19 November 2018

time to get those boots out!

It's been a very long time since I've worn a knee high boot, I've favoured an ankle boot now for as long as I can remember. I think my lifestyle plays a large part in that fact. I guess I have always thought that knee highs were quite dressy and maybe not so suited to the school run. However, now that I'm no longer needed for the school run my wardrobe is beginning to change and I feel I can be a little more adventurous with my everyday choices! A while ago (back in August whilst it was sweltering!) I got a sneak peek at what Duo Boots would be offering for A/W18 and they very kindly let me choose a pair. If you aren't familiar with Duo......you should be as their unique selling point is that they can cater for different calf widths. Good huh?! One size does not fit all when it comes to legs! Anyway, I digress. Back to what I picked.......

Duo Avocet Boots

12 November 2018

my top 10 wardrobe staple that have stood the test of time!

This is a request post. A jolly good idea it was too! I've spent a few weeks cogitating over it, making sure I haven't left anything out. This are my most beloved wardrobe staples some of which I have picked up for a song but if I had to replace would be well worth the investment of buying the best I could afford as these pieces are the cornerstones of my style. I'm going to start with an item which is the only one that is the exception to the above statement as I would never buy one of these full price again........and I shall tell you why!

Chanel bag, bought circa 1990

5 November 2018

styling up an exclusive!

I have a few wardrobe rules and the most important one is that every item making it's way into my wardrobe needs to go with at least 5 other pieces I already own. On that basis, I rose to a styling challenge when The Dressing Room asked how I'd wear this beautiful Lily and Lionel Frankie shirt (the dusky floral print is an exclusive to them) as I could think of many ways in which to sport this gorgeous little number.
Frankie shirt via The Dressing Room

2 November 2018

my make up favourites!

It's been a while since I've shared my favourite make up products and as I've just uploaded a little IGTV clip just talking through all the things I'm currently using I thought I'd do a quick blog re-cap too! It's not a tutorial.....just a little chat through my favourites.

Starting with the base, I've a few primers but this one is my favourite, Hourglass Veil. you only need a tiny bit and it makes my skin feel like velvet and leaves me perfectly prepped for the next step.


22 October 2018

A spot of swindon outlet shopping!

For those of my readers who live along the M4 corridor.........this post is for you! I've been going to the McArthur Glen Swindon outlet since it opened 21 years ago. When I originally started to visit the outlet I would be heading straight to the huge Gap outlet, my mum has always loved it for the Jaeger and Hobbs stores and the DH has always made regular trips on his travels to fill his boots with Ralph Lauren. In the past few years it has increased in size and had a bit of a facelift......consequently it has attracted some really great brands that are new to the Swindon outlet. When I visited a couple of weeks back it reminded me of what a great place it is to shop........so it is now firmly back on my radar! With over a 100 stores it's meant that I've already been back this weekend and am planning another trip in a couple of weeks as they have a couple of new stores opening! 

Let me start by giving you a bit of a virtual tour. One of the great things about Swindon is that it is entirely covered over.....meaning it's a great place to go during the cold and rainy weather. Of course it's perfect during the scorchio weather too.....when the sun is shining it's a lovely place to hang out as it literally lights up!


18 October 2018

some day to night outfits!

A few cries for help have inspired this blog post! I have been asked what to wear out on an evening. In truth I don't often get out asked out that much to evening events. I do like to 'dress up' but there is rarely the occasion to don a dress and heels. Our evenings out generally consist of an early visit to a local eatery within walking distance, the pub or golf club for drinks or around to a friends for dinner. Occasionally I meet a friend straight from work for dinner in Bath but on the whole it's usually an outing that involves our 12 year old daughter coming along and our friends kids being around to entertain one another. I need my clothes to be versatile so I'm going to show you how I adapt my pieces so that they can be worn day or evening.....or day to evening.

First up is an outfit I wore recently. I knew I was meeting a friend for dinner straight from work so for the day look I just wore a (past season from H&M) metallic pleated skirt with a charcoal Uniqlo cashmere sweater with Converse and my Carloe London Edie bag. For my dinner date I just swapped the Cons for a leopard print Mary Jane shoe (ancient from New Look....a fiver in the sale) and swapped the bag. Voila! Switched the look up a bit to make it more evening appropriate.


10 October 2018

when Mary - queen of shops came to Bristol!

The news of Mary Portas coming to Bristol for the grand opening of a Mary's Living and Giving in Bristol was met with a humongous SQUEEEEE! from me! Thanks to my good friend Caroline of Knickers Models Own  I got an invite to the event.....and it went off with a bang thanks to a little help from our friends. So for those of you not familiar with Mary's Living and Giving shops - they are Save the Children boutique shops set up by retail expert Mary Portas where every item donated helps children around the world to 'survive and thrive'.
From the left 
@susiesoso @beckybarnesstyle ME! @theimageconsco @knickersmodelsown @karenlowestylist

17 September 2018

knits with a twist!

Now I know I spoke of coats on my last post but in truth I will be putting off wearing them for as long as possible (you need to buy them now and stash for later). I'm not even ready to break out my jackets or blazers just yet. Now is the time to show off some gorgeous knitwear which thankfully doesn't require another layer just yet. A few key pieces are set to keep me going through to half term sans jacket I hope! I'm going to kick off with investment piece that's come from a gorgeous little boutique who are online as well. This Orwell & Austen sweater was sent to me by Collen & ClareA classic grey cashmere sweater with a little twist......I adore the rainbow cuff. They have a brilliant range of knitwear to suit all budget, they even do their own line of very reasonable cashmere here. If you should find yourselves in Norfolk or Suffolk make sure you pay them a visit! Their stores are real treasure troves!

Sweater - gifted, sized up to a medium
Trainers, past season
Bag, gifted


11 September 2018

you can never have too many......

....in winter they are most likely all anyone will notice about your outfit!

You make think it's a little early to think about coats.......however I already have 3 new ones gracing my A/W wardrobe! You've got to get the goods ones before they've all gone! Especially if they have a great discount! This New Look faux fur is part of their New Season Now campaign and is currently reduced to £30.....25% off! I'll be wearing this casually with a chunky knit, straight jeans and hi tops as well.

Coat (size 10 - true to size)


5 September 2018

autumn dressing!

When you find a dress that's the perfect shape.....and you want it in every colour! Rather than switch to my default of jeans once the weather turns cooler I've been looking for alternatives. I tried this dress on a while ago in Zara but left it as the weather was scorchio at the time and I didn't think I'd get the wear out of it. But as an Indian summer has been promised I decided I had to have it! It's one of shapes that goes with almost every pair of shoes in my wardrobe......as I'm about to show you. I bring you a picture heavy, word short post!


2 September 2018

more on skirts.....

It's quite likely that the humble skirt is going to be the hero of my transitional wardrobe. The temperatures are still pretty good. However, am I the only one who feels it's just wrong to be wearing my summer dresses in September? That's where the skirt comes in! Wear with a tee.....throw on a sweatshirt over it first thing in the morning and late afternoon when it's undoubtedly chillier. Perfect....as I'm not ready for jackets just yet..... I am still trying to hang on to summer you see!
Leopard print is huge at the moment and although I always have plenty in my wardrobe.....there is always room for more! I've got a maxi length chiffon skirt as well as a short a-line version. I fancied more of a midi length whilst I have still have some remnants of a tan. After much trawling the internet I found the perfect wrap style in jersey. The proof is in the pudding as I've already worn it 3 times in the space of a week! Here's todays ensemble......


30 August 2018

new look - 20% off discount code!

Woo - hoo! The lovely people at New Look have created a unique discount from to share with you that enables you to get 20% off online and in store! The code is MICHELLE20 and it's valid from Thursday 30th August through to Monday 3rd September. I'm just going to share things a few pieces I've already purchased from their A/W offerings.....and a few items on my Wishlist not to be missed!


29 August 2018

How to style skirts!

Sorry. I've been absent from the blog for a long while. I'm not making any excuses. It just wasn't bringing me joy. However I've been set a challenge.....and so here I am again! I'm going back to my blogging roots and I'm just going to keep things simple i.e how I style new items in my wardrobe with what I've already got.
A couple of ladies have been in touch to say they find skirts more difficult to style and so I've got 2 new ones that I'm going to show you how I'm going to wear, taking me through to Autumn as well.
I'm starting with this style. Now I bought this is beige a while ago and have loved it. So when I spotted it instore in navy (after seeing it on my friend Sue) I grabbed it. It's not online but I've linked the black version instead. It isn't the easiest of styles to wear because of the paperbag waits but this is what I adore about it. 


10 June 2018

a little update on the big M!

First of all I'd like to say a huge thank you to you all! I've been absolutely bowled over by how many of you have reached out to me following my post my mojos back! I'm astounded by how many messages I've had....so many of us are feeling the same. So much advice has been shared that I've decided to do a little series on my journey. I'm no medical expert but I will be paying forward the nuggets of brilliant information I've been sent. My first port of call is a visit to my GP. I'm over the wobble at the moment  but that's not to say it won't come back in waves. If/when it does come back I want to be prepared. My plan is to see my Doctor prepared and thanks to Nicky (MumsontheVerge) recommending Dr Louise Newson @menopause_doctor I'm going to make sure I'm asking the right questions in the right way as the appears to be crucial in getting the help you want. I shall report back on that as well as the many other practical tips and remedies that have been suggested to help with the symptoms I've expressed (I'm still getting the night sweats and insomnia). My wish is that someone, somewhere will benefit (as I have already!) albeit from the smallest change. I honestly can't thank you who have contacted me enough.....it really does mean the world to me.
Anyway, back to what I love best! Let me leave you with an outfit round-up, I'm back to really loving my clothes again.....which makes the blog a joy again!


9 June 2018

the high street rises to the occasion!

I've expressed my opinion on this many times before......in fact one of my very first blog posts back in 2013 was dedicated to the very same topic. Occasionwear......which for me these days means either one of those few and far between weddings or if I'm lucky a trip to the races. You'd think I'd be all over the excuse to splurge on a new outfit.....but oh no! I hate spending my money on outfits that might only see the light of day a couple of times. And besides there is some amazing dressy gear on the High Street that won't break the bank. New Look presented me with a bit of a challenge to pick a head-to-toe outfit for an occasion and I'm happy to report that it came in at just under 80 quid. What's not love about that!


4 June 2018

my mojo's back!

I think we all experience this once in a while don't we? For a couple of months I’ve been experiencing what I can only describe a mid-century wobbly (I hit the big 5-0 next year) and the joys of the raging hormones that come as part of that particular package! At times I haven’t recognised myself…..I’ve always felt I’m a happy-go-lucky confident, optimistic, glass half full-type so it’s been a bit of a shocker to have experienced such a loss of confidence. At times I’ve felt tearful, anxious and completely overwhelmed by day to day things. I put on little weight, so I didn't feels happy in my clothes. I don’t think Instagram has helped to be honest as I’ve found myself comparing myself to others and I've been guilty of trying to keep up with the Jones’s. It got to the point that I felt I'd totally lost touch with why I started to do this in the first place. I’ve always loved sharing my everyday outfits. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my High Street finds…..I do so love a bargain! But I've felt like I've lost touch with the very things that gave me joy when I first started on this blogging journey. At the moment I’m very aware of all the ‘stuff’ I have accumulated and so I’m in the midst of a huge wardrobe cull, much of it being recycled via eBay. Many things I bought and loved last year just don’t feel me anymore so I’ve whittled my wardrobe down to a few favourites while I try and figure my style out again. I hope you’ll bear with me….I’d really love to hear from you if you’ve found yourself feeling the same. If you have any tips or remedies that have helped you through the menopausal collywobbles, please share! I’ve found opening up to friends about how I feel has really helped and it I thought if I could help just one person by writing this down…..well that would wonderful!

To get back in the saddle blog-wise I thought I'd share a few of the outfits that have been making me love my wardrobe again. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I've been on holiday this past week. I made a couple of pre-holiday purchases......and thanks to a large branch of Zara in Puerto Del Carmen where we stayed in Lanzarote I had a few holiday treats as well!

This outfit was an absolute winner when I posed it on Instagram. I love the Topshop cami and will be scouring the High Street for similar. I adore the trousers, these were a holiday purchase and I've no doubt you'll be seeing these on repeat.


22 April 2018

a couple of gems!

A short & sweet post from me just to share a couple of fab High Street finds. As the sun has been shining this week my thoughts have turned to finding a few new dresses to bolster my collection (a couple have been culled in a recent clearout). I had a lot of success in New Look last summer so that was my first port of call! I can report that 2 out of the 5 I ordered have made it into my wardrobe. I wore a gingham midi dress (similar here) to work on Friday that was from New Look last year and I love the shape so I went in search of something similar......and was not disappointed!


11 April 2018

a relaxing treat at Saks Beauty

I would describe myself as a bit of a novice as far as treatments and beauty salons go. I could probably count the amount of times I've had a massage on one hand so when the opportunity to try out a couple of treatments at Saks Beauty Bristol......I jumped at the chance! 


29 March 2018

finding independents!

If there is one thing I love about Instagram it's that it exposes you to lots of lovely brands and boutiques (be that online or on the High Street) that you otherwise might not be aware of. There are many little treasures just waiting to be found if you are looking for something a little different from what's on offer from some of the retail giants. I do love that saying "every time you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance!" The lucky people of Kingsclere, Hampshire are lucky enough to have access to this gorgeous little store No.1 George Street, thankfully they also have an website where you can peruse a bit of fashion, some lovely accessories as well as gifts and homeware. Fashion first! I've styled up a couple of pieces I chose - which was pretty tough to try and reign myself in as there are so many tempting items. Alas, you can never go wrong with a variation on a classic, so I went with a crew neck denim jacket and scarf with a little injection of red. 

Denim jacket, gifted
Scarf, gifted


18 March 2018

what's in my bag!

A short and sweet Sunday night treat (admittedly I'm a tardy blogger these days!)! I haven't done one of these in a long while so I thought I'd share the contents of my favourite bag that is superb for holding all of my essentials. The Hermosa bucket bag is so lightweight......and it's a proper Mary Poppins bag! It's a right little Tardis!

Sienna Jones purse, gifted 15% off with code MFF15


12 March 2018

one for the in-between-y weather!

What a difference a week makes! We've gone from Siberia-like conditions to double digit temperatures in a matter of days. The trusty parka got a slight reprieve from the wardrobe change-over......to be fair I am just so over wearing coats......I can't wait to shed them. What to wear in between though? I know just the thing! Still a cosy layer as it's a hybrid between a coat and a cardigan......the coatigan! I've got a brilliant one that's a few years old from Zara (more on that one later) which is on the dressier side and that I tend to wear for work. The latest addition to my wardrobe suits my more casual clothing......obligatory Breton or slogan sweatshirt, jeans and hi tops that make up my transitional uniform. I received this Noisy May one from a lovely little independent sore called Livia's Boutique on Saturday and have worn at some stage or another, each day since I got it.

Noisy May Coatigan via Livia's Boutique, gifted 10% off with code MYFASHIONABLE40S
H&M Breton, past season - similar here
Gap Original Fit Jeans, past season -similar here
Converse - similar here


7 March 2018

notching up a few more of those spring purchases!

I shan't dilly dally on this post.....I've overindulged this week and it's only Wednesday. This is for purely for confessional purposes (the DH is glad I'm at work for the next two days!). My love of red footwear shows no signs of abating. I stalked these Topshop shoes online for a few days whilst we were snow-bound as they were out of stock in my size. However the shopping fairies were smiling down on me when I visited my local Outfit store on Monday as there they were......just willing me to buy them! I wore them today which wasn't a great idea as although with the sun shining it looks as though Spring is on the way......the freezing cold feet say otherwise.  


4 March 2018

talking transitional trews!

Basically this is what'll be wearing in the coming weeks on my bottom half! These are the pieces that work hardest in my wardrobe, the foundations of any outfit. I'll dive straight in as it won't come as any surprise that my everyday go-to like most of us (all year round judging by my Instagram feed) is a pair of jeans of one style or another. I even wear jeans to work which is great as I don't have too much time to dilly-dally on the days I need to dash out. I have invested in a couple of new styles of late but my steadfast is always a skinny. They've had a real renaissance in my wardrobe recently as after spending the winter months in straight jeans and boots I find myself favouring my hi top trainers again. There is so much evidence of my jeans obsession documented on Instagram......as you are about to see.

Proving that it is indeed all about the skinnies at the moment, all of these pics have been taken in the past couple of weeks, all with the aforementioned hi-tops. These are all from Topshop, black here & the blue, here. If you caught my last blog post you'll know that I've also recently discovered F&F skinnies which are a brilliant more purse friendly alternative to the Jamie's.

I've been stocking up on the straight styles since September last year when I discovered M.i.h jeans, two out of three here are pairs I bagged at Kilver Court designer outlet. I love Gap for their real straights (I'm currently coveting these and will also be trying these white ones) and more recently been waxing lyrical about Topshop Straights as well.

Gap vintage straight, past season - alternative here
M.i.h Paris jeans - mine are via Kilver Court
M.i.h Halsy, kolonger available - High Street alternative here

And finally on the jeans front is an old favourite that come into their own during the transeasonal weather. The boyfriend. Levi CT's 501 are firm favourites, two out of three here again (sadly they don't seem to be widely available anymore) alongside a very old Gap pair, called Original Fit, Best Girlfriend looks very similar.

Left, Levis CT's 501, blue - alternative here
Middle, Levis CT's washed black - alternative here
Right, Gap Original Fit - similar here

Next up is something relatively new to my wardrobe....a smarter trouser. I have abandoned these really since leaving my previous job in 2015 as for everyday they seem a bit to worky for my lifestyle. However since finding an excellent wide leg navy trouser in good old M&S, they have been swiftly followed by a little black ankle grazer which is set to become the holy grail of pieces in my Spring wardrobe! By goodness, I've had a play around with styling them (check out the highlights of my Instagram stories on my bio if you want to see what I've done with them - M&S #LBT) and the opportunities are endless! It's great to have found an alternative to my beloved jeans and I can't wait for some better weather to start wearing them. Both pairs are true to size in my opinion!

Another of my transitional staples is an army style trew. I've had a Zara pair for years which I still get asked about. I adore them and it will be a sad day when I have to replace them. I've found a couple of pairs that I intend to try out as a second pair wouldn't be a bad thing as I find them so useful! ;0)

Zara trouser, past season, alternatives here & here

What's next? Chino's and khakis. Gap are brilliant for these although I picked up the chinos in H&M last year for the princely sum of £19.99. I *must* have these Uniqlo ones and may order them in a couple of colours! 

Left H&M chinos, last year - alternative here
Right, Gap wide leg crop, last year - alternative here

Wardrobe curve ball. My crossover wardrobe just wouldn't be complete without a nod to my dungarees and another firm favourite - the jumpsuit. Both deserve a mention, they are so easy to wear

Right, Mango jumpsuit, past season but I have this denim one ready to break out asap!

And finally. I am longing for some warmer temps so I can wear a skirt. I love a skirt styled with a trainer......as you can see. You can't beat keeping it simple and just wearing with a classic crew neck sweater. I am currently eyeing up this beauty in my favourite colour to add to my collection.

Left, H&M skirt past season - alternative here
Right, H&M skirt, past season -alternative here

Anything I've left out here? What are the staples you put your hands on at this time of year?

After a funny old week weather wise I'm hoping the cold weather will now remain firmly behind as we are all desperate to break out some of our spring purchases. I shall leave you with what I've been wearing these past few days......what a mixed bag!

Warehouse coat, sold out alternative here
Donna Ida sweater, past season - love this instead!
Nike Blazer hi tops
John Lewis snood, sold out

Uniqlo roll neck, past season - alternative here
French Sole pumps, past season - alternative here
Mulberry Dorset tote - alternative here
Chambers & Beau necklace (gifted) 20% off order over £100 with code MAMASTLYE

Peacocks coat, sold out - alternative here
Great Plains top (gifted)
Black.co.uk beanie & gloves, sold out (gifted)

Warehouse coat, sold out alternative here
Topshop Jamie blue jeans
Seven Boot Lane Karis boots (gifted)
Warehouse scarf & gloves, ancient.
Sienna Jones bag (gifted) 15% off with code MFF15

Zara parka, similar here
Uniqlo roll neck sweater, alternative here

I shall be back again shortly, there haven't been any purchases to report this week so I will be back tackling transitional tops!


26 February 2018

This weeks *new in* confessional!

Crikey.....I have rather a hefty purchase to report this week! It has a bit of a story to it. A few months back I spotted a navy monogrammed vintage Gucci bag from a local preloved store (on their Instagram feed - do follow for all their latest arrivals as you can purchase online). I kept thinking about it....then messaged them to see if they still had it. However I still dithered. Then horror of horrors....they sold it. I've been kicking myself ever since. I couldn't get it out of my head as I felt I had a real hole in my wardrobe for a small navy crossbody bag. Even more so lately with the purchase of my navy Stradivarius coat and M&S wide leg trousers. I even stalked another on eBay but lost out to a higher bidder. I was only talking about the damn bag last weekend and that it was still on my wish list. Low and behold another popped up on Grace & Ted,  where I'd originally seen it). This time I didn't hesitate! It was £95 which I felt was a fantastic price (it was as described, in excellent condition) so straight it my online basket it went. I secured it right away and picked it up the following day. Here's my little beauty....

Gucci bag via Grace & Ted, alternative here!


21 February 2018

New York, New York!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have already had a glimpse of my half term shenanigans. I've had a few requests to do a blog post on what we did and what I bought! It was family trip. I've been before (about 15 years ago) but it was one of the husbands #2018goals so I sat back and let him take charge of our stay. I did have a hand in the choice of accommodation though after seeing lots of recommendations for The Ludlow Hotel on Instagram last year. The Ludlow is located on the Lower East Side. I would describe it more as a boutique hotel in a rather hip area. If you want a more central location closer to Central Park and Times Square this wouldn't be the place for you. I stayed very close to Central Park the last time I went which meant lots of the sightseeing stuff was within walking distance. I loved the fact that this time that I got to explore an entirely different part of the city.  

Just to warn you, this is going to be a picture heavy post so I can show you NYC through my eyes.

Let's kick off with the gorgeous interiors at The Ludlow.


6 February 2018

more of those #2018goals - skincare this time!

It's time for another one of those #2018goals This one is one of those 'be kind to yourself' kind of goals. I like to think I've always looked after my skin but now I see it's been pretty basic stuff. I'm what I'd call a 'drugstore' sorta gal. My skincare has always been off the shelf without being coerced by an over zealous sales assistant. I best not mention again the there is a big birthday on the horizon....so it is time to take myself in hand and invest a bit more time and money on my appearance as opposed to my wardrobe. 

A couple of years a go I *discovered* Caroline Hirons cheat sheets (I probably need to revisit these too!) and became a bit of a devotee. I adopted her best cleansing practices.....of which I will impart a bit later on. Firstly I shall share step by step my evening skincare regime. This is what perches on my bathroom shelf...........


4 February 2018

weakly confessions!

This is becoming a bit of a regular feature......my Sunday night fess-up! I say weakly as it's a good job I don't subscribe to anything like #frugalfebruary :-/

Anyhow.....what has made it into my wardrobe this week? If you follow me on Instagram you might have already noted that these have made an appearance. They should have been in last Sundays' post but delivery took place right after I hit the publish button. I'm trying to avoid using stock images from websites you see.....preferring to try and use my own pictures instead, in a bid to give you a better feel for whatever I'm sharing. Though, to be fair the old photography skills need brushing up a bit (#2018goals!) but I'm hopefully a work in progress in that department! ;0)


31 January 2018

my top 5 jackets for spring!

Ok, so technically I'm starting with a coat, but judging by todays temperatures we will be needing a coat for a good while yet.....it's been positively baltic hasn't it! Going forward these are the ones that'll you'll be seeing on repeat. I'm favouring the shorter more tailored style at the moment. I can get a few layers under everyone of these so a win-win while it's freezing. The red and navy coats are recent purchases and the camel and grey are a couple of seasons old so I've found some alternatives!

Stradivarius red coat, only size large left. Great alternative here for £45!
Zara camel coat, past season alternative here
Topshop grey coat, past season, this years version here
Stradivarius navy coat, sold out alternative here


28 January 2018

latest wardrobe additions!

I'm not gonna sugar coat this. I failed miserably at trying not to make any more purchases in January. I should never put these statements out there....I'm just setting myself up for a big, fat fail! In my defence though I think I've found my Spring style niche and I just keeping finding brilliant wardrobe additions that just enhance what I've already got. I'll kick this post off with my bargain of the week. I've already shared this on Instagram. Credit where it's due this fabulous find is down to the lovely @asnapshotofme as I saw thanks to Tracey. It's down to £9 in store but it's still full price online. It's actually worth every penny of the full price £24.99. As I thought I'd missed out on this blazer I purchased this one but returned it once I'd bagged the H&M one. Just for reference the one I'm wearing is a size 14.....perfect to layer cos I'll still be wearing my knits underneath for the foreseeable.

H&M jacket


24 January 2018

putting the spring in my step - my top 5 footwear!

Having just had some new wardrobes fitted I'm in the throes of doing a mammoth wardrobe edit. I'm looking ahead to Spring to see what gaps need filling. At this time of year it's all about the coats and footwear for me so that's the best place to start. I thought I'd document what I'll be wearing over the next couple of months. Let's kick off with these words of wisdom!

Image via Pinterest


21 January 2018

a top spot!

I can't remember the last time I wore a dress. It was a while ago. I am starting to crave wearing something other than jeans. Whilst I was researching my Stradivarius red coat last week (I always check ASOS.....Premier means next day delivery so always worth a punt!) I *spotted* this little number. Guess what sold it to me? The red shoes. It was a done deal there and then.
Stradivarius dress

19 January 2018

a new fitness regime - #2018goals

On my last post I mentioned some 2018 goals. Whilst I was on holiday in France last August I experienced some body confidence issues which truth be told kind of spoiled my holiday a bit (comparison really is the theif of joy!). I just felt really out of shape. Although I hadn't put on a significant amount of weight I wasn't as toned as I would have liked to have been. So back in November I was chatting to the DH and I told him that I planned to find myself a personal trainer in the New Year. Shortly after that discussion Bodystreet contacted me to ask if I would like to trial a membership. Yes please was my reply. A 20 minute workout once a week......yep count me in!

Bodystreet, Whiteladies Road, Bristol

17 January 2018

new in.....

......my wardrobe this week!
Just a quickie from me this evening to share what I've purchased the past couple of days. I'm certainly making up for lost time after struck by the nasty flu bug that's been going around. In fact I have gone a bit purchase crazy!
First up is a wardrobe reviver if ever there was one! I do love red....it's my favourite colour, guaranteed to lift my spirits......and what better way to banish those January blues. 


14 January 2018

straight talking!

I'm revisiting one of my favourite subjects. The are the mainstay of my wardrobe and I waxed lyrical about them in my last post (sorry for being such a bad blogger recently.....blame my flu addled brain!). As I wear jeans about 95% of the time there is always room for another pair and I am constantly striving to source the holy grail of jeans. Trends have changed and my beloved skinnies have now been taken on for work as they are the smarter option. Straight leg is now is favour. Admittedly I'm quite a late adopter of the style but having dipped my toe in a couple of higher end M.i.h straighter styles a couple of months back I now consider myself to be totally ingratiated in this denim trend now. I think I have found the perfect High Street option at the much more purse friendly price of £40. All hail the Toppers version.......