20 December 2017

time to get organised!

Well, I can hardly believe I'm saying this but the end of 2017 is almost here. Where has the time gone? This year has really flown by hasn't it! If there is one thing I've learnt and one New Years resolution I'm making.....it's to get myself more organised. I wholeheartedly admit to winging it 99% of the time! So this post is a bit of a 3 way thing! First up it's a little incentive which has arrived in the way of this planner from @lifestyleplanner. It's stunning, would make a fantastic last minute gift.....or I can't think of anything more suitable to invest your Christmas money on if you have big plans for 2018! You can get 10% using code MF40S10.

Life Styled Planner gifted

Next up is one area where I am a little organised. At the end of a season I like to review my purchases to work out my best and worst buys. This is great for when a bit of focus is required whilst there are so many sale bargains to be had! I do pin most of my A/W acquisitions here so that I can refer to them to see if there are any gaps.....more likely to find areas where I've overindulged if I'm honest. Jeans & sweaters feature heavily as you will see. But then, that says a lot about my lifestyle and the Great British weather don't you think?! Anyhow, here are a few of my favourite things. I've linked alternatives where items are no longer available.
First up, these don't really need any explanation after my love affair with my Topshop Kick red flats that I wore non stop during Spring this year. I absolutely adore my Mango red leather boots. They are sold out now but these are so similar.
Office boots
Now this next purchase was a very recent one. If I'd bought one earlier in the season the chances are this may have been my only coat purchase as to be frank I just don't want to wear anything else as I love it. Again my version from New Look has sold out online. Had I not have got hold of mine (thanks to @susiesoso for spotting it for me!) I've no doubt this one would have been hanging in my wardrobe. 
Topshop jacket
This A/W it's been all about a straight jeans as opposed to a skinny. I stocked up on a couple of pairs of M.i.h ones at Kilver court so mine were reduced but still double what I'd normally pay for jeans. These have been my favourites and worth every penny of the investment. This is where this post starts to crossover into what I'll be focusing on in the sale. I shall be stalking the likes of ASOS, The Outnet et al in hope of scoring some more of this brand to bag with a good reduction after Christmas.
M.i.h Paris jeans
I've favoured the statement sweater lately and I accrued a few recently thanks to T K Maxx. I've picked up Pringle, Clements Ribeiro and even Anine Bing in there lately. Sadly none of those are available to link but this is another area of my wardrobe I'll be looking to bolster in the sale and this is what I have my beady eye on in hope that I can bag it or something similar with an even better reduction apres the big day! ;0) 
Chinti & Parker sweater
A quick word on the sizing as I have a C&P sweater....I have a medium, I'm usually a size 10 and it's fine. I'd even order a large if it's all they had as I prefer oversized. Just sayin'
This round-up wouldn't be complete without a surprise statement accessory that I wouldn't want to be without. It has elevated many an outfit and I love that it has bought a colour into my wardrobe that I love but I usually wouldn't wear. I just adore this bag and have had so many lovely comments about it. It's been a game-changer!

Ok, so there's a handful of my favourite things......I will definitely be shopping for more jeans and sweaters in the sale. But what else? I do keep a list throughout the year of every purchase I make and so I looked back at what I purchased last year in the sales. No surprises really.......jeans!! I managed to bag a couple of pairs of Levis CT's 501. I also invested in some new Adidas Originals Stan Smith's. I bought these via Zalando at a greatly reduced price and stashed.....boy I'm glad that I invested in those too. 

What else am I on the lookout for? Not much really. After seeing the achingly cool Chloe Lonsdale from M.i.h jeans during an "In conversation with" at Kilver Court a couple of months back in a pair of these I've been lusting after them. They are currently reduced......do I hit the button now or play chicken to see if they are reduced further???

One thing that has already been procured is this dress....with an excellent discount. Truth be told I'm not entirely sure that it'll be a keeper as I'm not sure if I'll get the wear out of it judging by the other dresses I've purchased over the past few months. I'm done with buying stuff for it only to hang in the wardrobe unloved.

But then, it would go with the red boots above....and even the Hi-tops teamed with a biker and the Sienna Jones green bag?! 

That's about as far as I've got with the sales research but there will be some more scouring to come of which I'll keep you posted.....some of it very much depending on how generous Father Christmas is feeling this year!

So, the evidence of my current uniform here for you. 

Anine Bing sweatshirt via TK Maxx, recently
M.i.h Halsy jeans via Kilver Court
Mango boots via Debenhams, sold out alternative here

Warehouse coat, sold out alternative here
Samsoe & Samsoe sweater via hi*hi store gifted
Twist & Tango trousers via hi*hi store 
Duo boots gifted
Next bag, past season alternative here
Tiffany & Co sunglasses via Pretloves gifted

Warehouse top, ancient alternative here
Twist & Tango trousers via hi*hi store
M&S shoes, past season similar here
Sienna Jones Bag, 15% off with code MFF15, gifted 

Warehouse coat, sold out alternative here
Topshop jeans, past season similar here
Pavement trainers via hi*hi store

New Look jacket via ASOS, sold out alternative here
Zara trousers, past season, alternative here
Adidas Originals Stan Smith trainers, past season alternative here
Anya Hindmarch Gracie bag, past season alternative here
Black.co.uk beanie & gloves gifted
H&M snood, past season similar here
Tiffany & Co sunglasses via Pretloves gifted

M&S vintage velvet jacket
Pringle sweater via TK Maxx, recently
Rag & Bone jeans via TK Maxx recently
Sienna Jones bag gifted 15% off with code MFF15
Black.co.uk beanie & gloves gifted
H&M snood, past season similar here

Clements Ribeiro sweater via TK Maxx online recently
Mango boots via Debenhams, sold out alternative here
Sienna Jones bag, gifted 15% off with code MFF15

Anyone else know what they will be seeking out in the sales? What gaps do you have to fill in your wardrobe? Please let me know! I would love to hear about any of your pre-Christmas bargains!!

I hope to be back again before 2018 with some savvy sales purchases but for now I shall bid everyone a Merry Christmas and thank everyone that takes the time to read the blog, I really appreciate everyone's support, it means the world to me :0)


  1. Guess what dress I ordered this morning! ���� Great minds , I kept dithering but the fab discount swayed me, will be interesting to see if it works! Xx

    1. Lol! Great minds indeed Melissa...no doubt when I see you styling up yours I'll be inspired to keep mine! There is also a navy spot print jumpsuit from Warehouse I saw someone wearing on TV last night that I'm going to stalk until there is a discount. I saw it styled with some red Converse Hi-tops so I may well be adding those to my sale wish list too! xx

  2. Yes I ordered too along with about 10 other things from the warehouse sale. How's the sizing ?

    1. The sizing of the dress was spot on.....but it's back to the drawing board as it didn't suit me at all! I think I'm going to order the jumpsuit as I think that's something I'd get a lot of wear out of in the Spring xx

  3. That planner sounds like a good....uh plan!

    1. I do need to get ahead...I am really looking forward to using the planner! It's a beauty xx

  4. Hi Michelle, I used to find that the holiday sales would tempt me to buy a lot of clothes, only to find they looked like everything else I owned! So I made a chart of all of my fall/winter clothing, and figured out what I was missing. It turned out to be sweaters/sweatshirts, earrings, updated boots and jeans ... and clothes from brands other than Banana Republic! I can't say I was 100% disciplined (old habits die hard) but did buy a lot less repeats that I usually do! Nipa