shirt, past season. Alternative here
Mango boots via Debenhams, sold out. Alternative here
H&M belt, sold out. Alternative here

I'll be back with that skincare post I promised, I'm also hoping to fling a packing post together. If you have been to New York I'd love some suggestions of what to take to combat the cold.....and also any recommendations of what to see and do! Thank you in advance!

See you soon! 


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