26 February 2018

This weeks *new in* confessional!

Crikey.....I have rather a hefty purchase to report this week! It has a bit of a story to it. A few months back I spotted a navy monogrammed vintage Gucci bag from a local preloved store (on their Instagram feed - do follow for all their latest arrivals as you can purchase online). I kept thinking about it....then messaged them to see if they still had it. However I still dithered. Then horror of horrors....they sold it. I've been kicking myself ever since. I couldn't get it out of my head as I felt I had a real hole in my wardrobe for a small navy crossbody bag. Even more so lately with the purchase of my navy Stradivarius coat and M&S wide leg trousers. I even stalked another on eBay but lost out to a higher bidder. I was only talking about the damn bag last weekend and that it was still on my wish list. Low and behold another popped up on Grace & Ted,  where I'd originally seen it). This time I didn't hesitate! It was £95 which I felt was a fantastic price (it was as described, in excellent condition) so straight it my online basket it went. I secured it right away and picked it up the following day. Here's my little beauty....

Gucci bag via Grace & Ted, alternative here!

The trouble is that when I popped into the store to pick it up they just happened to be unpacking some Chloe Susanna's that they were preparing for resale. I felt quite relieved to hear they were a size 5......only to be told they run large! Of course I tried them. And oh my giddy Aunt.....they fit me perfectly. You'd have thought I'd have learnt my lesson after the bag, but that was Wednesday, now it's Monday, they are still available and so I am still cogitating. They are £550 and although I know they would be an investment and worn for years to come I can't remember the last time I spent that much on myself on a single item and that's holding me back a little. Mind you, as usual I've peeked a little too soon with the spring purchases and now have run out of steam with the outfit inspiration.....maybe I should just bite the bullet and get the boots that I could wear all year round! 

Chloe Susanna via Grace & Ted
You can see my dilemma!
Moving on swiftly. The other pieces that have made it into my wardrobe this week! With spring on the horizon it is all about the transitional pieces and one particular item that is always prevalent during those in between season tricky times is a slogan sweatshirt. I have a couple from this fab brand....they always get some great comments on Instagram and plenty of compliments in real life. 
Here's my latest acquisition, Kindly gifted by On the Rise. This style with wool embroidery is new in. They are great quality and I'm wearing a size medium (I like a little oversized, I'm usually a UK size 10). 

Next up are some new jeans. These are definitely competition for my beloved Toppers Jamie's. Such a brilliant price point (almost half the price) and the quality of these has bowled me over. There isn't a Tesco near me......but I shall be taking a road trip to check out F&F jeans in other washes. These are ideal for workwear for me and since I can almost get 2 pairs for the price of a Topshop pair, my flexible friend can't argue with that! Hard to see here but hopefully you get an idea. Again, my usual size 10 is perfect.

F&F also sent me a couple of tops to try. I love this one (it comes in red too!)and it will be perfect for Spring. I adore how they've styled it with a denim skirt......I shall be copying that! And I also received this top in the red and cream that again will be perfect for spring especially as I will be maning some trade show stands for work, they will be ideal.

And last but not least, the perfect accessory to complete this ensemble. This is the part where I admit I have a habit. Yes, hands up! I'm a bag addict. A total sucker for a matching bag for my outfit too. This bag is divine. Super lightweight, it's really casual which is just what was missing from my wardrobe. It's crossbody.....hallelujah! Adjustable strap (just knot it shorter) and security proof.....I do love a drawstring! It comes in black and khaki and would make a superb Mother's Day gift! Mine came wrapped beautifully (it was a gift from the brand).

So here's me wearing pretty much my entire haul on Saturday.......

Peacocks coat, sold out online (do check their stores for stock, I've had it on good authority there are some about!) If not, this is a good alternative

I've been sporting my new vintage Gucci bag today......

Stradivarius coat, sold out alternative here
Gucci Bag via Grace & Ted

What I wore the rest of the week.....

Topshop Hackett, past season alternative here
Bax & Bay sweatshirt, 5% of every sale goes to Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's charity
Zara jeans, ancient
Converse hi tops, you can buy here

Stradivarius coat, alternative here
Rag & Bone jeans via TK Maxx

Whistles Cara jacket, past season, similar here 
Pringle sweater via TK Maxx, alternative here
Sienna Jones bag, gifted 15% off with code FF15

So pray tell! Have your spring purchases sprung to a holt with the promise of this artic weather that's supposed to hit us for the next couple of days? Or are you carrying on snapping up some transitional outfits? I would love to hear!

Be back later this week......hope your Monday has been kind!


  1. I fully empathise with the dithering - I've stalked a pair of Sezane boots all season, but at £290 I too have dithered. Then last week they popped up in the 'last chance to buy' section of the website (not reduced though, I hasten to add) so I panicked and bought them. I figure if you can't stop thinking about something for THREE MONTHS(!) then it's obviously meant to be. Trouble is, I may have also popped a jacket into my basket at the same time. And then a Love Stories bra. And then a leopard skirt (that will go so well with the Sezane boots). And then you tempted me with the green Zara hoodie. I've hidden my bank card now.

    1. Oh my.....you got so lucky with the boots! Loving the fact that the boots lead to other purchases too, I'm won't feel so bad if I do indeed decide to plump for the Chloe's (yes they are still on my mind!). I think the only thing holding me back from the Chloe's is the Insta-Famous element, I am trying to steer clear of things that repeatedly pop up on my feed, especially when it comes to the spendier designer items (though I'm still guilty of seeking out the odd high street bargain!). Now Sezane is on my radar and at the moment it's a brand that everyone I follow isn't all over......meaning I should be checking out what's on offer more often as they do some great pieces at affordable prices and I often finding myself lusting over their stuff when their posts pop up on my feed! Same with Rouje! Thanks for reminding me....I'm off to see what goodies both of those brands are touting.......now where is my bank card? ;0) xx

    2. I'm so with you on the 'insta-famous' stuff. I find myself rebelling against things I see pop up on several feeds - as much as I love the styles of the women I follow, I think it can be an easy trap to fall into. I try to stick to what I love, rather than what sucks me in, just because it looks fabulous on someone else. That said, I'm definitely in the market for some Golden Goose trainers this year!

  2. Oh, and yes yes to Rouje!